ou may have seen the posters, you may have heard the rumours. The Midnight Theathre is once more going to bless us all with a play. A bit of escapism, a bit of fun and laughter, and a huge dose of culture. Being a fan of the troupe and especially of Eugene Ross, their playwriter - I could not resist tracking him and their Art Director Kaorra down and have a sit down for a talk about the upcoming play. We meet up in World's End Tavern in Shattrah, the very place their opening performance of "Puuru's Predicament" is set to be performed. H.Lester: What an amazing place Mr. Ross: Yes, one of the few decent stages in all known worlds, I'd say. H.Lester: I like it Kaorra: Yes... this is the place that is both Draenic..and slightly reminiscent of Ironforge. Mr. Ross: Many performing artists and organizations end up using this particular stage, and for good reason, I suppose. H.Lester: Right. I'm gonna get some coffee and then we can start. If.. they sell coffee.. While I fetched myself a mug of black coffee, Kaorra and Mr. Ross debated the use of curtains on the stage. After I returned we sat down at a table to start the interview proper. H.Lester: Right.. so, new play, but not a continuation of Cabbage Ron and the City of Stormwind, correct? Kaorra: Correct. This one is less satirical, more of a light-hearted comedy. Mr. Ross: But set in the same fictional universe, I suppose. H.Lester: And is it by your pen again, Mister Ross? Mr. Ross: Ah, yes, that would be true. A bit of a change stylistically - the play is more story driven, than "Cabbage Ron", but only a little. Still should be worth a few chuckles here and there. H.Lester: So still no word on Ron's family and their destiny I suppose? Kaorra: Ah, not yet. But do not lose hope yet. H.Lester: There will be an uproar, people will take to the streets if we do not get resolution soon, mark my words! Kaorra: Finally, a relatively worthy reason for an uproar. A regular reader of the Roar may remember my review of their previous play, and how the lack of resolution to Cabbage Ron's family left me with quite a feeling of despair. It seems I have to be patient a while longer before answers are provided to the predicament Cabbage Ron's family was put in when he went off to war without the money from the cabbages meant to sustain the family through the winter! H.Lester: So I understand there is a change in the lead actor as well? no longer the man himself? Mr. Ross: Yes, this time I deliberately scaled down my own on stage involvement, giving others an opportunity to take the leading parts. Kaorra here and Mr. Gazino - one of our newest additions to the troupe - will be playing principal roles. H.Lester: How many actors do you have this time around? Kaorra: Five. Most of them performing for the first time ever, but they're very enthusiastic and very talented. Who knows, maybe new stars will be born. H.Lester: That is a bold move, after the success of your last play, surely the expectations for this one are through the roof, are you not worried new talent will be less experienced and not quite up for such high expecations? Kaorra: Delightful to hear of such expectations. Perhaps they'll help cutting the rough gems of our troupe. Mr. Ross: Oh, we've been rehearsing rigorously and the result will most definitely equal that of our previous effort, if not surpass it altogether. I as a playwright, and Kaorra as an art director learned much from "Cabbage Ron", so that should also benefit the new play. H.Lester: How long is the play? Kaorra: It's longer than "Cabbage Ron", but we should be able to squeeze it in less than an hour. Mr. Ross: Audiences oft don't have the patience for longer plays. And I understand them entirely. H.Lester: Aye, I think you hit it right with the previous one, so curious to see how this will feel if its slightly longer. The last play was a bit controversial, with mature topics, will this one be the same? Kaorra: Much less so, I'd say, though not entirely devoid of our, let's say, trademark moments that some may expect. We're the Midnight Theatre, after all. H.Lester: So parents should still think twice about bringing small kids? Mr. Ross: Ah, no, not at all. It's going to be perfectly fine for most ages. Even if there are more mature matters present, they will be rather oblique and not as overt as they were in "Cabbage Ron". H.Lester: Not that it is for me to say how people should parent their kids, but as you say, it is at midnight - in a tavern. Mr. Ross: Well put, Mr. Lester! H.Lester: Can you give a little teaser for what the play is about? Kaorra: A young Draenei adventurer finds herself in this wonderful and exciting world of Azeroth. As she sets out to explore it, she meets all kinds of people and gets into a certain predicament, around which the whole comedic thing is centered. H.Lester: That sounds like the introduction to a steamy novel Mr. Ross: Our audience is to expect our already known satiric take on every thing and everyone too, I might add. Kaorra: Well, it depends on what your expectations from "predicament" are. H.Lester: We all know of those novels I think.. anyway, lets move on. What are your plans for a schedule? besides performing Saturday night, I assume you have other performances planned? Kaorra: We shall see how successful the reception will be for this play... but we'd like to perform at least one more time. In Dalaran, perhaps. H.Lester: So no grand tour planned? Mr. Ross: Oh, imagine the level of infamy if we fail spectacularly, boss? I say it'd warrant another run just to cash in on the bad rep. Kaorra: Oh, yes, that will definitely promote a grand tour. H.Lester: The last one you did three times. I know, because I saw all of them. I fully expect to break that record this time. Mr. Ross: Mr. Lester, you are one of our staunchest supporters after all, so no less was expected from you. H.Lester: To round things off - lets have the sales speech, why should I put on my fancy clothes and be here Saturday night? Kaorra: It's a comedy from the Midnight Theatre that pokes fun of everyone, so everyone will have fun. It's a good laugh on Saturday night, and a great way to say goodbye to troubles of this winter. Mr. Ross: And at the very least we will all have discounted drinks at the bar to wash away the bad taste after a miserably written and performed disaster. The Zangarmarsh beer here is an acquired taste, but exceptionally good. H.Lester: Thank you both for your time Kaorra: Thank you for having us this early in the morning. Mr. Ross: Thank you for all the support, Mr. Lester. I do sincerely hope you and your readers won't be disappointed. H.Lester: I'll make sure to tell them to bring rotten fruit Mr. Ross: Oh, please don't. Kaorra: Only if they agree to take the unused fruit back with them. H.Lester: I shall see you both on Saturday I am sure. Break a leg - I think that is what you say in theater Kaorra: Oh, most certainly, good sir. No leg will be unbroken as we prepare to entertain! Mr. Ross: I'm sure you will, Mr. Lester!