Ask the Lions: YOUR questions, EXPERT opinions!

The Lion’s Roar is proud to present; Ask the Lions! Ask the Lions is a weekly column that uses expert opinions sourced from the community to answer YOUR questions, about anything and everything! Whether you’re having relationship problems, can’t seem to find a good recipe for cupcakes, wonder how taxation applies to your business, or want to know what is really going on in the world, you can ask our panel and they will come up with the best possible answer to you. Speaking of expertise: we are constantly building our roster of experts and we are taking applications if you feel like your voice can help ease our readers’ minds! Stop by our office by the Stockades during office hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays 19:00 - 21:00 and ask for the column’s administrator, Halite Rocksalt for a brief interview! You are encouraged to bring references, but that is not required. Please send your questions to our office by mail and label the envelope with “Ask the Lions”! You can submit your questions anonymously, with a moniker such as ‘concerned citizen’, or you can sign it with your own name. Try to keep your questions fairly brief, so that we can allot enough space for all of you! Keep in mind that, while we do accept questions about anything and everything, we reserve the right to omit questions of a malicious nature. Thank you for submitting questions to us, and we hope to receive many more from all of you, dear readers! OOC info: submit questions [here] (link to contact form). Week 30 - ?????????
Week 29 - A Mixed Bag of Questions!
Week 28 - Lions discuss... Animal ethics!
Week 27 - Questions are back! A new Lion joins the pack!
Week 26 - Meet the Lions #1: Lylìth Dustcloud
Week 25 - Threats are not to be taken lightly.
Week 24 - Short questions... long answers!
Week 23 - Family and love can be complicated.
Week 22 - Culture and... curses?
Week 21 - Philosophy and philanthropy!... and more!
Week 20 - Security, sin, song and more!
Week 19 - Children’s Week Special!
Week 18 - Another week, and more questions to be answered!
Week 17 - The Lions are back to answer more questions!
Week 16 - Welcome to the first weekly edition of "Ask the Lions"