In the end, it always came to this.

(( This is the final instalment of the ongoing ciphers that have been published in the past month in the Ask the Lions column: now for the prize! If you have solved all the ciphers, you should know what to do next, but if you are in doubt you can message Halite Demidemon in our discord and submit your answers there to have them doublechecked.))


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I see him everywhere I go. Always in the corner of my eye... never in focus. Is he following me, or am I walking in his footsteps? Both, mayhaps. It is he who has given me this charge, this... curse. The question thunders in the crevices of my skull, and I cannot release it for more than just a moment. I have to know, but... there is no one to ask, because no one knows the answer. Is a question without an answer worth anything at all?...


Remember everything you have learned on the way, that is the only way you can truly solve this puzzle. The answer is the question.