hrough the means of threats, magical domination, temptations, and inducing fiendish nightmares, the Sayaadi, more commonly known as Succubi has been playing havoc with the minds and bodies of citizens in the very heart of the alliance.
Sayaad are a species of demons. Females are called succubi (plural), or succubus (singular). The males are named incubi (singular incubus). They like to charm or dominate their prey, toy with them, devour their souls. Usually while using the victim to pleasure themselves. Would bargain with someone to get a steady source of prey. Signs to watch out for if you have been marked by a Sayaad, nightmares often involving a beautiful male or female that you might of encountered theses nightmares resulting in getting no rest from sleeping. Unshakeable feeling of being watched when you know you’re alone. Unbound demons without masters are the worst kind. -Sanea Whisperwing, Illidari.

Frankie and Nessa:

One such story is that of Frances “Frankie” Taylor, and her friend, Vanessa Redgrove. Late Thursday evening there was a commotion in the Cathedral, a shout was heard all the way to Lion’s Rest about a stabbing in the very Cathedral. The scene was bloody and confusing initially, a young woman – Frances Taylor – was holding a bloody dagger while former City Guard Rook Fenchurch was trying to disarm her while shouting out “Put it down!” . On the floor behind him was a bleeding woman, the blood oozing out of a slash across her abdomen was colouring the tiles of the Cathedral crimson, and several people of the Light, amongst these Vincent Haringoth – Temple Master of the Cathedral of Light – was trying to mend the wound and keep the injured woman from bleeding out. Mr. Fenchurch managed to disarm Miss Taylor and not long after associates of Rook Fenchurch showed up on the scene, one of them being an Illidari who quickly tried to restrain Miss Taylor as well as using her knowledge and powers to conclude that the woman (Miss Taylor) was somehow being dominated by a type of chaotic Fel magic. After this the young attacker was restrained and dragged out of the Cathedral. The wounded woman gently carried to a sickbed and tended to.

A week of succ..:

According to Temple Master Haringoth then this was not the first case he has seen of succubus attacks lately, by his own words then ”… had a victim in here a few days ago that had been mauled by a succubi.” and rumours on the street has been telling more stories of similar attacks or attempts of domination. From citizens hearing a luring voice beckon them to do things, to whispered sultry words of satisfaction, to threats of never-ending nightmares. To add to all that then Saturday night a female Kal’dorei was dropped from the sky by yet another succubus. Three of the demons have been confirmed killed and returned to the twisting nether, but it appears someone keeps summoning more and setting them free.
Unbound demons without masters are the worst kind. - Ceimaonar Irritumie, Ren’dorei with knowledge of demons.

Friendship and forgiveness:

Frances Taylor was later released from custody after the spell put upon her was broken. I had a short talk with her after the incident about what happened. Miss Taylor: I wus jus' mindin' me own business, walkin' 'round when I 'eard th' sweetest voice tellin' me to meet th' succubus at tree behind Cathedral Square, near th' Transmog buildin'. H.Lester: And I suppose you did? Miss Taylor: I...Stupidly made a deal wit' 'er...While I'll brin' victims to 'er. She gave me a pouch of dust to charm other people. H.Lester: So you made a deal with a succubus, you bring victims to her and in return you could charm people? Miss Taylor: Wit' a dust, yeah. H.Lester: Okay, then what happened? Miss Taylor: I walked 'round th' city to find victims, I found one, elder Dwarf. I told 'im to wait for further orders from mistress. I remember...She communicated me via me mind that she wus in trouble. I stole...A gryphon an' tried to save 'er. We managed to escape but she wus blinded after it. H.Lester: Was this.. all willingly? or were you compelled to do so? Miss Taylor: It wus compelled. If I refused 'er orders, she'd make me dreams become nightmarish. H.Lester: Yikes, that sounds horrible H.Lester: How did it lead up to yesterday? Miss Taylor: I niver disobeyed 'er so...Me dreams were good. As for last night...I wus talkin' to a friend of Nessa (Vanessa Redgrove) when Rook (Rook Fenchurch) came up to me an' said 'e 'ad to show me sumthin'. We went into th' Cathedral an' Nessa appeared behind me, usin' th' Light to break th' charm. But...It resisted an'...I stabbed 'er... H.Lester: So they knew you had been controlled by the demon? Miss Taylor: I thin' Nessa suspected me, she knows me too well. H.Lester: What happened after they dragged you out of the Cathedral? Miss Taylor: Th' Illidari...Vela, asked a "sayaad" for 'elp to break th' charm. We went to 'ouse in Oliva's Pond to do it. H.Lester: I see. Alright, so.. what then? you get any kind of punishment for hurting people? Miss Taylor: No, Sergeant Morland questioned me an' th' Twin Tails Company, I thin' will protect me from punishment as I wus under possession. H.Lester: And your friend? she will be alright? Instead of an answer to my last question, she offered to take me to the Cathedral where her friend was currently healing and being tended to. Miss Taylor: Nessa, y'mind answerin' sum questions to Mr...Uh I niver got yer name. H.Lester: Hardhy Lester, journalist with The Lion's Roar. Vanessa Redgrove: I can... I'll just-... Be slow... H.Lester: No pressure, I can walk away if you are not up for it Miss Taylor: Ya' sure? Vanessa Redgrove: Yes Frankle... Miss Taylor: Alright. H.Lester: Just let me know if you need me to slow down, need a break or get uncomfortable or anything, okay? Vanessa Redgrove: Of course. H.Lester: How are you doing? full recovery in time? Vanessa Redgrove: This is-... My second wound-... To the stomach-... So... Possibly not... First-... Unrelated to this... H.Lester: I'm sure it will all be fine, you are in good hands here Vanessa Redgrove: It's been nice-... Almost everyone-... I know has-... Visited... H.Lester: I was curious, when I talked to Frankie she said you sorta ambushed her in here with Rook Fenchurch right? Vanessa Redgrove: That's-... Not how I'd des-... Describe it-... But... Yes... With thoughtful... Intentions... H.Lester: Oh I didn't mean you had ill intent, lets call it a surprise then, an intervention. How did you know something was wrong? Vanessa Redgrove: Frankie's like a-... Sister... I noticed her-.. In diguise... Her weapons... Stood out... H.Lester: Its a horrid story really. Does either of you know what happened to the demon who is behind it? Vanessa Redgrove: Unaware... Miss Taylor: I know...I saved 'er life when we were confronted by trackers... I told th' guards of that. H.Lester: So it is not the same succubus who was killed a few days ago I guess Miss Taylor: There wus 'nother? Vanessa Redgrove: Maybe not... I remember seeing it-... Days back... It charmed another-... friend... Though I only took-... A minor wound-... That night... I hope... It's dead... I've had enough-... of this... Vanessa Redgrove seems to have fully forgiven her friend for the brutal assault, I guess a good friendship can survive a lot, and it was heartwarming to see there is still people in this city with enough empathy and understanding to be able to forgive. But the questions still remain, is there a gang of wild succubi running amok in the city? Is a warlock summoning them and setting them free? Or is there some sort of masterplan behind this last week’s events? Or is it really an elaborate hoax by an evil genius? If we get the answers – so will you dear reader.