The Sheep Pen

-are you a sheep?

The Sheep Pen is a column for the weird. The strange, the unverified and undocumented. It may be true, but it most likely is not. Who is to say. Trust the information and stories at your own peril. It is large driven by stories submitted by readers and freelance journalists.

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You can submit your story here. There is no guarantee we will publish the story you submit, but if you supply the ooc name - your actual character name in wow - so we can contact you the odds are higher. Please keep in mind this is not meant as a way to disrupt other peoples RP, nor target them with slander and other mean-spirited ooc sentiments. We retain 100% control over what will end up on the site, and what will not.
RP name can be fake or made up.
Max 3500 characters.