Welcoming the Dracthyr: An Open Seminar

25-11-2022 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Misc
The Academy of Magical Arts is proud to present an experimental seminar aimed at Dracthyr, to help them acclimatise to life in Azeroth after their long years of stasis. As we know, the Dracthyr were held in stasis on the Dragon Isles for some 20,000 years. After re-joining the civilised world at the behest of Wrathion, the vast majority have already committed themselves to combatting the ongoing Primal threat. However, many Dracthyr remain displaced and uneasy; unable to find their place in this world and, understandably, finding it all quite overwhelming. “We are lost,” commented one Dracthyr, who wished to remain anonymous, .....[READ MORE]

Calling All Adventurers!

22-11-2022 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Misc
As we all know by now then the Dracthyr has arrived in the capitals of both the Horde and the Alliance and while there seem to be some mistrust (and of course the occasional dark-iron dwarf holding a grudge) then they seem to have been accepted by most. When I walk the streets of Stormwind I see people teaching them about our society, our ways, and our history and I see Dracthyr taking it all in with an eager curiosity. With the arrival of the Dracthyr, (and perhaps especially Wrathion who most may not remember fondly. A bringer or bad news some may say), then a lot of questions has also arrived, and of course here at the Lion's Roar we promised to try to give some of these answers.

History lessons

According to two Dracthyr Scalecommanders (Some sort of leaders amongst their race) at the docks of.....[READ MORE]

We remember the dead

20-11-2022 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Misc
For many years now, once a year, people gather outside the gates of Ironforge to walk in procession to Gnomeregan. And every year for many years I keep forgetting, or something gets in the way, and I can't participate. This year I finally could. We are of course talking about the Gnomerial. The yearly event spearheaded by gnomes from all walks of life with the goal of remembering and celebrating the ones we have lost. And with the planet we live on - Light knows we lose a lot of people, so it was with a dreaded expectations of long lists being read out that I headed to Ironforge to take part in the most recent Gnomerial. Despite the somewhat sombre atmosphere one can expect from an event meant to make us remember dead people - then I heard plenty of light-hearted small talk and it slowly dawn.....[READ MORE]

EXTRA! EXTRA! The Black Prince brings refuges!

16-11-2022 BY Hardhy Lester IN Misc
I was supposed to write an article about the yearly Gnomerial which took place on Friday, where gnomes and others gathered to remember the people who has fallen in the last years, but that dear readers, simply must wait. In what can best be described as the biggest pieces of news the world has seen the last few years then yesterday was chaotic. Thrilling, exciting and slightly scary all at once. Hope mixed with dread - in other words - it seems like quite the adventure started! Around noon a large group of soldiers rushed to the gates of Stormwind - lead by the not very secret spymaster Mathias Shaw, whom I swear does not look a day older than the first time I saw him. The man has secrets. Pun intended. At the gates they were meet by none other than the - to some - extremely charming visage of the Black Pr.....[READ MORE]

Incursions - Jerk Shamans

16-11-2022 BY Mharvin Spires IN Misc
I am standing in Un'Goro crater, a place known for giants dinosaurs, but today the energy here is different. Crackling, a wild storm has gathered and let me tell ya, being Kul Tiran I know about a heavy breeze, but this, this is off the scale! What seems to be total jerk shamans are trying to summon forth a giant air elemental! They seem to be a mixture of just plain jerks, cultists and so called "Primalists" which apparently is another word for "cultists who worship ancient proto-dragons". I would report more from here , but I gotta go kick a giant elemental in its the face! The above was written this morning, but what I thought was a single swallow quickly spread like wildfire and ended up being an entire flock of em. These incursions are happening all over Azeroth, after my trip to the crater, I refue.....[READ MORE]

Silverleaf Artisans launch their business!

10-11-2022 BY Cassie Leigh IN Culture
Last week, the Silverleaf Artisans led by Valkyressa Falrevere and Amy Jadebrew had their big launch party, with a number of business contacts invited to the ceremony. According to one of the guests, it was a warm and welcoming affair, with wonderful snacks, drinks, and lovely company. But who are the Silverleaf Artisans, actually? The whole thing started out when Valkyressa was working on an event to promote her luxury fashion line, Red Siren, and first met two of the Jadebrews, Amy and Brooklet. They quickly started working together, but with their interests and capabilities rather widespread, they decided that the current branding didn’t really cover it all. So, they expanded into the Silverleaf Artisans, which now houses several brands such as the aforementioned Red Siren or the Jadebrew Meadery, whic.....[READ MORE]

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