ith Winter Veil approaching rapidly, I determined that it was time to really take a better look at these festivities, and to help you dear readers understand what it’s really about. For that purpose, I interviewed a large number of people on different continents, asking them for their customs and traditions for this classic celebration. I’ll showcase some of these answers here today, but first, what even is Winter Veil? Well, the tradition originated from the dwarves of Dun Morogh as a celebration of renewal. During the Feast of Great-Winter, the titanic figure called Greatfather Winter would walk across the lands, and his cloak would bring a blanket of snow with it. From there, it evolved to its modern form because of the Greatfather’s ‘wintry veil’. Though, as things go and change with time, nowadays, the holiday season is mostly used to celebrate the kinship with loved ones, giving each other presents and spending those cold winter days huddled up at home together, warming friends and family with kindness and love. Or, at least that’s how I understood it. Here are how some of the people of Azeroth celebrate with their family and those close to them: Tinka Bartenson: I will be partly working, partly with family. We are going to my uncle’s for a couple of days, everyone is gathering up there. And I promised Andy that we go sledding. Caylie Braywind: At home with a few close friends, most likely. Gift exchange is usually good fun! Divina Foxheart: I celebrate Winter Veil every year. Nothin' like good festive fun. Going back home to see my family, sit around at a big table whilst all my aunt's ask me when I'm getting married, the usual. Maaluu: I'll be spending the day itself with a few very close friends in the comforts of my own home. ‘Father Ted’: I usually don't do anything for Winter's Veil... But this year? I'm looking to spend it with friends, maybe even get them a gift or two. ‘Violet’ Talan: I haven't really celebrated Winter's Veil ever since my transformation. I've been rather gloomy. But this year has really changed me, definitely for the better. And I can't wait to see what it has in store for me and my loved ones. Like my sister and my partner. Guenhywir Talan: I am planning to celebrate this festival with my loved ones this year. I have yet to speak to them about it, but I would love nothing more than to spend a quiet evening with my sister and her partner. Perhaps some close friends, too. I doubt we'll be exchanging any large gifts, though, as all we need to make it memorable is each other. A lot of people just like to relax with their loved ones, it seems, and exchanging gifts is also high on the priority list for many! Not everyone seems to be content with a quiet evening, though, and some people have quite large plans for their very own Winter Veil celebrations: ‘Kiss’: I plan on celebrating this year with.. the fact that I and those that I care for are safe and protected. I am planning to rent one of the larger bars in I think.. the Ashvane docks?.. And have a grand buffet whilst also offering drinks and just enjoying one another's presence, really. Christine Clydesdale: Well... I always buy presents to my soldiers and those who I keep close to show appreciation. Then I try to do some charity work at the Orphanage. It may not be much but to me, they and those with less luck than myself deserve all the gifts and joys. Kialandi Rhodar: Winter Veil is the time of giving, and the Rhodar hearts have always been open to do just that. It is tradition two or three weeks before Winter Veil night to put the names of members of the now Hummingbird Emporium into a jar, from where each of us is Secret Greatfather Winter to someone else within the organisation. On Winter Veil night we gather at Sianan's estate and put those presents under the Winter Veil tree. On that evening, a large feast expects whoever has arrived there. The food is various, nothing too traditional. After we filled our bellies and the mood is greatly elevated by alcohol, It's time for presents. So for some a quiet evening, for others a great opportunity to give something back. The perfect occasion for some grand gestures of generosity to those less fortunate. There are different ways to enjoy the festive season, and none are better or worse than others, of course! After all, not everyone has the time or means to make some elaborate plans: Tythatarion: I'll let fate decide with whom I'm gonna spend the celebration. Wherever I'll go I'll share good words, mood and cordiality with good people around. Vetterick Breiden: I don't really plan it, to be honest. I just sort of roll along with whatever happens and if nothing does, I just take it easy. Maze Porter: I think.. Either I work on something or go dancing if there are any open Winter Veil balls. Winter Veil is still in a few weeks, there is still room for changes or things to happen. There are so many different ways to spend the holidays, and with so many people all over the world celebrating, there is bound to be something for everyone. Some may not observe the custom at all, while others might just be in it for the presents. Though, for some, this particular holiday really does have a special place in life, and there are people who look forward to it for months, or even all year long. Here are a few answers that I found to make me smile particularly, as they seemed to truly be getting into the spirit of Winter Veil: Lizz Barlow: I am very much looking forward to it. It's one of few times to celebrate during the winter season after all. Gather all the friends and family and just have a great time in general. I want to take my fiancé and some of my friends to a place with a lot of snow. Then we can set up camp around a small bonfire, give each other gifts, laugh and have fun. Life is not worth living without good friends, and I want them to know that I appreciate each and every one of them. Nellian Kindlecombe: Oh Winter's Veil? My gosh, tha's one o' my favourite time's o'year, tha'! Righ' up there next t'Love is in the Air! The snow, the hearts, the jingles, the stars, the baubles, the bells, the balls, the clothes, the cheer, the songs, the candles, the candies, oh my gosh the candies... - all of it! - They're all so wonderful things, they are! Would'cha have thought I spent the be'er half o' las' month jus' decoratin' my place up for it?? I can't get enough of it! As for like, plants an' stuff? Well I's got a big ol' winter's veil tree in my livin' room, all pretty an' everythin', bu' I have plenty o' other pretty flowers an' -.. Huh? Oh, plans! Sorry! Nuh, no' anythin' like, set in stone or anythin' but I like t'atleast give all my friends a big ol' Winter's Veil kiss every year..! Tha's really all there is, other than havin' a grand ol' dinner on Winter's Veil day with my friends..! Truly, there is something to be found and enjoyed for everyone in this wonderful season. Whether your culture usually celebrates Winter Veil or not, I highly encourage you to give it a try, even if it’s just as an excuse to be particularly nice to your friends and family. Now, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do so for the rest of the year as well, but it’s the best time to sit down together, and exchange presents as tokens of appreciation. To those readers that I did not yet get the chance of interviewing: Please, feel free to send me a letter through the Lion’s Roar, detailing how you will celebrate this year. Perhaps I can even work it into a future article! As for me, personally… I’ve gotten a number of invitations for the holidays, though as it is my first time celebrating, I might just keep it to my closest friends this year. My next article will be showcasing some ways to make your loved ones flash a smile on this special occasion, so, for all those that just can’t think of anything to give away, stay tuned and perhaps you’ll get some nice ideas! For now, though: Cassie, signing out.