few weeks ago, I reported about a poison attack on the employees of the Lion’s Roar. Since then, an investigation was started by the guards, but after my article, another attack was directed at me. Once again, a private courier delivered a poisoned letter right to my doorstep. Thankfully, I have learned to be careful with my mail, but others might not have been as lucky. Just recently, I’ve heard reports of a flour bomb through a private mail courier, and now, even a proper letter bomb. I spoke to Lizz Barlow, victim of the most recent post-based attack, to find out more about the attack. L. Barlow: I was standing by the ledge overlooking Lion's Rest, from the Cathedral side. I heard a cough behind me and I turned. A male Worgen approached me with a rather thick letter, almost more like a package. He said I fitted the description he was provided with. I happily took the letter and started opening it, curious as to what could be inside. Immediately when I opened the letter and looked down, it started ejecting powder into my face. I closed my eyes and let loose a few indecent words. I thought it was a prank, much like the flour bomb I had been pelted with the day before. But seconds later it started to burn my skin. Tears running down my cheeks, I collapsed and tried to crawl away. It was as if someone had poured boiling water into my face. A horrifying prospect, that the simple process of opening a letter could turn into a life-threatening situation. Thankfully, the damage was not too severe, and due to the quick intervention of a druidic healer, Barlow didn’t carry any lasting injuries with her, apart from having to dye her hair to mask the chemical damage. But, when I asked her if there were any leads as to who might have sent the letter bomb, this is what she had to say: L. Barlow: The information is a bit complicated to gather. Some said the courier had a younger sister that usually pranks people with flour bombs. And if that is true the connection is pretty clear. Cassie: So you think that it might be the courier himself, or someone close to him? L. Barlow: The courier apparently ran to the Cathedral to get me a healer as soon as I hit the ground, so it's hard to put much of the blame on him, but it could be a lead to his potential little sister. She is ... a useless child that seems to have fallen through all the cracks of society. She is rude, obnoxious and does not realize the consequences of her actions. Not very reassuring, the fact that anyone can just send letter bombs through a courier, and there are no safety measures in place. Was Barlow a random target? Could it have been anyone? One of you, dear readers? At least in this case, a connection could be made to the courier’s sister. When it comes to the poison attacks on me, the guards still have not managed to uncover anything, though through no fault of their own. In this current environment, with private couriers all around, the anonymity of the sender is all but guaranteed, but the same care is not applied to the recipient’s safety. I also managed to get a representative of the Stormwind Postal Service, one Mister Wallace Farnwell. I asked him for the SPS’s position on this recent trend, and had my suspicions confirmed: W. Farnwell: The Stormwind Postal Service has always and will go beyond to take extreme measures to heighten the security of our mail. Most of these letters bombs and poisoned letters, I should state, are mostly from independent trading services, we would never want to send mail to cause such harm.These independent couriers are the sort of folk who would typically look the other way rather than do the right thing. And there you have it straight from the postal service themselves. With this recent trend still ongoing, and keeping the safety of our citizens in mind, I implore all readers to treat any privately delivered letters that do not bear the seal of our royal postal services with great care. And likewise, send your own mail through official channels, to ease your friends’ and family’s minds. I know I will continue scrying every letter I receive, until the poisoner has been caught - which, sadly, might still take a while, given the difficulties with tracking down anonymously sent mail. For now, Cassie, signing out.