You get a fine, you get a fine, you get a fine, and you get a fine!

A few weeks ago a man was pushed down from the ledge near Stockade and into the water below. Luckily he did not hit any of the large rocks down there, and besides being wet and shocked the man was alright. This is not shocking in itself, or particularly newsworthy, similar stuff happens in Stormwind all the time. But in this case, the situation escalated. A couple of Dark Iron dwarves decided to help the poor man who was pushed out and got involved in a fight with the worgen who did the pushing, and - according to herself - the worgen’s owner. For a few moments, the street was echoing with the sounds of battle. The clash of magic, weapons, and shields. The harrowing flash of a death-grip spell. It was a mess, and I stayed well away from the fray. Eventually, the woman and the worgen seemed to lose.....[READ MORE]

The floating city opens up!

For two weeks now, Dalaran has opened its shops to the public - encouraging people to visit and tour the city and the shops. In preparation for the third one this Tuesday I decided to talk to a few of the local business owners and organisation leaders about what to find in Dalaran, and what makes the city so special to them. Potions and Lotions Owner of shop: Leliti Location of shop: Dalaran Greenhouse Opening hours: Tuesday, 20-21:30 "Potions and Lotions" is the name of a small shop in Dalaran run by Alchemist Leliti who loves a glass of wine and experimenting with herbs and fragrances. We here at Lion's Roar hope the experimentation does not happen at the same time as the wine-drinking. But it's Dalaran, maybe it does. At Potions and Lotions, you can find items to care for your body, po.....[READ MORE]

The Order Custodian: "We are guardians and protectors of the people of Azeroth"

Stormwind features a lot of family houses, mercenary units, military affiliated organizations, and orders of more or less religious nature. One of these organizations, is the Order Custodian. They are currently looking to recruit more people for their cause and fights, and as part of that - we agreed to have a talk with them, in return for some coin. Editorial note and disclaimer: This is an article paid for by the Order Custodian as part of their recruitment efforts. It does not mean they had editorial control or that they had a say in which questions I asked. But it was still paid for, keep that in mind as you read it. We sat down in our small but cosy office a Sunday evening for a talk about their order and what they do. H. Lester: First things first - while we wai.....[READ MORE]

"Welcome Back and Let us get to work"

11-02-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Politics
Monday evening The Royal Court opened the new political year. As described last week then the political year is a bit different than a regular year and is stooped in ceremony and speeches, Monday was no exception to that. Note: If interested in the minutes of this meeting then you can contact The office of the Court Registrar who has these available. We will only be bringing a few excerpts. The whole event started out with a sermon in the Cathedral in Stormwind, initiated by Templar Master of The Cathedral of Light, Vincent Harringoth - who then introduced Sister Adonia Ward who took over and first read a passage from the Tome of Divinity, and then asked the audience about The Three Virtues - Compassion, Tenacity and Respect. Sir Galford of the Cathedral of Light, Templar Master Vincent .....[READ MORE]

Short news: Succubus killed by Illidari // The Nocturne opens its portals // Ghost-walks turns murderous!

07-02-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Misc
This has nothing to do with gnomes or dwarves or kids, that pun would have been too easy. It is just a couple of short news stories which we felt were important to share, but didn't have enough content on their own to warrant a full article. Enjoy.

Succubus killed by Illidari

As some readers might remember then Stormwind has been plagued by attacks by Slayaads the last couple of weeks, according to a Veddel, Enforcer and Champion of the Illidari (oh and Felsmith and Engineer) then there was never more than one succubus, despite several statements of the contrary, and that one succubus is now also dead, for good. Veddel showed up at our office in wounded form and with the head of a Slayaad dangling from his hand - apparently unsure if I could believe him if he had just said it was dead. Ve.....[READ MORE]

My Sunday in Dalaran - or "Please don't eat me!"

05-02-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Misc
Last Sunday I was invited to the "ceremony of presentation of the Archemage mantle to Director Acheleus Moonblaze" in the Aegwynn's Gallery in Dalaran. Per usual when magic and Dalaran is involved then I expected a rather dull experience. Sorry, it just not my thing (did I mention The Lion's Roar is hiring reporters with an interest in particular areas of interest?). Anyway, I grabbed my hat and went to Dalaran. It was time to mingle with some important people and try not to look too bored. As I arrived, I was almost turned away, despite having an official invitation then the brute at the door apparently didn't think I belonged, something about doubting the value of the free press attending the ceremony. Hmpf. Luckily, Director Moonblaze himself intervened and I was welcomed inside and h.....[READ MORE]

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