Mystery in the Badlands. What happened in the crypt?

The League of Explorers have recently discovered what looks like a human crypt in the Badlands and Lorewalker Hiyorin, who works for the League, kindly allowed me to go with her to the excavation. During the time we stayed there, multiple questions and theories came up to our minds, but it is important to note that they are mostly theories as the excavation is recent and items need to be catalogued and sorted before any conclusions can be drawn.

The Crypt and the questions

The various huge vases positioned around the crypt, some being held by corpses, and the decoration of these pieces is one of the most intriguing questions. What did they contain? Why have we not seen any other vessel with that decoration in other crypts? How did a group of humans travel this far south so early in.....[READ MORE]

Dwarf goes boom in the night! (and other news)

27-07-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Crime
Last night was an eventful night. Here is a couple of short news.

The closing of the political season

The year is divided into two political terms, and the spring and summer term just ended Monday night with a lovely ceremony. With the closing of this political term we also saw a change of guard in the case of Secretary of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant Commander Dame Bridget Halliday who has decided to resign from her position and join the court as a regular member. To celebrate her work the last year, from the work on the Queen Tiffin Foundation, to her work as a liaison with the guards, and finishing with a bang of an administrative task in terms of the Stormwind Census (still looking forward to the data that resulted in!), then she was awarded the Honourable Order of Alexston. An order only two .....[READ MORE]

Repeat offender at it again: violates civilian with spear.

23-07-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Crime
Most people who have frequented Stormwind in the last year has at some point come across 'Sul' and his misdeeds. Sometimes he gets dragged off by the guards, but he eventually surfaces again later. According to rumours then he has been visiting Duskwood a lot lately. Last night he was back in the city. Whether he is chasing women through the city clawing at them while claiming he can smell them carrying "fel-drugs" or assaulting innocent people for just existing, then 'Sul' never ceases to deliver when it comes to dangerous and stupid behaviour, and last night was no different. Exactly how it started, I don't know. Apparent.....[READ MORE]

The yearly Sri-La Spirit Festival, Celebrate the spirits!

22-07-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenbreath IN Culture
On Saturday the Sri-La Village will once more host the Spirit Festival organised by Siavash Wildhaven. The festival is the 4th of its kind and is a yearly event which was held the times before. To find out more about it I had an interview with him. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: “To start, what is the Sri-La festival, for those that haven't been in it before?” Siavash Wildhaven: “Pandaria’s culture is very centred around spirits. Where there is life, there are spirits and their nature varies greatly: Some are good aligned, some are vicious, and some are somewh.....[READ MORE]

Short news from Boralus

13-07-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenbreath IN Culture
This version of the shorts news will focus on a few recent events in Boralus.

Problems in Boralus:

Lately some posters have been seen in Boralus, suppoesdly the Dockrats, who according to people are a violent group responsible for both murder and arson, are behind these posters. First, they accused people from Gilneas of buying business promising jobs but never giving them, all this while using a rather hateful languages towards those affected by the curse, calling them “filthy dogs”. Now, they have put posters “warning” people about the Ren’dorei, spreading another hate message about them trying to corrupt the young. Recently they posted another series of messages defending themselves, saying they are not killers but revolutionaries seeking to protect people, which, according to them, is.....[READ MORE]

Sir Ortellus’ military trial

08-07-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenbreath IN Crime
On the 28th of June, Sir Ortellus faced a military trial accused of disrupting the armistice and conspiring to undermine the King’s peace. The reasons for this trial go back to the end of February, when, according to what was said in the court, the men under Ortellus’ command started a fight and attacked a group of Sin’dorei believing they had killed a group of traders. But this is not the only reason as the 22nd of the last month another incident happened where they fought another group of Sin’dorei, thinking they were spies ready to set a trap to them and steal information. During the trial, several questions were asked to try to make the facts clear, not only to Sir Ortellus, but to two others of his men. This is how Sir Ortellus explained the first incident: “On the twenty-seventh, we rode to .....[READ MORE]

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