The Sheep Pen

-are you a sheep?

The Sheep Pen is a column for the weird. The strange, the unverified and undocumented. It may be true, but it most likely is not. Who is to say. Trust the information and stories at your own peril. It is large driven by stories submitted by readers and freelance journalists.


Unhallow End

by Iris N. Sane

Our faithful readers will by now have realized that everything I have written about is coming to a horrific conclusion: all the news about people moving outside the city gates, only to have confirmed sightings now of actual undead in Stormwind shortly after. Somehow they must have had warning. And somehow they did not care enough about the common populace to share this vital bit of information. Yet it gets worse. Much worse. Starting with rumours of infected grain, a terrible disease spreading...the timing is suspicious to say the least. Was it not just a few weeks ago that all the rich and famous gathered in a mansion for a lavish Hallow’s End party of drinks and food? A grand party, hosted by many of the Amber Foundation, helped by those who used to work for them in olden days. Many costumes hiding people who might not want to be seen in the company they were keeping this night. People speaking of robbery in plain sight, only protected by the guise of this just being party talk! An eating contest made some of the more generous beings present that evening aware of the hunger that drives the people of Stormwind to criminal acts. A suggestion quickly picked up on: to distribute the left over food in the streets. The streets. Where shortly after the plague started spreading. Was this whole party but a ruse to kickstart a horrible pandemic? To chase the people out of our beautiful city, only for the rich to return once the streets have been cleared of those they deem beneath them? is but coincidence. Perhaps. Ladies and gentlefolk, be wary. Be aware. Your's faithfully, Iris N. Sane

Trolls and Tripwires

by Iris N. Sane

The safety of Stormwind is under constant pressure. With several guard forces making very subjective choice as what to react to and what to ignore, it stands to reason that the citizens of this once proud city might feel neglected. Just the other night people have witnessed the untimely demise of a perfectly good batch of muffins as the baker’s boy tripped over a sneakily placed tripwire over the bridge between Old Town and Trade! This is not the first time reports come in from almost invisible wires being placed in inopportune places. The same goes for reports about trolls under the bridges. According to eye witnesses several people have been spotted while inspecting the bridges for hostile presences. Trolls and tripwires? Would the two be related? Are we dealing with a cunning troll using the tripwire to get fed each day? How did it get inside Stormwind? Have the guards been paid off to allow this hostile presence inside the very walls that are supposed to protect us? Is the pie-thief in cahoots with aforementioned troll? Why have we not been warned by the authorities? Entire families walk these bridges every day! The citizens of Stormwind count on the protection they pay for in taxes. We have a right to know of the dangers that lurk and an even greater right to hear what will be done to solve this unsavory situation! Good people of Stormwind, be on your guard. For it seems the Stormwind Guard will not.

Fleeing the City!

by Iris N. Sane

Elwynn Forest is not the quiet place it used to be. Plots of land are being sold off to the rich and mighty of Stormwind while others remain ignorant inside the city. Yet are not the walls of Stormwind meant to be protecting all those people? Are they not what stand between us and any threat? Why would those with money move outside this safety? Would a bit of land truly outweigh the sturdy protection? What knowledge are they hiding from the common man? “It seems to be a trend.” One of the working men confides in your intrepid reporter. “It started some months ago, the one after the other looking for bits of land owned by Stormwind outside the walls and taking over. All legal, mind you.” When pushing for a little more information, there is talk about quite some personal defenses around these plots of land. Is this more than a wish for space? A timeline seems to become clear, starting with people feeling unsafe because of happenings like the shadowy pie-thief and now the wealthy leaving the city alltogether! A trend as never has been spotted before. One that points to a much greater danger than those from outside. We are looking at a growing threat from inside the city walls. One purposefully kept from the honest working class. Rest assured yours truly shall not rest until the facts have been uncovered! Stay tuned for our next installment of the hidden truths of Stormwind!

Stormwind eats humblepie

by Iris N. Sane

Scent. The lavender near the parental house. The honeysuckle late at night during a stolen moment. Scent. Our most important doorway to memories worth treasuring. Every house has its own distinct smell, be it the wood used for the furniture or the favoured food in the pantry. How often is that apple pie a direct link to time spent with granny? How many times has a good crumble conjured up memories of that summer’s picknic where love sparked? Scent is all around us. A part of us. Yet the streets of Stormwind are missing a key ingrediënt these days. Days that seem bleak without it: that typical scent of a freshly baked pie cooling down in the window sil. Pies that are no longer there! A riddle plagues the districts of this mighty city: the mystery of the missing pies. For weeks now people are complaining of a cooling pie disappearing into thin air. Magic has been suspected, but ruled out after careful consideration of the most esteemed students of the Academy. Dwarves have been blamed, for is it not only the Dwarven District that seems excempt from this strange occurance? “I just put my pie in the window for a few minutes. I thought I saw as shadow move past, but as soon as I turned back, my apple pie was gone! And I live on the first floor!” States a concerned citizen who wishes to remain anonymous. Although apple pies are certainly high on the list of these robbers, peach cobblers rank the list. Is this the newest prank of the gang that is known to plague Old Town? Are we witness to a pay-off to old pie-gods? If this reporter happens to disappear, you will know there was truth in this article! Rest assured that the investigation is ongoing. No one gets away with our pies. No one gets away with our memories.

Stormwind’s eagle

by Solyc Ki'ram

A beautiful, new eagle, appeared into Stormwind, more specifically, the Mage Quarter, a few days have passed, since I saw it. An eagle, got a grip, ten times more powerful than a human’s! You definitely wouldn’t want to get in a fight with an eagle, as your chances don’t look so good. While humans have to think to grip, eagles have to think to not grip. They also have a grip ten times as powerful as ours, so if they decide that they’re gripping onto you then you’ll have a hard time budging them. They can usually lift prey that weighs up to a couple of lbs but the largest types of eagles can lift prey up to around 5 kg! But that’s, one of the many fun stories about eagles. This beautiful bird likes to go into people’s places! I met it indoors where I expected it the less. Quite the friend, I decided to make that animal, the new Mage District’s mascot. So let’s name it altogether, because after all, a mascot is one, only if we’re willing to cheer it! We could name him. This beautiful eagle has brown feathers. Quite a lovely one. I believe he can be the heart of our community, let’s name him, shall we? Here’s a few propositions: 1 Hierophant 2 Redgwyn 3 Sushi 4 Mister Brown 5 Lady Brown 6 Justice Eagle 7 Tifin Wrynn Feel free to deposit the answers in the Cathedral square, the 24/10, at 20 O’clock, at the entrance of the church. I will collect the answers, and will keep you updated! You won’t be able to miss me! I will be wearing purple!