Family and love can be complicated.

This week features some more somber topics, as well as our first reader response.

We are slowly progressing through what's known in our business as 'silly season', and so we expect a lower level of engagement in the summer months, but we aim to still provide you with insights and entertainment to the best of our ability! Keep sending us letters, we're happy to process them.


Arradin asks:

Dear Lion's Roar, I need help with a family problem. Almost twenty years ago, I had to leave my then-newborn son with my wife and return to my home and aid it in rebuilding after the Scourge attack. In the time since I left, his mother died (around a year ago now) and he grew up. Eventually, I returned in the hopes of mending my relationship with him. Only, he goes out of his way to avoid me, and the few times we do talk, he is exceptionally cold to me. I've expressed my regret at leaving many times, but he refuses to accept my apology and forgive me. What can I do to mend the relationship with my son? If I even can, that is.


Lt. Cdr. Sir Cailen Cadogan jr.
Dear Arradin, Do not lose heart, I advise perseverance. It is true that you were not there as he was growing up. It is something you both regret. Your son may not realise it yet, but with his mother gone you are the only parent he has left. You cannot repair what has been done, or hope to make up for the time lost, but you can be there for him now. Do not falter, do not give up. If you leave him now, you will only confirm his anger and fears.
Dear Arradin, I fear I don't have an easy or quick remedy to offer you. Your son spend quite some time on without you and it will take and dedication to build up trust and a relationship with him. Showing him that you will be there for him no matter what, takes time to establish. Be patient with him and with yourself in this regard, as much as he needs to forgive you, you need to forgive yourself as well. Best regards.
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Arradin, as one.. who had to endure a similar past as your son... it's hard... I hated my Mother for most of my life... envisioning her as a cruel monster... an unholy being... and only with time... I learned that... perhaps I wasn't the reason that she gave me away, but that she had other reasons... reasons justifying just that. I endured the worst pain one could imagine in my youth... and I just hope that your son grew up in a happier place, even with his mother sadly passing away.. it'll take time for him... time to not just feel hatred but to also look behind the facade of being 'left behind'.. I can not tell as to wheter or not it is mendable... whether or not you manage to break through the defense of mistrust he build towards you... but never give up... Let him feel that you truly mean it... and perhaps... stop expressing how bad you feel... and stop telling him about your regret... he can't buy back his past from it... but show him a path to a brighter future... Much Love and kissies~

A Lover's Identity

Secret Admirer asks:

Hey Lions. I have a crush on a certain someone and we've been friendly for some time. I have sent secret letters to her and she's always thrilled to receive them, and writes back enthusiastically. I was preparing to reveal my identity to her, until I received her latest response. She names me in it, and proclaims her displeasure with some of my recent 'antics', completely unaware that it is in fact I whom she is writing to. I am at a loss, do I still tell her, or should I walk away to save myself the disappointment? Thank you.


Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash you secret admirer~ Well... right now you're at a spot some call 'shroedinger's strider'...until the moment that you tell her... reveal yourself to her.. it can go either way... perhaps she can look over these 'antics' and see you for how you truly are... or it can turn badly.. My advise for you is to try and better yourself slowly... do not make it sudden or she'll know that these letters are from you... same as... prevent her from reading these articles... as she could easily find your Identity through that... But.. always opt to be your most true self... do not let her fall in love for someone that you aren't.. Much Love and kissies~
Dear Secret Admirer, Your crush seems to like you and things don't seem as hopeless as you may think. She likes your writing and eager to get to know you. One part of you she may want to get to know better, the other part is her perception of you, which could be the reason for her displeasure of your visible side to her. Some inner reflection could perhaps help you in identifying that part and depending what that may be, it could be easily fixed or not. If it is about table manners for example, that could be an easy fix if you want to go the mile and better yourself in such a regard. The decision to do this is obviously entirely up to you, but keep in mind that it is seldom worth to warp yourself to please others. Do not lose hope, there is a fair chance that if you give it your best, your crush will like you just as you are. Best regards.

Thank you!

Monica asks:

Hi Lions! I just wanted thank you for your help last week with the doll. I ended up selling it to a travelling salesman who said his daughter loves dolls. So now I won't have to worry about it anymore! Thank you for your advice!


Halite Rocksalt
Thank you for your response. We don't usually receive letters from readers that express gratitude, and we don't expect you to either, as it is unlikely that they will be published. We are happy to hear that our advice has been helpful. Perhaps in the future, we can dedicate a section of the column to reader responses.