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The Lion's Roar - Passion for Kaz-shion.

Passion for Kaz-shion

Issue No.15 : Lunar glamour from TK STUDIOS!

The Lunar Festival just recently ended, a pity we got to wait a whole year for the next one right? I, however, picked the most highlighted outfits during these holidays and in collaboration with TK Studios (Dalaran) brought them into this issue. Shimmery and twinkly fashion, just for you dearest readers!
Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Scarlett Sweet

- Golden Amber Robes: 70s

- Thin Gold Belt: 6s

- Golden Tipped Pumps: 25s

-Shining boots: 55s

Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Yuito

- Golden Headpiece: 30s

- Deep Blue Cloak: 25s

- Blue and Golden Robe:80s

-Shimmery steps: 65s

Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Korah Oakdale

- Pink Flower Crown: 10s

- Light Pink Robe: 65s

- Golden Bracelets: 8s

- Pink Pumps: 20s

Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Mulari

- Moon Themed Headpiece: 20s

- Glowing enhancement: 10s

- Purple Lunar Robe: 65s

-Golden tusk jewelry: 95s

Photo:Kazia Hayworth

Model: Alirah

- Blue Flower Crown: 10s

- Multicolored Robe: 75s

-Lunar rings: 80s

-Star necklace: 60s

-Chocolate sash: 26s