ith the conclusion of the fourty-second Royal Court council meeting this monday, we also saw and end to a governmental year. Confused? yeah, don't blame you. Apparently the court uses a slightly different calendar, and they change years a bit later than rest of us, but sufficiant is to say that one year is gone and another is starting next week. What does this mean? not much for Mr and Mrs Stormwind, but for the members of the court it means a few days off and an excuse to dress up more than they usually do (honestly, I saw little difference) - and they walked into the keep and out of the keep in procession. Usually they just sorta.. waddle in, at times after the meeting has started. Besides the change in Court Year then the agenda also saw a few interesting things. Appointment of a new court secretary, a position which has been vacant for far too long, congratulations to Magus Zulaiya Rowley on her new job. I am sure we will be seeing each other a lot in the future. The presentation of the Honours List. This is going to be a point of controversy in Stormwnd and beyond I am sure. The Royal Court has three orders of Honours. This is from the Courts official litterature on the matter: Most Honourable Order of Aran: The Order of Aran is an order created to honour proficient mages of the Alliance, given to civilians of the Alliance, for their innovation in a field of magical research. This medal is a very prestigious award, and only civilians affiliated with magic are eligible for a recommendation. The order is named after Nielas Aran, who was the Court Conjurer of Stormwind, advisor to the throne, and one of the most proficient mages to have lived. He is most renown for his tutorship to the sorcerer Medivh, and perfecting the recipe for conjuring sparkling cider. Most Honourable Order of Alexston: The Order of Alexston is a decoration created, given to civilians of the Alliance, for eminence in a field of endeavour. This medal is a very prestigious award, and only civilians are eligible for a recommendation. The order is named after Baros Alexston, the city architect of Stormwind. The creator of the famed Lion’s Rest park, alongside the Embassy, and for the repairs of the City as a whole. His long service and his many projects have earned him immortality as a public officer. Most Honourable Order of Lothar: The Order of Lothar is a reward given to military personnel of the Alliance, for bravery on the field of honour. This medal is a very prestigious award, and only serving military personnel are eligible for a recommendation. Sir Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth, was one of the greatest commanders humanity ever had to offer. His heroic death at the steps of Blackrock Mountains, rallied the Alliance of Lordaeron to ultimately reign victorious over the Horde. Together with his exceptional prowess as both a warrior and a tactician. The meeting monday saw five "sons and daugthers of the alliance" getting awarded these honours. Here are the words of Vice-Chancellor Countess Rebecca Wolsey:
Within the Grand Alliance, there exist countless sons and daughters worthy of these honours, today we are gathered here to commemorate five of those: Magus Cassandra Hawk, Mister Hardhy Lester, Lady Guenhywir Talan, Captain Heywood Floyd, and Sir Lorthentus Theodore.
Yes, the same Hardhy Lester who is currently writing this, but fret not dear reader, I made sure to make it clear I will still be watching their schemings in the Keep and make sure you - citizens of the alliance - are informed and that the people in charge have their motives and actions questioned. Vice-Chancellor Countess Rebecca Wolsey then went on to award each of the five the honours (this was a blue ribboned badge showing the alliance lion) in turn.
Magus Cassandra Hawk, we commend the continuous work and innovation on multiple important research projects, both conducted for the Crown and the Kirin Tor. It’s through these projects we’ve gained a new, valuable point of view on both magic as a whole, and how to approach vital research and magical artifacts. The service you have done throughout your career have been invaluable, from being an accomplished scholar, to an important figure in the educational field. On behalf of his Majesty’s Royal Court, we wish to induct you, Miss Cassandra Hawk, into the Most Honourable Order of Aran.
Mister Hardhy Lester, we commend you for the thorough work and dedication you’ve put in as the editor of the Lion’s Roar, providing Stormwind with a reliable, and a continuous source of news and information. Through the great adversity that journalism often receives, you have continued to work tirelessly. Strenuously pursuing stories, so that the denizens of the Kingdom receive the truth. You invoke the epitome of what it means to be a journalist, that unceasing pursuit despite opposition. On behalf of his Majesty’s Royal Court, we wish to induct you, Mister Hardhy Lester, into the Most Honourable Order of Alexston.
Lady Guenhywir Talan, we commend you for all the work you’ve put into making the society prosper. The work you’ve put in through the Amber Foundation as it’s leading member, the charitable support it has given the less fortunate denizens of Stormwind throughout a period of unrest. Work that is invaluable in the time we find ourselves in. It’s through the continuous effort of aiding those less fortunate, and the efforts of transforming and working with the Blue Recluse throughout your tenure. Making sure that a community hub that has stood as a pillar for so many years, continues to prosper under your guidance and aid. On behalf of His Majesty’s Royal Court, we wish to induct you, Lady Guenhwyir Talan, into the Most Honourable Order of Alexston.
Captain Heywood Floyd, despite your young age, your military record is already commendable. You’ve worked directly with both the Crown, and High Command on numerous occasions; assisted, and shown stalwart leadership on countless of these important missions. Not only have you shown yourself capable of leadership, you’ve also managed to show your diplomatic skills as a liaison on the battlefield. Together with training countless young and aspiring men and women, bolstering a new generation with your knowledge. On behalf of His Majesty’s Royal Court, we wish to induct you, Captain Heywood Floyd, into the Most Honourable Order of Lothar.
Sir Lorthentus Theodore, a man I’ve had the personal honour of serving alongside in the past. The epitome of what it means to be a chivalrous knight, what it means to carry the lion of azeroth on one's chest. You’ve partaken in numerous military operations, where your guidance and leadership proved to be invaluable. Serving not only the Crown, but also the divine light, making sure that its noble retribution is carried out wherever you’re deployed. A short summary is difficult when commending a man of your stature, yet it's with glee, and on behalf of His Majesty’s Royal Court, we wish to induct you, Sir Lorthentus Theodore, into the Most Honourable Order of Lothar.
The Vice-Chancellor finished with a short speech making it clear that people are encouraged to let the Court know if there is a person or persons who deserve this special recognition awarded the five people above. Here are her exact words:
I'd like to give some brief information regarding the orders, more so nominations. The valiant recipients tonight, were nominated beforehand. The Kingdom is vast, and the amount of sons of daughters that deserve recognition is countless - It's impossible for a single entity, without aid from its people, to know of all these noble individuals. So I implore everyone present to do just that, if there's anyone that deserves special recognition. That do just that, they go above and beyond in pursuit of the betterment of the Kingdom. That those are brought to our attention, so that the crown can commend their tireless work.
The meeting concluded with a speech from the Lord High Chancellor - Count Didonus Essington:
The past year has been a remarkable one, not only for the Court but moreover for the Kingdom at large. Upon the conclusion of the Fourth War and the end of what had been a prelonged period of Martial law, I was kindly requested to help reinstate the Royal Court. One year ago this month, The Royal Court was officially reopened and the Councils resumed once more here in this very Throne Room. During this first year we found time to grieve, as we participated and hosted the Fourth War Memorial, to cooperate with delegations to Duskwood and the North, to fight, as we assisted efforts against remnant Scourge in the Plaguelands and to celebrate, lastly in the Magical Faires hosted by Secretary Jendrock. The year was pretty straightforward, if not for the tragedy and challenge that befell our Kingdom not three months ago. With our streets, people and society in turmoil upon the abduction of our King and the ransacking of our lands by the Scourge. These rare and unexpected moments are providing challenges for each and everyone of us, be it the farmer whose lands get wrecked, be it the shopkeeper who loses her livelyhood or the soldiers who fought tooth and nail to keep our lands, lives and loved ones safe. Sometimes the debates here in this hall can sound distant, technical and far-off the challenges our people face. But it is in these halls that not the life of one citizen, soldier, refugee or new born baby is at stake. We have a duty to see to and care for all. That is the inenviable task that falls upon this Council every day. To make choices that cannot benefit all or might harm some, for there never is a single solution that makes the world a better place at a snap of a finger. I want to thank the commitment of every Councillor, citizen and guest to this Council, be it today or any other day, for their continued effort to work, in their own way, for bringing about a better tomorrow. This is not always easy, straightforward or simple, but I rest assured that each one of us is joined in the one holy effort to see to it that the grand Kingdom of Stormwind may yet see another tomorrow, may see it brighter, better and more secure and prosperous than we found it when we took our oaths of office. For King, Country and Alliance, we serve. As we embark on another year of service, it is now time to take a moment to reflect as we close our year. The Chair requests the men and women standing towards the exit, to clear the route. On behalf of the Executive, I thank you all for your service and I look forward to seeing you next week at the State Opening. The Chair hereby formally closes the Forty-second Court Council Session and thereby closes the Court Year. All Committee sessions are formally suspended pending the State Opening.
Remember the Royal Court meetings each monday at 8:30 in the evening are open to the public and you can even bring topics to the court you wish their input on. See you all next "year".