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Bleeding Difficulties II

Andy asks:

Good day again, experts... I noticed in this week's edition that you were taking reader responses, if I am not entirely mistaken; regardless, I sent you a letter about my nosebleeds a few weeks ago. I tried following your advice and I never really got anywhere. The herbs didn't help much, and I haven't got the coin to travel to Pandaria for an examination. Are there other, cheaper alternatives for me out there?


Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash once again Andy, I am sorry that is seemingly hasn't gotten any better for you.. the last thing I could advise would be certain options that lower your blood pressure.. a natural one would be parsley.. eat less sodium in your meals.. less smoking and alcohol.. and work out more.. But if that too does not help, then I'd gladly offer to visit you for an examination, if such would be alright for you.. So that we can perhaps work together on a way for you to enjoy your life once more to the fullest.. I am sure that at the lion's roar, you can also leave personal notes, so if it comes down to it, we can look for an appointment for you! Much Love and kissies~
Lola Twinspirit
Endeavour to seek the Stonefire Tavern in Ironforge this weekend.
Halite Rocksalt
We apologise for any confusion; we did not initially intend to make room for reader responses just yet. We have yet to design a printing format for reader responses, but you are still welcome to submit responses or follow-up questions such as this one. We will do our best to incorporate it seamlessly.

One thing led to another...

Diedre asks:

Hi Lions. My mum's dog attacked our postman. I tried to help him and then one thing led to another and now I think I'm pregnant. I'm only 17, what should I do?


Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Diedre.. Well that is, erm.. something different, tho I guess it depends on if you truly are pregnant or not.. I heard that some Worgen might be able to find such out, as they can smell the change in your hormones! And if you are well.. congratulations! The gift of life is always something really lovely and enjoyable to witness, so you should prepare for the great day and well.. to inform your parents of such.. tho, if you.. do not wish to keep the child there are, obviously ways to erm.. 'remove' it.. It's nothing that I personally would like to see or hear about, but there are many for whom such a gift just came at the worst possible time, the probably easiest solution comes with Tiger Lily.. Depending on where you are in Azeroth, the prices may very.. tho usually it's not too pricey to come by.. I'd suggest a Hot water extract of the Tiger Lily stems and it's pastrils, it's to be taken oraly with no more then 5 gramms per use.. do such for at most 7 days in a row.. you might feel a bit of nausea coming from it and perhaps a more.. gruesome pain along your lower abdomen.. but this would tell you that it worked.. Much Love and kissies~
Dear Diedre, I... am not sure what happened, nor do I think that should be topic of a public discussion for your own privacy's sake. Unless my biology education was deeply flawed, I can assume there were some other things that happened in between those events. Visiting a mender, be it a priest, a druid or someone else knowledgeable about pregnancies to get a confirmation is key for your future steps. Once confirmed it should be time to have a talk with the father and prepare things. Telling your parents would also be advisable... it may feel intimidating at first, but carrying around a secret like that will only make it worth between you and your parents as time progresses and the baby bump gets noticeable. Make sure to often visit a mender have your and the potential baby's health checked regularly. Best wishes.

Tea Time

Takenforgranted asks:

I usually wake up before my wife in the morning, and a few months ago I started making her a cup of tea. Now she is expecting it and gets upset if I don't. What should I do?


Dear Takenforgranted, As your pseudonym suggests, being taken for granted can be slippery slope. Doing something to provide joy and happyness to someone else is heartwarming and nice, it can be brutal when such a thing gets demanded all of a sudden. In the respect of fairness though it may behoove to look at yourself and perhaps try to find a aspect of your shared life that you take for granted. There could be a tiny chance your wife wants to tell you something by doing this. As with most conflicts it may be hard at first, but tackling the issue head on by talking to it in a calm manners, may help resolve the issue and bring back the joys of mutual gifts of pleasure and happyness. Best wishes.
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Takenforgran-.. is that a real name? I.. nevertheless Bal'a dash! Well... it's the same if your boss would give you a cookie everytime you come to work for many many months... and suddenly he stops it... you too would feel as if something is missing... or as if something went on.. you did something wrong or maybe your boss suddenly dislikes you... that is natural for Sentient beings.. maybe you should talk to her, explain that you still love her but you just barely find time in the morning.. or that you only did it for a certain amount of time.. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship... more or in these times then in the best.. Much Love and kissies~
Professor Rathmir Fallowweald
Such a predicament can clearly only be solved by a panel of experts. How else could one fathom the complexities of interpersonal relationships. Keep making her tea, if you are in short supply of vertebrae, or simply tell her that she isn't to expect you to do it for her. You chose to marry this woman, you should be able to communicate with her, particularly in these simple, earthly matters. You are her spouse, not her servant.