onday, around midnight a group of Ren'dorei's, two women and a man, got approached by a man wearing a brownish outfit. The group had been conversing idly and just enjoying the moderately warm summer night. As the man got close to the trio he drew a knife and tried to stab the male Ren'dorei. Luckily he was able to elbow the assailant and draw his weapon, a sword. The attacker started running and the male Ren'dorei threw his sword at him, but missed and quickly pulled his bow. One of the women sent a bolt after the attacker, forcing him to his knees, but he got up again and was shot by the man with the bow as well as hit by a magic icespike from the last woman.
"He started running, so I shot him. He didn't go down easy, but he did eventually." -Ren'dorei Bowman
At this point one of the women ran to fetch the guards. Meanwhile, the assailant, a Quel'dorei, was bleeding out on the ground. The arrow from the man having pierced his lungs. His final words being "For the glory of the Grand Architect".


The guard's report shows that besides two odd vials of some mysterious liquid then the guards found a note on him as well which confirms that the man likely was looking to join the infamous sect referred to as "The Browncloaks", apparently killing a Ren'dorei is what it takes to join this sect of killers.
"Kill an unworthy, then I will contact you so you can fully join our cause." -Note signed "J"
The case was classified as a voluntary manslaughter, but self-defence. The Lion's Roar will follow up on the Browncloaks in the coming weeks, and if you know anything about this sect then please contact The Lion's Roar, and the guards.