Trapped in a magical mansion!

22-10-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Culture
Wednesday night the Seventh Dalaran Magical Faire offered something new, at least new for me. Following Wilfred Cobblepot's lecture on fel magic (aptly named "Fel, No!") which included sentences about sucking out peoples souls and I think I heard something about pustules as well - The Adamant Scholars hosted an interactive storytelling event, The Idugnar Manor.

The Setup

Caught in a magical mansion. Trapped. Just wanting to escape. Unfortunately, you are guided by a hopeless audience. That is the situation poor Adrienne found herself in as the story started. Why she was stuck in the mansion, how she got there, all that stuff - I'm sure it was explained, but honestly, it just was not important. What was important was the concept of it all and the execution of it. The basic concept was a story buil.....[READ MORE]

Prepare your coins! (Part I)

During the last months the picture of the Dalaran Trade Night has changed, slowly some shops closed, and others opened. In this article we have interviewed two new shops about their project and a veteran one to give our readers some updated information. For those interested in tea, tattoos, or some change of look, keep reading!

Floral Tea Corner

A new shop that is a mandatory stop for any tea lover or curious person. With a wide variety of flavours to satisfy any taste, personalised teas, and even medicinal ones to help with sleep problems. I personally recommend the Lion’s Roar, not just the paper as the shop offers a tea w.....[READ MORE]

A drink to unite them all

Saturday the 2nd of October, people gathered to celebrate with beer and food. The Brewfests are more and more popular. So, during the afternoon, before the celebrations started, I went around asking people if they were going to attend any celebration, why there’s so much love about beer and their opinions about it. Morgrim Coalhammer: “Och, sadleh' ther' be nae' a gatherin' in' the' northern' moontains', bu' - I be 'eadin' fer' a tendin' o' tha' forg' in Boralus - durin' tha' morro'. An, aye' - askin' a kinsman' o' me thinkin' o' brews an' fests? Och- I LOV' EET'! HAH! Drinkin' - brawlin' - spewin' an' MO' DRINKIN'?! Whas' nae' ther' ta' lov', aye? I thin' tha' fest' be propeh' - fer' eeet' be tha' gatherin' o' kin' an' friend'; sharin' tales', sons', fun an' drinkin'! An' - O'cours.....[READ MORE]

In memory of Duke Julién Penthievre II

02-10-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenshade IN Misc
The 23rd of September Azeroth lost a great person, Duke Julién N. L. Penthievre II passed away at the age of 93. This loss affected many citizens, from nobles to soldiers, as he was known by many for his kindness, intelligence and being there to help those he cared about. He’ll be missed by many and for those things might not be the same without him, we wish to dedicate this piece to his memory, under the petition of his granddaughter, Lady Brienne Langedijk and with the permission of his father, Lord Eomund Nightstar of Darkshire, so they might always remember him. The weekly Royal Court meeting, held on Monday 27th, paid respects to him ending with two minutes of silence in which everyone knelt, except for a guard that had broken leg at the moment. On Tuesday 28th his family, friends and close ones sa.....[READ MORE]

Friday night killing spree!

24-09-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Culture
Friday night was a night for killing. At least in Dalaran. No less than nine people saw their demise in the Legerdemain Lounge. Nine corpse, nine murders. All different, but a lot of strangulations. It all took place within two hours, and while it may seem like quite the killing spree then it might be time to reveal that no one actually died. So what did happen I hear you ask? The Maret Bar hosted a murder mystery in the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran and roughly thirty of us from all walks of life showed up to take part in the madness. Two killers, and a lot of victims. And of course, all the wrongly accused people, yours truly included. I got hanged. I'm still hurt someone thought me a killer when I was hiding behind a potted plant! For a few hours the Lounge was turned into the stage for a murderous pa.....[READ MORE]

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