A Mixed Bag of Questions!

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Inspiration of the Muses

Jack Silver asks:

Greetings Lions, My name is Jack silver, Though most know me as the Plushie maker. The reason I write to you this week is to ask you about inspiration. I've been looking for something new now to add to my collection of plushies and oddities and from the normal muses that I keep to try and innovate my work im more recently drawing a blank on what people want and desire from my store. So I wonder and ask what you Lions have to inspire your own works of creation and what overall you look to find out there that you cannot find currently. Your friendly Woofer and plushie maker.


Dear Jack Silver, For me personally, I found that traveling the different regions of the world to be the most inspiring. You may find a new muse in the rich plant life cultivated in the Un'Goro Crater, or - maybe a tad closer to Stormwind - the snowy mountains and diverse wild life of Dun Morogh. You could also try and find new ideas by watching an artisan of a completely different craft. For example, a fellow blacksmith of mine came up with an idea for a new blend of metals by observing the artwork of a gem cutter. And, of course, I always recommend studying the grand relics of the Titans that have been recovered by the Explorer's League over the years. Aside from the libraries of Dalaran or Stormwind, I highly recommend a first hand travel to a Titan facility or at least a visit in Ironforge's hall of explorers. Keep your feet on the ground and may the Titans watch your ways,
My dear friend Jack, As you aware I am the leader of the Dustcloud Corporation and inspiration is one of the biggest problems I have myself. It is not even just to have inspiration myself, but more so to inspire my people to continue their work and reach their goals. I do this as I speak with them, being face to face in the action. What I could suggest you for your shop and inspiration to continue your work there more efficiently is to do exactly that. Be face to face with your customer, ask them what they like on the shop, ask them what they would like to see more in the shop. Things like this. I am sure you will see a progress and a coming back of your inspiration. Your friend and boss, Sionia Dustcloud.
Inspiration can be gotten from many places, for my own hobby of music i simply listen to others, or make my own. In your own profession that could work just the same, children are often full of ideas, most being very questionable. However that might still aid you in said sales. What sticks out more usually interests more aswell, people do love to be unique. Similarly you do not need to make "logical" decisions in what kind of stuffed toys you make, i´ve heard plenty of talk about pet rocks being favored at times. PS. The plushies i bought myself some time ago have been enjoyed alot, and have been sewn together again at multiple occasions due to being played with too roughly.
Dear Jack, As already eluded by other lions, is exchange with your customers. Explore the fields on what they think is needed in Dalaran. Apart from customer research, some exploratory designs of your own could work as well. Try something new and off the wall and see how it does with your customers. Apart from new items to create, perhaps think about what other purposes your plushies could serve. Perhaps add in a zipper and you have a cute purse, add some straps and you have a small backpack. Perhaps you could use several plushies and fix them to a wooden board to create a scenery. As a plushie aficionado myself, as you surely know, would welcome to have more reasons to have them in my life... Adding some practical uses for them would be a delight. I hope my ramblings are of some use to you and can help your business prosper. Best regards.
Reverend Aevyr Azurebloom
Hi Jack! Is it you who runs that delightful shop in Dalaran? I’ve seen it in passing, but never had the chance to visit! I’ll need to! But to your question, inspiration for me comes in many forms. As a man of the cloth, I see many, many different people on a daily basis and am inspired by them. By their tales. For me, taking the time to think about just how unique people are; as well as their stories. Knowing about the positivity in the world and how the smallest acts of kindness can change someone’s life inspires me. And in turn I seek to inspire others. The Light inspired me to do what I do. I seek to listen, to find out what I can do to help others. I am no salesman, so I cannot help but I would say - look at your friends, your family, your loved ones. Truly see them, hear them. And see if anything stands out you may have overlooked for inspiration. And who knows, you may inspire others! Good luck and Light guide!

Nose gold...?

Boogieman asks:

Hi Lions Roar I heard that picking your nose is healthy which is great because I do that a lot But people think its gross and when I do it people tell me to stop and are mean to me Should I stop doing it or should I keep doing it if it is good for me?


Reverend Aevyr Azurebloom
Hi Boogieman, Picking your nose isn’t inherent unhealthy as long as you’re not digging too deep and doing it too often that you could harm the lining of your nose which is delicate and does have means to protect you from various illnesses you could catch from breathing. The issue it sounds is that you’re doing it while in company or in social situations - that isn’t considered acceptable to many. So the solution would be to simply do it in your own privacy.. and dispose of it appropriately in a tissue or so and an appropriate bin or waste area. Light guide and remember to wash your hands!
Dear anonymous person, Digging for nose gold is commonly frowned upon in society, because in whatever esteem you may hold your nose gold, for others it is just a nasty booger. Presenting your catch may greatly offend people, which may explain the reactions you got. I can assure you there are no health benefits to gain from nose picking, apart from keeping your airways free of obstructions, which should be done in the secrecy of your bathroom. Perhaps you could reduce your mining operations to the bathroom and see how peoples reactions change. Best regards.
Gajin'fon the Lesser
You pick your nose? No problem. Mucous is good for many magical uses, but eating it is not what he recommends. He does not think it is hazardous, but he sees better uses. Bottle it up, perhaps? Inserting fingers into orifices is often seen as offensive, he does not always know why. It is natural part having fingers, they are designed to fit just right in case there is a disturbance clogging the hole. He does not know what to recommend, and he does not believe the loa will answer his prayer to hear their advice on this matter.

A Cold Shoulder

Desperate Man asks:

Dear Lions, I have my heart torn apart. Life have gifted me with a lovely wife and she in her turn, gifted me with a joy of having a child together. But after our baby girl was born, my wife treats me like I don't exsist. Coming home from work, she has done nothing but fuss with the child. Even if I help her out after work, seems like nothing in the house has been touched, if we don't talk about the pile of dishes growing. She feels cold and not interested in anything. Has she stopped loving me? What can I do aside from helping her out?


Reverend Aevyr Azurebloom
Hi there, Desperate Man! Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl. There are few things more miraculous than that of the birth of a child in this world. Before I answer your letter, I want to assure you. Your wife absolutely does still love you. She has not stopped loving you. You need have no worry of such a thing. After the birth of a child, a mother is enamoured by her. This is natural. That maternal instinct to protect, care and provide for. To her, your daughter will be the most important thing in the world right now. That doesn’t mean she has stopped caring for you, no. All mothers go through it and fathers can experience this sense of ‘detachment’ from their spouse. I know this is a difficult time. Have you tried talking to her about it? If so, be mindful of how you approach the topic. Caring for a newborn is no easy task especially with being a stay-at-home mother too. Approach it delicately, understand she will be exhausted too and likely has no idea you are feeling this way. Reassure her you love her, and that you will be there for her and your daughter. But explain your feelings. Hopefully a mutual understanding will develop from there, Best of luck to you, your wife and your daughter. May you have a long and happy life. Light’s Blessings!
Lola Twinspirit
Post-natal depression is a very common disorder that strikes many women after giving birth. Depression in of itself can manifest in many ways, from the way you are describing it, she certainly seems to exhibit certain symptoms; disinterest in activities and other people, inattentiveness to householding. The primary way you can help her is by supporting her emotionally, and discuss the option of seeking professional assistance if she is receptive to the idea. This unfortunately means that you may have to accept that she is going to be like this for a while, and there is little you can do about that. But before you take any actions, you should confirm a diagnosis with an expert, and they will then be able to help you take the next step.

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Cosmo asks:

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