Another week, and more questions to be answered!

This week we’re celebrating our children! We would like to spend the holiday collecting questions from children that they may be featured here in next week’s special edition of Ask the Lions, coming on Monday! Do you have children of your own, or do you have any questions on this topic? Be sure to send them before the week is up! The regular edition of Ask the Lions is still in print next Wednesday, as usual.

A Mother’s Plight

Proud Mom asks:

Hello Lions! My daughter has been inconvenienced by her health for some time now, but has slowly and steadily started getting back to normality. She is on the mend, she has a good job that she likes, but she doesn't have a lot of friends, and she's naturally shy around other people. I am always for her here, as her mother, but I think she needs to get out more! Do you have any insights that can help my little worker bee get out more and make friends? Thank you, and I very much enjoy your newspaper!


Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Miss! Truth be told.. It is something I too battle on a daily basis.. getting out more and seeing people.. and not just my books and files.. tho recently I started doing just that and what helped me personally was to have someone close to me, be present.. and just have them around.. maybe even a gentle push now and again did the trick.. or as I found out.. a small miscommunication.. one of such brought me to the theater, which I highly enjoy.. as sometimes.. it's hard to express oneself, tho if one slips into the role of someone else.. it might just do the trick~ I wish the very best for you and your beloved Daughter! Much love and kissies
Reverend Aevyr Azurebloom
Hi, Proud Mom! I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s recent ill health, though now hearing she has recovered and is returning back to a healthy, happy life has my heart soaring. So pleased to hear that! Settling in, finding new friends and even socialising can be difficult for many, especially those that are a bit shy. There is no truly correct way of going about it. A great way is finding common interests. Does your daughter have any hobbies or interests? And if so, can any of these be explored in groups - such as a club, or perhaps a sport or activity that can be done outside. Finding a common interest can be an excellent way to start a conversation and expand further. And if she has no interests, perhaps encourage her to take up some. Maybe even go with her for the first time or so, as encouragement if needed - though be mindful to avoid entering her space too much, as she surely needs her independence. Like a flower, friendship needs to be nourished. If she plants that seed of commonality between her and others. Naturally conversation develops, and like a flower that grows, it needs to be cared for so it can blossom and bloom into beautiful friendship. Even through shyness, all it may take is a spark to begin it. Hope this helps and that daughter can find some friends soon. Light bless you both.

A Special Gift

Dougen asks:

I been working for goblins for years and it's my boss's wedding later this month. I need a good gift so I can show him my smarts. My question is, what do you give to a man that can buy anything he wants?


Hello Dougen! As a gnome I feel I know the rival race enough to answer this. I am guessing you goblin boss is like most goblins, so I am quite sure he might like an explosive or an engineering device, maybe an interesting potion? If you need a few suggestions I can recommend an azerite bomb, they are quite expensive, but most engineers love them, a lab-in-a-box is a great device, as the name suggests it is a lab in a small box. I highly recommend the Transmorphic Tincture, it changes the users gender for a short time.
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Dougen! That.. truly is a hard question.. tho, there are many things one can't buy with gold.. tho there still are things that may bring a smile onto his lips.. How about an experience he won't forget?.. maybe he has a certain hobby or someone he looks up to.. invite him to such, or to meet that person! Tell him that you'd do more work for a certain amount of time so that he may leave earlier to see his family.. Time is nothing you can buy with gold.. and time spent with one's family is the most important one? Try to think outside the box, figure out what he craves.. the best present are those that transcends what is clearly visible on the outside, showing the recipient that their inner qualities are recognized and appreciated.. Truth be told.. I wish I could've been of more help for you, tho for that.. I would need to know that person.. Much love and kissies
The easy, aswell as hard way to do so would be something that can't be bought. Something hand-crafted maybe, specifically personalized to him, maybe as simple as a poem or tale of how you think of him. Or, depending on his personality ofcourse, a simple joke or jest to bring a smile to his face. A wedding is usually among the happiest days of someone's life, and something to add to that will surely be remembered. If all else fails, a simple "Number 1 boss" mug could probably tick all the mentioned examples.

Rotten Water?

Anonymous asks:

I heard a rumour that says the lake behind the cathedral is contaminated by the stink of the corpses buried in the cemetery. Is this true?? Is it safe to drink or bathe in it?


Reverend Aevyr Azurebloom
Hi, Anonymous. Thanks for your question! I am pleased to say that the rumour that Stormwind Lake is contaminated of the interred deceased of the cemetery is completely untrue. The deceased are buried and prepared far enough away that none of them are at risk of affecting the water supply of the lake. Further due to the distance of Earth between them and the water itself. So there is no risk there at all or chance of any continuation. Regarding bathing or drinking it, I would direct you to a recent article published in the Lion’s Rest by a guest writer - Lorewalker Hyorin. She wrote into great detail about the health of the lake and canals. The lake is perfectly safe to swim and bathe in, though drinking may not be advised due to the standing and unmoving nature, the canal would be a safer option as free-moving water is a far safer and cleaner option of water. I hope this helps. Light Bless.
Lt. Cdr. Sir Cailen Cadogan jr.
The lake behind the Cathedral of Light, planned by both Stormwind’s grand architect, Baros Alexston, and Lord Bastwick A. W. Merrymond, is a man-made reservoir serving as a major source for the city’s canals, which in themselves serve as inner-city transport and flow into the Stormwind’s underground sewers to flush waste into the sea. The chances of ‘stink’ and contamination of the water from the dead resting peacefully in Stormwind’s cemetery is minimal, and its proximity to the cemetery no more dangerous than any other place where you may find a body of water. Indeed, the lake in question is naturally filled by rainfall and run-off from the nearby north Elwynn mountain range, waters which could not be purer. Still, I advise fetching drinking water from the city's many maintained wells which are kept to provide clean water to citizens. Respectable bathing in the lake, however, should not cause any adverse reaction. If one has experiences or evidence to the contrary, please lodge the issue with the Crown Subcommittee for Urban Expansion of Beautification for the City of Stormwind, of which Lord Merrymond is chairman.
Lola Twinspirit
Hello, anonymous. I used to work as an undertaker, and I have encountered this belief many times. Please, let me share a highly condensed version of a study I partook in. The rumour that you are referring to is neither entirely accurate, nor entirely untrue. It is true that sediment from the burial sites in the cemetery can produce leakage that runs into the lake, but that is not the full story. It is also important to emphasise that when I say ‘leakage’, I do not mean decompositional waste alone. Everything that is buried in the vicinity of water (particularly water in motion) will, over time, degrade and mix into the soil where it may be carried by water or organisms, potentially hundreds of feets away. But this is where I must dispel your worries. Cemeteries are often traditionally built near water reservoirs for good reasons, as humid, aerobic soil aids with decomposition. It is a fully natural process that returns the body to the soil to enervate it and continue the cycle of life, and that is happening in the ground regardless of whether there was a cemetery there or not. In addition to that, most virulent pathogens cannot survive in the environment we inter bodies in, and are thus rendered harmless to us. In other words, it is perfectly safe. There is, unfortunately, some downsides to this as well. Many bodies buried in the cemetery have been embalmed and/or interred with other materials that may in fact be poisonous. There has been no evidence of leakage of this kind in the cemetery yet, and precautions have been taken by undertakers, and during the construction of the cemetery in order to prevent this. The lake should be tested from time to time just in case, but it will take many years to build up to harmful levels. I hope this has been helpful!