tormwind features a lot of family houses, mercenary units, military affiliated organizations, and orders of more or less religious nature. One of these organizations, is the Order Custodian. They are currently looking to recruit more people for their cause and fights, and as part of that - we agreed to have a talk with them, in return for some coin. Editorial note and disclaimer: This is an article paid for by the Order Custodian as part of their recruitment efforts. It does not mean they had editorial control or that they had a say in which questions I asked. But it was still paid for, keep that in mind as you read it. We sat down in our small but cosy office a Sunday evening for a talk about their order and what they do. H. Lester: First things first - while we wait for the water to boil. Why don't you tell me - and the readers - who you are Sir Anakhor Eclipse: We are the Order Custodian. We are guardians and protectors of the people of Azeroth. Through many missions and campaigns, we stood firm against demons, undead and all others who would do the people harm. H. Lester: So not mercenaries? Melindi Darksun: We see ourselves as protectors. We fight not for coin or glory but to make Azeroth a safer place and aid those in need, Alliance and beyond. Sir Anakhor Eclipse: Nope. Money does not concern us. Our payment comes in the form of knowing that our actions ensured that the innocent can sleep safely and without worry. H. Lester: But surely you have to eat and buy supplies? Melindi Darksun: We work alongside the Alliance military in many cases, resources are provided there and through private funding. H. Lester: Private funding? that usually comes with some strings attached? Sir Anakhor Eclipse: Usually, but not in our case. Lord Samuel Forge, our leader, funds the Order. I fund the Order as well and I'm sure that other members of our organisation aid in the supplies and funding as well. With some of the fundamentals answered I went a little deeper into their connection to the alliance and the King. H. Lester: You said you work alongside the Alliance Military, so not for them? as in not taking orders from the King or the High Command? Melindi Darksun: We do take orders from them yes but we are not a formal unit or division. Sir Anakhor Eclipse: We follow the orders of His Royal Grace and High Command. Where ever we are needed to defend the people, we go. Sir Anakhor Eclipse: Though we are not purely a military order. Hence the words "working alongside the military". That sounds good to me, although I do find it strange how many organisations exists out there who claim to work for the greater good of the alliance and the Kingdom yet insist on not formally being too close to the military. That might be a topic for another article, delving into why that sort of autonomousy is so widespread. Anyway, it was time to ask a bit about the day-to-day work. H. Lester: Can you give me an example of a recent mission you did? Does not need to be super detailed Melindi Darksun: We fought in Stormwind to protect the citizens during the Ghoul invasion afew months ago H. Lester: I was more looking for something a tad more unique, a lot of organisations took part in the defense of Stormwind Sir Anakhor Eclipse: That, and we fought alongside other orders to face a well-organized criminal organisation that had servants of the Scourge as their leader. The battles waged from the Wetlands to Caer Darrow. H. Lester: Tell me a bit more about that Sir Anakhor Eclipse: We were requested to aid in battling an organisation called the Bronze Line. Bandits, criminals and the sorts. However, they were trained in military arts and were well armed. We believed that if this threat were to be left unchecked, they could do serious harm. So, we went up north to the Wetlands, took the organisation out piece by piece through tactical attacks and strikes and eventually uncovered the source of their leadership. We have uncovered evidence that the leadership, which served the Scourge, was working to weaken the Eastern Kingdoms to make way for another Scourge swarm to attack the lands of the Alliance. So, we attacked the heart of their organisation, took everything down and ensured that the Scourge could no longer start another invasion. At least, for now. We always keep our eyes open for another attempt by any cultist or other threat. Fighting cultists, bandits, and criminals. Maybe not heroic and epic, but an important task just the same. But there was a reason for this whole chat, recruitment. H. Lester: You mentioned when we spoke earlier than you are looking to hire more people? or is it recruiting? are they going to get paid? Sir Anakhor Eclipse: Recruiting. Full on recruiting. Each member gets paid more than plenty to make a very acceptable living out of it. The salary is high, because of the risk involved in our job. H. Lester: What sort of people are you looking for then? Sir Anakhor Eclipse: Anyone who wants to give it their all to defend Azeroth and her people. Warriors, paladins, tinkers, mages, anybody who wants to fight. If you don't have any experience on the field, we'll train you. So long as you want to give your all to defend this world. Melindi Darksun: People who have the heart and soul to protect those in need. Capable fighters, menders, scholars who hold honor and Alliance values in high regard, serving our King truthfully. With that box checked I asked a little more about the details of the work, what to expect and details like that. H. Lester: How often do you set out on missions? Melindi Darksun: Once or twice per week. We have regular trainings and other gatherings. We care to make people more than just recruits but part of our family. H. Lester: How long is your average mission? is it a long time away from home? or more short campaigns? Sir Anakhor Eclipse: It entirely depends on where we're required. Mostly, we do short campaigns. However, if required, we are ready to spend weeks, if not a full month, on the field. H. Lester: So I take it most of you are not married or have small kids? Melindi Darksun: Some do, we account for them and make sure they get time with their families. Sir Anakhor Eclipse: I am married. Two grown up children. No idea about the rest. H. Lester: Must be rough being away from your family a lot Sir Anakhor Eclipse: But yes, we always ensure that our people, like Melindi said, will have time to spend with their families. Melindi Darksun: We also add a bonus for education of children and schooling. Sir Anakhor Eclipse: Yes, I know that feeling more than anyone. Being away from those you love. Sir Anakhor Eclipse: But we always do our best to ensure that we don't just complete the mission, but get our people home safe and alive. So that their families will be able to embrace them again. A wholesome approach, although I question the promise to always making sure people come home safe and alive. Surely that is not a promise any sort of organisation undertaking dangerous missions can promise. If you have read this far and think the Order Custodian might be a thing for you, then read on for details on how to find them and discuss joining up. H. Lester: How or where would people go if they want to hear more? or talk about signing up? Sir Anakhor Eclipse: We are very often found in Stormwind. If you see anyone wearing the tabard of the Order Custodian, then feel free to approach them. We're always there to help. Of course, assuming we're not on missions. Melindi Darksun: Alternatively we have a mailbox at our Commander's estate. Sir Anakhor Eclipse: Indeed. A good alternative is to send letters to Lord Forge's Estate. We read every single one of them. Finally the only thing left was to let them give their sales pitch unedited and not facilitated by me asking questions. H. Lester: Any parting words? a final sales pitch? Melindi Darksun: For Azeroth, Alliance and King we stand, ever Relentless! Sir Anakhor Eclipse: We thank everyone who took their time to read about us. We stand together with strength and honor. Orda Custodia, Ever Relentless. I leave you with those parting words, and remember, if you are looking for a job and found this interesting, then look them up, have a chat with them, see if it is something for you.