t's been a few weeks since our beloved city, Stormwind, was soiled by the undead scourge. It's been a few weeks since a lot of us had to seek refugee in other cities, villages and towns. It has also been a few weeks with has seen furnerals and burials. A few weeks which has seen mourning and rememberance. I was originally going to write an article about all the hardship, about the lost and the wounded. About the grimness of the whole affair and about desperation, courage, and hope. I won't do that. I'll do worse. The future is still grim. The King and other high ranking alliances commanders are still missing and apparently the sky has split in Northrend, a purple hue filling the sky with despair and sorrow, but this article is not about that. We all know that often the alliance does not have a choice, far too often we must fight, to defend our way of living, our values, and yes, the very lives of our loved ones - or ourselves. The last couple of months has been rough on everyone, but in this article I will focus on one group in particular. There is one group which has grown in numbers over the last couple of months, a group which growns larger every week, every month, and every year. The orphans. Everytime there is a fight, there is a big chance another orphan is created. Another Timmy, age nine, who looses his dad to an orcish axe. Or a Mary, age seven - loosing both her parents when the scourge runs rampant in Lakeshire. Or what about William who at age four watched both his parents and grandparents killed when Deathwing destroyed parts of Stormwind. Each time we fight, each time we are forced to fight, new orphans are the result. New little bundles of misery and sorrow, created out of loss and despair and.. okay, I think I hammered the point home hard enough now. Speaking to Matron Nightingale of the Stormwind Orphanage I learned that after returning to Stormwind and opening up again last week, they have been taking in new kids daily in large groups. A lot of them famished and without caregivers, others with only one parent left who can no longer care for them due to injuries in the fighting. Matron Nightingale assured me no one is being turned away, but they are reaching a critical point where space and resources are running low. They need more staff, blankets, medicine, and beds. This is the part where I make a mandatory plea to you - dear reader - to swing by the orphanage and make a hefty donation. Lighten your coffers for some of that coin you been saving up for a rainy day. For these orphans - the rainy day is now. Or you can seek out representatives of the Sapphire Tome, an organisation lead by Mister Flaskmane who will be at Lion's Rest in Stormwind this Sunday at 7 in the evening. They will be accepting donations and trying to lighten the mood of everyone. That way you don't have to risk having your conscience triggered by actually going to the orphanage and seeing all those kids - who currently have to sleep three in one bed. Be a good guy. Go donate. Its sexy.