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Stormwind Skeletons?

Not A Skeleton asks:

Askin fer a friend who is a skeleton, is it OK if skeletons walk in Stormwind? Not bad skeletons, but friendly skeletons. Or will we be burned by paladins?


Reverend Aevyr Azurebloom
Hi there, Not A Skeleton. Thank you for the question! Currently there are no laws specifically in place to protect those of an undead nature - unlike those of the Knights of the Ebon Blade or what are commonly called 'Death Knights', are an example of those possibly protected by their allegiance and support to the Alliance. There may be further laws around this though I am no expert on it. But given the nature of necromancy and its possibly dark nature - any undead who freely wanders around the city may be persecuted by the local citizens simply due to fear and lack of knowledge on what they are. Given the world's dark history with the Scourge, I would caution any friendly skeletons who wish to wander the city to be mindful of themselves, the populace and especially those who have a particularly zealous approach to the Light and vindication against any undead - be their intentions noble or otherwise. Stay safe, be careful and Light bless your path, my friend.
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash erm.. you? I.. truth be told.. I'm not too sure about the laws of the City and neither if any specific law directly states how.. your friend.. would be treated... tho seeing as a pure skeleton is unable to operate on it's own.. as neither muscles nor tendons or joints are either present or functional, it concludes that certain.. magic would play a big part in it's movement.. one that would most likely be on par with necromancy and such, is strongly restricted inside of the city if not outright forbidden.. I for one would advise your.. friend.. to be careful and if possible stay clear of Stormwind, I heard that Duskwood, at least in this season of the year is.. a nice place to travel to.. No matter how.. your friend.. goes about it, I wish them good luck! Much love and kissies

Embarrassing Dad!

The Lovestricken Gnome asks:

Hi Lions. I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 months now and she really wants to meet my dad. The problem is, my dad sells rat kabob and rat meat pies on the tram platforms, and I am very embarrassed about it. What should I do?


Reverend Aevyr Azurebloom
Hi there, Lovestricken Gnome! Congratulations on reaching the three month milestone with your girlfriend. I hope you and her continue to be very happy come the future! Your question is something a lot of people go through, so first of all don't feel bad about that. There comes a point where the different parts of our lives end up crossing over. So in your case, it is your relationship with your girlfriend and your family life which were kept separate now risking coming together. This is entirely natural so it's okay to think like this! It can be the same as work crossing over to personal, or other things kept separate before. Being embarrassed by family is also very much a normal thing, but if you are worried about how your girlfriend will react then you need to think about how you feel about your girlfriend and your relationship with your dad. One of the virtues of the Holy Light is Respect. It is about respecting yourself as well as respecting others and being aware of your place in it. Your dad has his job and it is his living. No one should be made fun of for their line of work - everyone has their place from a man who sells kebabs and pies on a tram platform, to the King of Stormwind himself. We don't always pick our place in life, but we all contribute to it. Your dad is your family and has been there your whole life, and will continue to do so. Keep that in mind. And if your girlfriend is serious about you, she won't care about what your dad does. If she is bothered by it, then maybe you can reconsider your priorities. Hope this helps! Good luck and Light bless.
Lady Cherry Blossom
Dear Lovestricken Gnome, Congratulations for those three months, I hope you're both happy together, creating a beautiful magnificent bond of trust and care. It's normal that you feel nervous sometimes, after all three months might be a lot, yet not so much to really get to know the other person. Patience is always the key. It's a good sign that she wants to know your family, so be positive about this. Now, I'd recommend you to talk this directly with your girlfriend before going, first because that way you won't be nervous that day, or at least only nervous about them meeting. But the most important part of this is that there's nothing better than sharing your fears and worries with the person you love. If she really loves you, she'll understand it, of course she won't mind about what your father does, as what he does is what has allowed him to feed you, to buy you clothes, and he is the one that has raised you to be the person she loves. And above all, this will help you both to grow together, you'll get over that fear and understand you can trust her with your insecurities and problems, and I'm sure she'll feel glad you trust her with it. Trust and communication are the keys of love.

Bleeding Difficulties

Andy asks:

Good day, experts... I suffer from a condition that makes me prone to bruising and bleeding. My question is, are there any medicines that can help me? I am often covered in blood in the morning because of nosebleeds, and it is starting to become a problem. Thank you.


Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Andy! Well, the condition itself would need to be analyzed first... as quickly occurring bruises from even the softest of touches and certain parts of your body starting to bleed, e.g. the aforementioned nose, are certainly not the norm. And do speak of underlying problems with your blood... certain... addictive substances could be the cause of it.. as well as fairly new disease, discovered in the last decade, affecting certain cells in one's body leading to a rapid growth or multiplication of such could be a potential cause for these occurring symptoms... I would advise you to visit a medical personal as fast as possible. If there is no one that you know and could be of assistance, then I'd gladly invite you to my office, in the outskirts of the Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest... it can be quite the trip, depending on your current location, tho a long trip is better than a shortened life-span.. Much love and kissies
While there are many herbal remedies that can aid with bleeding, Blindweed specifically has been known to aid with nosebleed. There are also many ways you can ingest it to gain the intended effect, but the one i would suggest would be to dry the entirety of the plant, both stem and leaves that is, and later on ground it and mix with warm water to make a sort of tea. A different herb that could work is Dreaming Glory, altho abit harder to get a hold of. For that it is as simple as just making small cuts in the petals so the oils get exposed, then rub said petal on the affected area, in this case the nose. And for a less herbal solution i would recommend using a large tuft of cotton and either a string or adhesive to make it stick to the opening of the nose. Do note to not plug your nose with it while you sleep however, as it might have the unintended effect of forcing the bleeding down your throat.

News Reporting 101

Sarah Sandcog asks:

First of all, I'm a big fan of the newspaper. I read it religiously every time a new edition comes out. My question is the following. How do you usually find newsworthy topics to publish? Do you have partnerships with the guards or you just randomly find stuff by simply walking about Stormwind? Much love and admiration; Sarah Sandcog


Hardy Lester
Hello Sarah. Thank you for your question, and I am glad you enjoy the Lion's Roar. Halite has told me to keep it short, but you ask a question which is very central to the work we do, so I hope both you and Halite can forgive me if it gets a bit lenghty. Stories come in four types. 1) Attending events, parties, bar openings and so on. These are easy - they are announced on posters, messageboards or by word of mouth. Some we cover, some we don't. Often it boils down to what else is happening at the same time, since there is only a few of us. Other times we attend the event but don't feel inspired to write about it. This does not mean the event was bad, just that it might not have been enjoyable for the journalist attending (like me and brawling events..) or the inspiration just isn't there for a number of reasons, ranging from being tired to the event being nothing out of the ordinary - might be a great event for those attending - but as a journalist there is only so many bar openings we can write about without us wanting to slam our heads into a wall. 2) People contacting us. These are also fairly easy, usually people want attention to themselves or an event. If we have the time, and we think it is slightly out of the ordinary, we run with it. 3) Being "out there". This is by far the most rewarding part of our job. Talking to people, walking the streets, talking to informants, sources, listening to what is going on. 4) Political news. This is for me a big deal because I think its important what the people who rule over us citizens are up to, so I usually attend a lot of political meetings. It is very little of it I write about, but it gives me the information I need, it gives me context when something happens in the political scene. You ask if we have a partnership with the guards, and the answer to that is no. We very very very rarely get information from guards, they keep their cards close to their vest at all times, as to why that is, well I have my suspscions, but this is not the place to air thoese. When it comes to crime then we usually rely on either being around ourselves, or witnesses contacting us. Most of our work is not actually writing articles, even if that is what people eventually see. The biggest part is knowing what is happening, who is who. We don't print gossip and rumours, but you can bet we listen to it. Of course you don't see all the articles never written, or never published - but they exist, not everything makes it to the paper. As Editor in Chief I look at five criteria. Actuality - is it current, is it something people in the city are concerned about, or is it something happening now. Importance - How important is it to the readers and the citizens. Identification - Can the reader identify with the people in the story. This is a tricky one, because sometimes the whole reason for the story is to show someones situations in such a light that they can feel empathy for the person, or understand their situation. Sensation - This is something we don't lean too much into, but of course we don't entirely ignore it. Does the story chock, surprise or fascinate? Conflict - Does someone do something to someone else which causes a conflict. Or are two parties trying to achieve the same goal, and only one can do so. I hope this answered your question, if not then I am sure you can find me and ask any follow up questions you have. -Lester
Gaedryel Ravenbreath
Hello, Sarah. Thank you very much for your letter, it makes me very happy to know you like the paper so much. Well, I personally like to cover events, new bars opening, parties, charity events, things like that, for these it's easy to know about them as they're advertised either in our own paper or in other places. Other times we hear rumours, someone sends a letter or comes to talk with us. But a very big part of the job is walking around the city, see what's going on, you never know what you'll find. Of course not everything is newsworthy, things might happen and yet it's not something that will be published (who wants to read about yet another bar fight?), but it's still good to walk around and get to know the people, so maybe when something happens they tell you. I hope my answer was useful for you, thanks once more.

Mojo Recovery?

Mr. Mazov asks:

Dear little kittens... I have a huge problem. Years and years of gluttony and indulgence has made my belts buckle under my voluminous gut, and the only way I can attract ladies now is with my manly musk and bedside manners. On top of that, it's become tough to breathe when climbing stairs. So my question is, what is the easiest way to get my mojo back? Also wondering if you ladies are single.


Dear Mr Mazov, As you I too like to indulge in tasty munchies and delicious meals, but I realized that with great munchies comes great responsibility. A healthy and daily workout routine is necessary to put all that energy you absorb to good use. Having daily strolls, maybe jog around the park or walk your dog if you have one can benefit you. The more you increase your exercise, the more you can enjoy your food. A healthy workout results in a healthy you without having to cut back too much on the tasty treats. Beware though and start slow, otherwise you may take on too much and strain yourself. I am still single and intend on staying so. Stay jaunty and healthy.
Lady Cherry Blossom
Dear Mr. Mazov, First of all I'd like to suggest you visit a doctor, as the problems you mention might get worse. Before thinking in any kind of relationship one must also take care of themselves first, as the relationship with yourself is the most important one. Now, talking about partners, I firmly believe one does not search for a partner, yet finds it. If you have a good and kind heart, if you really get interested in what that person likes, cares about, in that person's goals and try to support them, you'll find the person that is meant for you and that loves you no matter how you look but because how you are inside. I do have to say that rushing it, going directly to ask if someone is single or not doesn't give a very good image. I wish you the best.
Lady Lylith Dustcloud
Bal'a dash Mr. Mazov, I.. am unsure if I can fully understand and get behind your hopes to combine both your gluttony and your.. as you call it.. getting your Mojo back.. First and foremost.. it is necessary for you to dislike your current position in life, to truly want and change something.. in-before you just mindlessly work-out.. it is important to ask yourself.. "What is it that I want in life.." and.. " do I achieve it?" Is it more important for you to indulge yourself in your gluttony and feasts.. or that you are... erm.. successful with the ladies? Once you have your own answer.. you can act accordingly.. Be it.. staying the way it is, and accepting the path you chose.. or to maybe ask yourself.. "Do I need this piece of.." whatever it is you crave.. and once you started denying the craving once.. you can do it again.. if you are hungry, reach for an apple instead of an apple-pie.. piece of cauliflower instead of a cup-cake.. maybe just a small piece of meat, instead of a whole steak.. And from there you'd move on.. take extra steps to get to the places where you need to be.. leave something at the top of a staircase before you walk down.. just to move back up and grab it, before continuing on-wards.. Tho no matter how the end-result will be.. do get a check-up from a doctor.. gluttony can quickly manifest to increase the risk of serious health conditions.. high blood pressure. high cholesterol and atherosclerosis, are just a few.. with the latter often times resulting in heart diseases.. and strokes.. As for your last question.. Single. Much love and kissies