aptain Anestre Thodim. Former city guard, former soldier, future father. Thodim is a man who a lot of people know. Civilians know him for his dedication and loyalty to the city and her inhabitants. Criminals know him for being fair but just, and colleagues know him for always having their back and never quitting. With the future title of "father" the man has decided to step down and retire. An era has passed, and Stormwind will be poorer for it. I caught him after a meeting in the Royal Court and sat down at the Recluse with a beverage for a talk about his life, career and future.
"Thodim? I have known him for ages it feels like. Back when I worked in Old Town I often saw him patrolling the streets, he would stop by for a chat with the locals. Later when I took over as manager here in the Keg he came in at times for a chat about life and what it means to be a good guy and fighting for the right values. A decent man for sure, loyal, reasonable, a listener. I hope he will still stop by more often - now that he is retired." -Zhakariah, Manager - The Golden Keg:
Once positioned at a table outside the Recluse I decided to start at the beginning. What made the man the one he is today? When and where did it all start? H. Lester: Right, lets go aaaaalllll the way back, are you born in the city? Captain Thodim: Redridge, around thirty six years ago, H. Lester: Thirty-six? really? everyone I talked to made it sound like you been around for the last sixty years. Do you remember the first time you visited Stormwind? what was it like back then? Captain Thodim: It was a lot different, it was before that rampaging Horde tore through the place, it was a bustling hive of traders, it had an extensive market with traders coming from the then beautiful Westfall and from the town and cites to North. I came with my father to the trade district, It was a sight to see, we never had all that bustle in Redridge, I thought then, I want to live here one day. H. Lester: And did you? end up living here I mean? Captain Thodim: Not as a child, I grew up in Lakeshire. Then Stormwind fell to the Horde, I had to flee to Lordaeron until it was safe, it was dark times for us humans.


H. Lester: What was your first job in Stormwind? Captain Thodim: It wasn't. I worked in Redridge first as the night watchman, just after we rebuilt it. H. Lester: How old were you then? Captain Thodim: Around sixteen, maybe seventeen. We had to have a night watch as the Blackrocks were picking folk off. H. Lester: Sounds rough, you never had any jobs before that? Captain Thodim: Before that there was too much war and destruction, Redridge was a ruin after the First War.
"I have known Thodim for years. We first met when he was a simple Lance-Corporal working for Delta Company under Captain Reguard and I a mere cadet at the Region Watch roughly four years ago. Eventually I too joined Delta as a Corporal and Thodim and I worked closely together. Even after the Company was de-commissioned our friendship lasted. We continued our journey together in the Seventh Legion, fighting side by side for the Glory of the Alliance. Overall, I'd say Thodim is an example to be followed in our military - dedicated, disciplined, calculated and loyal. We could use more soldiers like him. I hope he enjoys his retirement. King's Honour, brother, until next time." -Cpt. Patricio Silva - First Company of the Stormwind Constabulary
H. Lester: So what happened? how did you end up leaving Redridge and finding yourself in Stormwind? Captain Thodim: Well, I joined the army, we had a force garrison in town for a while I joined up, I got shipped all over Azeroth for fifteen years, working as a Combat Engineer in the infantry, H. Lester: Combat engineer? so building bridges and stuff? Captain Thodim: Building and demo, encampments, explosives and equipment maintence. H. Lester: Fifteen years, that is quite some time. And that was after starting in the watch at sixteen? so you were never really a civilian after you joined the watch in Redridge? Captain Thodim: I did that for a long time, I was stationed in many locations from Kalimdor, Northrend, Pandaria, you name it, we ended up there. I was in all the way until we fought at the Broken Shore. It was after the mess at the Shore when I joined the guard. I became a guard because I lost my unit. Looking at him it was clear thinking back to the battle of the Broken Shore brought memories he would rather be without. The colour of his face drained and I think I saw a slight tremple in his left hand. I don't think it is something he talks about much, like with most soldiers, bottling up the emotions and not talking about it seems to be the way these granite tough men are build. Maybe its nessecery to survive the things these people see and do. H. Lester: I heard tales about that battle. My condolences for your loss. And my thanks for having fought so others did not have to. Captain Thodim: ...it was,.. a Doomguard, it tore through my friends like they were toys in front of a child. H. Lester: I can't even imagine what it must have been like, but without neglecting the pain and suffering of that - lets move on to you becoming a guard. The pain on the man's face told me enough, another day, another time I might have prodded about the story which is obviously there, about comradery, bravery, and pain and suffering, but this was not the occassion for that talk.


H. Lester: Where did it start, Delta? stationed in Old Town? Captain Thodim: It was. It was my wife actually, she saw what being in the army did to me after the Shore and told me to start working closer to home, so I transfered to Delta, working under Captain Thadin Reguard and Lieutenant Malanore Dualcrest. H. Lester: For how long where you in Delta? Captain Thodim: I became a cadet in the Stormwind City Guard. My combat experience helped me learn the ropes fast. I was in Delta for three years. During that time I ended up becoming a Lance Corporal. I also helped take down the Light Zealots of Bishop Emmanuel, The Bloody Verdict and the infamous Browncloaks. There were others that we managed to stomp out to protect the city. H. Lester: Ah yes. I remember reading about those events. Quite a time huh? everything seemed so much more.. dramatic in a way, large scale - where now it seems its small stuff. After Delta, you signed up for another military duty? with the 7th? Captain Thodim: I did, I joined the Seventh Legion. I was longing to get back to the front after helping clean up the mess at the Battle of Lordaeron. I was working on a campaign as the bodyguard of Juniper Stites. I met the Sixth Cohort and got a feel for it again. H. Lester: But it didn't last, eventually you drifted back to guard duty? Captain Thodim: Within a month I was knee deep in mud in the jungles of Nazmir, hiding from Blood Trolls, I ended up in the Troll City of Dazar'alor and even in that hell hole they called Nazjatar. After a while and many campaigns the war was over and I came back. I left the Seventh as a Corporal and joined Bravo as a Sergeant and got working in the city again.
"Thodim is an incredibly hard working man, who always seeks out the best for Stormwind and it's citizens. He can be depended on to listen at any time of day, and will always give you a reason to smile. I am so proud of how he has grown from a dependable guardsman to a respectable officer." -Detective Chief Inspector Juniper Stites, Stormwind Investigations
H. Lester: And then you ended up Captain of the First? Captain Thodim: After a lengthy restructure, I got put forward to earn a commission, first to Lieutenant and then finally as Captain of my own Company they asked me to lead, I was getting results in Bravo, I assume they wanted more, so they gave me my own unit. From there I forged First Company into what it is today.
"Captain Thodim has been by my side since I joined up. From advice, to friendship, to valiant fighting, he's been there through it all. I've had the honour of working alongside him for years, seeing him rise through the ranks and even to Captain a hardworking unit of his own. He was a courageous leader for Stormwind during the Scourge incursion where our units combined to make a stalwart defence; to raise my sword and lead alongside him is a proud memory I shan't ever forget. From myself, and all of Echo Company, we extend him our deepest gratitude, and hope his retirement is peaceful. Thank you, Captain Thodim, for your unwavering service, commitment to duty. For your ever present advice and remarkable insight, and for the honour and pride, at being able to call you friend." -Commander Preston, Echo Company


H. Lester: And now, retirement? Family first? at thirty-six? Captain Thodim: It may be a bit early but my retirement is not because I cant do it anymore, it is because my wife is due to give birth to my child, I have found us a nice location to raise my child away from all this chaos. H. Lester: So when your kid is.. sixteen, the age you signed up for the watch, you will only be fifty-two, surely there is more adventure for you in the future? Captain Thodim: We shall see, for now though, I have been through so much, the body and mind can only take so much, I would rather take my time to decide what I want to do next. Being behind a desk is too dull and the front line is too dangerous when I am to be a father. H. Lester: When you look back at your career. What would you call yourself, Soldier? or Guard? Captain Thodim: Soldier, I was never into all the paperwork side of things, I could run a unit and knew the law, but it was always the miltary side and training folks to learn how to use a sword and make them better people, that is what drove me.
"Thodim had seen all the angles of the military service. The field work, behind the scenes, workshop and the leadership. He is as reliable as it gets, someone you can rely on no matter the odds. Most importantly, in a military officer, he is a man that does everything of those who he commands. He was always kind, open to his people and outsiders alike, with an understanding approach but a decisive resolution that gave no quarter to incompetency or foul-play. He earned a proper rest but I know he won't be too far away as his experience and guidance will be required around here." -Captain Heywood Floyd, Special Operations Command


H. Lester: If you had to pick one thing above everything else, then what would you say has been the lesson you learned and which stands out from everything else during your career? Captain Thodim: My biggest lesson is something I learned recently actually, right and wrong and what you are told you should do are vastly different. Always do what is right, regardless of what people think, you may lose out on oppourtunties but your heart is clear. H. Lester: Is that a lesson you passed on to your recruits? don't do what the Captain says, but do what is right? Captain Thodim: Not exactly, however I do suggest that when you have the option to do something you don't want to do, you should question it, and also question why someone you trust would put you in such a position. H. Lester: So think before you obey an order? make sure it feels right? Captain Thodim: Yes, I have a few regrets about jumping in without thinking. I also say that you shold be comfortable to be able to tell the higher ups when they step out of line. H. Lester: I have to say I'm surprised to hear this. Usually military and guard duty is all about regulations and rules and standard procedures, and leave very little room for instinct and gut based reactions. Captain Thodim: That is why I am saying recently, it was only when I got to give my own orders, I realised this. H. Lester: I think that makes you a rare officer, at least my experience in this city has taught me people don't take criticism and questions well. Captain Thodim: A good leader should be accountable and able to give orders people can trust, if you dont trust the person giving you the order, then you need to revaluate the unit you are in. H. Lester: That makes sense. So in sixteen years when your kid wants to be a soldiers, will you be proud? worried? or try to persuade them to find another job? Captain Thodim: I actually thought about this, I will let the child choose, as I did not have the option, moving to a safe places means they will have that option. H. Lester: The Thodim I heard about could not sit in a safe corner while a war is going on, you think your kid would be able to? Captain Thodim: Honestly, no. However that will be their choice, not mine. H. Lester: If you could decide, how would you want the people of Stormwind to remember you? Captain Thodim: I hope that I was able to allow them to form their own memories of me. I am never one for trying to be in the spotlight. I want people to remember the things I did, rather than what I say I want, actions speak louder than words, or so they say. H. Lester: Thank you Thodim, for your time and your service to this great city. I wish you all the best in your retirement and I am sure Stormwind will be a poorer place without you. Captain Thodim: Thank you Mister Lester. Here at the Lion's Roar we wish Captain Thodim the best in the future and wish him and his family the very best, he will be missed on the streets of Stormwind. He has given a lot of years to the big family which is Stormwind, it is well earned he now focusses on the smaller and closer family.