his has nothing to do with gnomes or dwarves or kids, that pun would have been too easy. It is just a couple of short news stories which we felt were important to share, but didn't have enough content on their own to warrant a full article. Enjoy.

Succubus killed by Illidari

As some readers might remember then Stormwind has been plagued by attacks by Slayaads the last couple of weeks, according to a Veddel, Enforcer and Champion of the Illidari (oh and Felsmith and Engineer) then there was never more than one succubus, despite several statements of the contrary, and that one succubus is now also dead, for good. Veddel showed up at our office in wounded form and with the head of a Slayaad dangling from his hand - apparently unsure if I could believe him if he had just said it was dead. Veddel walked me through a couple of the times he had faced off with the Slayaad and how it always managed to get away just in neck of time (yes, that was a pun on the dangling head) but how over several stand-offs the succubus was finally so injured and weakened it was killed. Veddel then consumed the demon, preventing it from returning to the Twisting Nether and being re summoned. And you now think the city of Stormwind can relax until the next plague strikes, but keep in mind dear readers - no one knows who summoned the succubus and set it free in the first place. It could have been an accident, or an attempt to cause panic in our city. Luckily we have the Illidari as allies, and as Veddel puts it: "Nothing gets past the Illidari when it is about demons within the walls. We've got high numbers."

The Nocturne opens its portals

Last night saw the opening of The Nocturne, a travelling entertainment location of sorts - with artists performing and drinks to be had. We had been told prior to the event that it would be taking place in the Twisting Nether and access would be possible through portals. Having very little desire to actually go to the Twisting Nether on purpose then we decided to not send a reporter for this occassion. That said then we have talked to serveral people who did go, and while no one could deny or confirm if it was indeed in the Twisting Nether then they all agreed it was a great night with great performers and a general good time. We would still recommend caution however until the whole location thing has been investigated and revealed, unless of course, you are of the more adventurous kind who does not mind dipping into locations which may or may not be on a plane of existence where you can reliably expect to get home if the local portal stops working. Perhaps once those "details" has been sorted we may send a reporter to check it out when it opens its "doors" next.

Ghost-walks turns murderous!

For over a year every second Friday of the month, a few hours after Bertel Wobblespring's poetry meetings in Lion's Rest - it has been possible to join Deedi and Zhakariah on their ghost-walks. An hour-ish walk around the city with spooky and horrific stories being told to the people joining the tour. These walks are unfortunately cancelled until further notice but in their place Zhakariah will now continue the concept in a slightly different format and instead of ghost-stories - tell stories of real murders and other gruesome crimes. On each walk a guest storyteller will join Zhakariah in telling the stories and as with the ghost-walks then the walks are free to join. The first "Stormwind Murder-walk" will take place on Friday the 12th, starting at 11pm at the Golden Keg in Dwarven District, and Zhakariah has told us we can look forward to some gruesome stories which will not be for the faint of heart.