Threats are not to be taken lightly.

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Quince asks:

I am a traditional man with good values of the church, and I do not normally find the gadgets and gizmos of our shorter allies particularly appealing. Yet lately, I have begun to see the value in these devices known as 'buzzboxes' (a terrible if not fitting name, I might add). But is this even a secure manner of communicating? How do I know someone else is not listening on the other end? My privacy is paramount to convenience. What do you suggest, Lions, should I invest in this technology?


Captain Anestre Thodim
Dear Quince, Thank you for your letter. Let me tell you my experience of the Buzz Box. The City Guard use these devices to communicate with each other across the city and they prove very useful in getting messages around fast. Now, as the City Guard, we also valued our privacy with them, as we did not want criminals tuning in and using them to avoid us. We also wanted to keep our operations as an utmost secret. So, my friend, let me share some tips on how to keep your communication private. Firstly, get a very technical Gnome to set up your transmitter in a safe place and set up a secure frequency. Once this is set up I reccomend that the frequency is kept on a need-to-know basis, only the people authorised to use it for a reason. Ensure those people are disciplined for giving it out to unauthorised people. Secondly, ensure your frequency is changed frequently to prevent anyone who may have obtained it from tuning in. You may also want to do this when someone who has a frequency no longer should. Finally, you want to ensure radio etiquette is used such as over and out , to allow the channels to be monitored for anyone not using these. Hope this helps relieve any of your doubts about the use of Buzz Boxes. Kind regards.
Professor Rathmir Fallowweald
As with any form of communication, there is no perfect guarantee that your conversations will be private. To single out radio communication as unique in this regard is prepostrous. Even magical transmissions can be intercepted, mayhaps with considerable difficulty, depending on security measures taken. In fact, I would argue that it is safer to use a buzzbox to communicate than it is to go by letters, or other forms of traditional means of communication. To spy on you, they will first need access to the required technology - which does not necessarily come so cheaply. Secondly, they will need to learn of the frequency that you are communicating through. This can be learned through trial and error, but you need not use the same frequency for communication at all times. Thirdly, they will need to listen in constantly, your message cannot be intercepted once it has already been transmitted. And not to mention, they need to be within range of your transmission radius. Unless you actually suspect someone to be tapping into your frequency, you are unlikely to ever run into eavesdroppers. And if you do suspect that someone is listening in to you, then I still recommend you use it. Letters can be stolen and people can stalk you. Why not sit comfortably in the safety of your home with a buzzbox. [REDACTED]
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A Gang of Friends

Blackthórn asks:

Hello Lion's Roar, I find myself in a bit of a predicament. A few years ago, I ran with a gang. Things got messy and half of them got sent to prison. The other half either moved on or ended up on the hangman's noose. Now with time served, my old pals are back in town and want to start the gang up again. I've become a respectable member of the community. A model citizen. I don't want to abandon my old pals, but I also cannot give up the life I have made for myself. I fear they've already started with their antics once again. I tried to reason with them, but was only met with threats in return. I do not know what to do.


Dear Blackthórn, Since you managed to turn your life around and make a living with honest work, why would you go back to your old ways with the risks being the hangman's noose? Your old pals may mean a lot to you, but their current plans should deter you from risking everything you achieved up until now. You could spend some time with them over drinks but make it clear that you have too much to lose by joining them in their future "projects". If they think any less of you due to that, you should not consider those people friends, as your well-being is definitely not on their mind in all of this. However in the case that they do respect it, you could go a step further and offering them a helping hand out of a life of crime, with a prosperous future for you all as friends. Try to help find them reputable and honest employment in an area they enjoy perhaps. I apologise for being so vague here, dear Blackthórn, as this is complicated issue with a lot of unknown factors at play. Best wishes for you and your pals.
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Blackthórn.. I am.. unsure whether or not it's a good thing to post a question this openly in a newspaper everyone can read.. but personally I would request aid from the guards.. if the rest of this gang is once more on the loose.. then I am sure they have all the necessary reports and files for them.. Whatever you do.. do not fall back into old habits, there was a reason they were either imprisoned or executed, you made a name for yourself.. you changed your life and got a grip on it, by the sounds of it.. do not throw it away for old 'pals', it's not worth the hassle.. nor the impending doom that'll follow.. either with rejoining.. or rejecting them.. Perhaps take a vacation.. away from the city.. away from their influence, with enough evidence against them.. They used to be your friends.. I get that, I really do.. but they are no good for you.. for no-one as it seems.. Much Love.. kissies and all the strength you need.

Domestic Danger?

Anonymous asks:

Greetings from an avid reader! I am a Holy man and believe in the good in the hearts of people, and I spend much time devoted to helping others. One of these people is a young girl whom I tutor in the ways of writing. She has recently confessed to me that father is involved in an illegal scheme which is currently being investigated, and that she fears for her own safety in his presence. Yet, the investigating authorities say there is little to no evidence of danger in her home; no physical or mental abuse to be discerned. And still, she insists that there is danger looming over her. I am at a loss, and I seek your guidance. If she speaks true, then her life is at stake and it will be inaction that will be the cause of death. Luckily, there is much time to deliberate, as her father is in Boralus pending investigations, and is not set to return in weeks.


If you know this girl well, and know she would have no reason to lie, then I would advice to believe her. There are often things that simply can not be said to others no matter how much they wish, but that does not make it any less true. My advice would be to act on the situation being as bad as she says it is and trying to learn more of it. Worst case scenario, it was a lie. Best case scenario you might have saved someone's life.
Dear anonymous reader, As your student is quite convinced that her life is in danger, it appears to me that it would be wise to take her assessment seriously. Since her father is caught up in something quite illegal and is being detained in Boralus, that could be valid grounds to support her claims. Investigating her claims should shed some light on the situation and contacting the local guards with your findings could prove fruitful. Perhaps they can help in protecting your student, perhaps offering her temporary shelter and even contribute information on the whole situation. Another venue might be to get the help of a private detective to investigate the situation. Information and knowledge are your best bets in this situation as they increase your options and help you to find the best course to take. The best of luck for you and your student.
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash anonymous reader, When it comes to such investigations, I am personally unsure on how to react.. but one thing's for sure.. young ones, especially children often times have a vivid fantasy and can perhaps envisioning things that aren't truly the way they are.. but if you trust your student.. then please, take it seriously.. especially now that such investigations are actually taking place.. If possible, do what you can to assist those who oversee the investigation.. perhaps they can get her to safety.. assist her in some shape or form, be it shelter.. or just protection, anything counts in these situations... You have nothing to lose when believing her, only to gain.. and even if it was a lie, she might learn that she can trust you.. the other way around, is a different story.. Much Love and kissies~