Security, sin, song and more!

We are back to our regular edition of Ask the Lions, and we have many interesting questions for you. On another topic: we are currently planning ahead for a quiz event to be hosted in Stormwind, with ties to the Ask the Lions column. We will share more information with you in the future. Let’s get into it!

Not A Thief?

No One asks:

Out of professional curiosity: how well do you protect your personal valuables? P.S. I am a locksmith, not a criminal. I promise.


To be honest it depends. My front door is always open but I have a room that is locked filled with dangerous inventions. My wolf Spark has a chest with his favorite things in the world which is covered in chains with a key he has hidden.
Captain Anestre Thodim
Dear, No one This is an interesting question and I will answer it as a former guard Captain. Over the years I have seen many valuables stolen and the reasons for these vary. However I would recommend a solid lockbox in a hidden location and in a safe building, never leave them on show. Most criminals go for opportunity theft, therefore the owners of valuables want to ensure they don't get the opportunity. On the other hand you have the ones that target the wealthy specifically, the reason folks are chosen specifically, is if they flaunt the cash. I would recommend anyone securing valuables to not let the city know their wealth level. Finally the last way of securing valuables is to ensure the Stormwind city guard are regularly patrolling where they have their valuables stored as according to the King's law: Entering a building of another, or public office, without right or permission is trespass and anything taken from that property or lockbox without right or permission is theft. A long time ago the guards used to cut the hand off thieves, now they throw them in the Stockades or give them lashes. Good job you are not a criminal as I heard the Stockades are becoming more brutal, perhaps as a locksmith you can help people secure their belongings and make a real difference. Kind Regards.
Dear anonymous person, As I like to make rum in my spare time, I keep my distillery in the basement locked up tight with a heavy steel door, partially to keep it safe but mostly to keep others safe if something goes wrong. This is part of the whole license thingy you have to go through with the Stormwind Firemarshal to get a permit for a distillery.... quite the hassle but I do understand it. On the other hand I haven't kept my personal belongings that safe, just the usual door lock. This came back to bite me in the bacon during the Ghoul attack on Stormwind. Luckily I was not there but they managed to break through the door, demolish my whole house and eat my precious plushie collection. After that I said "Nevermore will I skimp on security and safety for myself, my loved ones and my plushies!"
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash.. erm.. no one? Well truth be told.. my most valuable possession might just be the collection of medical files and books.. which, may be sorted into a cupboard and file-drawers.. but that's about it.. So erm... I guess there isn't more to say here.. But I do hope that you have a great week! Much love and kissies

What about the Horde?

Undine Wednesday asks:

I discovered your paper through mere chance, soaked and discarded in a lake. As a former journalist, I am proud to see that journalism isn’t dead! My question is, what is your stance on the Horde, and perhaps more specifically, the members of the Horde that were once among yourselves, such as me. This goes both to the Lions, and to the Roar itself. Thank you.


Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Miss Undine Wednesday! As a former member of the horde, I take a liking in them, of course.. you always have the ones that.. one might not be too fond over, tho in general.. since Lady Windrunners disappearance I feel like the horde is once more growing back together.. and joy can be felt throughout many tribes! And with certain Events including both the Horde and the Alliance, I am sure that a friendship might yet blossom between them! Tho.. I have to admit that.. ever since I joined the Alliance in June of last year.. I grew to like them a lot more, I found my family and some of the best friends anyone could ever hope for.. Much love and kissies
Professor Rathmir Fallowweald
Alliance, Horde… These are the political powers we have to live with. I have no love for either of them, personally, despite having been a member of both for some time - it’s merely a means of survival, and practicality Not that I had much of a choice in the matter, these decisions are made by our leaders, and not our people. That being said: the Horde and I are not on good terms. I was cast out of Silvermoon because of my research, and I ended up in Telogrus with the rest of us undesirables - and the rest is history. I can’t say my stay with the Horde was particularly pleasant either, [redacted by administrator]. I have no desire to rejoin the Horde, nor do I wish anything to do with it, even if my son is among their numbers.
Halite Rocksalt
The Lion’s Roar is officially a neutral organisation, but our content is usually oriented around the Alliance as we are primarily based in Stormwind. We also have a minor presence in Dalaran and Boralus, though the administrative positions in these locations are currently not filled. We cover some news that span the faction border, but if we are to cover more of it, we will have to expand our roster of journalists. If you think you can help us expand, see our advertisement on hiring at the bottom of this page, or the job section in the back of the paper.

Sin and Forgiveness

Thalya asks:

Hello, Lions! I have a question about spirituality for you. From your biographies, I can tell that you are a diverse group in terms of faith; so my question is, what do you think of the concepts of sin, and forgiveness? Thank you, I enjoy your insights very much.


Dear Thalya, I mostly explored the Pandaren way of spirituality. There it is more about encouraging people with virtues than to shame them with concepts like sins. The August Celestials for example are not really revered as deities but rather admired as paragons of certain virtues. They are respected for who and what they are, the qualities they impersonate. While there still are things that others could conceive as sins, like a chaotic demeanour or extreme outbursts of emotions which can be frowned upon in certain areas due to the concept of the Sha who feed upon such, I feel the term sin is ill placed here. For me it has a religious connotation of a deity judging you for something that is outside the imposed moral code they want to enforce. The concept of forgiveness is an important one in the daily life and dealings with your fellow people, in a spiritual sense in the Pandaren setting, there is no forgiveness to be had or to gain from a higher being, since none of them are judging you in that matter. For me spirituality is about exploring the metaphysical, to hope to gain a glimpse of what is outside our normal perception of the world and more importantly exploring yourself in that context. How do you fit into this? How do you feel about such things? Are you happy with your spiritual outlook or burdened by it? Please forgive my rambling, dear Thalya, and I hope I could shed some light on your questions and I wish you all the best in your exploration of your spirituality.
The concept of what is a sin, and what deserves forgiveness is very different to different people and cultures. One of the biggest examples of that I can think of in Kaldorei culture is Illidan Stormrage and his Illidari. Going all the way back to the war of the ancients and thereafter he commited many acts, many which makes the word "Sin" pale in comparison. I will not give a history lesson of his life and acts, but in more recent times one could argue that he and his followers have been forgiven, but it is highly dependent on who you ask. Many among my own kin would argue that they are not to be forgiven, yet it is unlikely that Azeroth would be as it is now without them, what more would they have to do to earn forgiveness? The concept of what a sin is, and how one needs to redeem themselves from it is not as easy as black and white. In my view, it is all depending on the desired outcome, how it got there, and what they would be willing to do to undo the damage they have done to get there.
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Thalya.. That.. is a hard topic to tackle.. in my eyes.. every Sinner has a future and every Saint a past.. nothing is completely black and white.. and thus, there are sins that can be forgiven, at the right time and only by the person one has wronged.. tho.. there also are Sins that can't ever be forgiven.. Ones.. so gruesome and sadistic that.. perhaps.. the removal of such an individual instead of hoping for them to better, would be the wiser choice.. It may sound harsh or downright against the rights of such an individual..but for me.. there is a fine line between someone doing wrong and one that turns into a life threatening beast.. Much love and kissies
Lola Twinspirit
Until recently, I thought ‘sin’, or the idea of evil acts, was a made-up term used to describe transgressions of a sort of moral code, usually one defined by a religious organ. I have learned so much more now. I cannot say too much. Sin is an ephemeral concept, and the machinations of our souls and the afterlife are not for us to understand. Consider a sin to be like a tumor in your soul, and it had best been excised if possible. There is forgiveness in the end for you, should you choose to seek it, but eternal damnation may await you if you refuse to look inward. Some sins are small and less significant, others so massive that you cannot hope to atone for it in a lifetime. There will be a reckoning in the end, and if you choose to walk the righteous path in life, you will be spared the suffering your sins will cause you in the afterlife. … At least, that is what we hope the champions of Azeroth will be able to restore to us, in their ongoing campaign in the Shadowlands.

Musical Matters

Sync asks:

Query: The Audiovault requests recommendations for musical artwork to be stored, catalogued and retained for future generations. Recommendations requested for genre, artist, culture.


While I do not know the names of many artists outside a select few, I have noticed patterns in genres for certain cultures. For my own, and majority of elves as a whole, string instruments are usually favored, playing mostly calmer songs dedicated to emotions or memories. For a very different culture, the Kul Tirans. While they have no favored instrument, they often rally to the energetic, the cheerful, and jigs worthy to dance to. Or anything related to the sea in general. For a more tribal culture, the orcs, tauren and trolls often use various drums. Likely rooted in how they were used as war drums to raise morale in various wars, they have also become a cultural tool to raise spirits with their fellow peers. The humans, specifically those from and around Stormwind, are all about stoic and heroic songs. Instruments rarely matter as long they tell a grand story, either of a once promising prince and their fall to oblivion, or of another trying to fit the shoes of his father. All cultures have their own distinct sounds, artists, and favored instruments, to recommend one over others would not be fair. For the sake of keeping records I would simply suggest visiting gathering places of the various races, town squares, taverns and theatres. The experience of hearing them first-hand is far superior to that of being told.
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Sync! There are.. many good musical artworks i had heard through my life.. tho.. if you truly wish to catalogue and retain them for the future.. then you might not want to miss out on the: "Lament of the Highborne" As far as I know, there is no single artist who claimed to have written this piece of music.. or created the lyrics, thus you may just as-well leave the Artist out.. and place it in the cultural section for the Sin'dorei and the Quel'dorei! Much love and kissies