s the fighting slowly subsided, the war, short as it may have been, seems finally won. The undead forces are being pushed back everywhere, through combined efforts of Alliance orders, druids, Argent Crusaders and of course, the Ebon Blade. It is not quite over yet, though, and we must not get complacent. I spoke to Commander Christine Clydesdale of the Lapwing Association, who led a strike to remove the presence of the Cult of the Damned from the very heart of the Kingdom itself: Elwynn Forest. She had quite some things to say about the operation, which commenced from Ridgepoint Tower. C. Clydesdale: Mh. We were chased into the tower. Since it functioned as a good bottleneck against the undead it gave us time to prepare a strike against the Undead at the logging camp and the area around. Cassie: The logging camp. Eastvale, correct? C. Clydesdale: Correct. Cassie: Your strike last night, given that you're here talking to me... I take it that it went well? C. Clydesdale: Of course. We either perform the mission or die trying. All to make sure the people of the realm get one hour, one minute or even one second of relief. Cassie: How many of you were part of that strike team last night? C. Clydesdale: We were eight people last night. We all made it out alive. However one of my soldiers got injured but she is on the road of recovery. You see, dear readers, I had already tried to interview Clydesdale and her men the night before, but as I arrived, they had just called for battle, and rushed past me out of the tower. When I came back the following night, I had to ask what happened exactly, of course. I needed details, and the Commander provided them. C. Clydesdale: A standard operation. Distraction, relocation, strike, escape. Seeing that the Undead here were controlled by a Necromancer we distracted the Undead to buy us time. We lit a smokescreen on top of the tower before escaping to the camp. We located the Necromancer, took him out and escaped here to reinforce this place in case someone is still out there needing a place to rest. Cassie: Tell me more about this necromancer. Any details you might remember. C. Clydesdale: Well... He had eyes dark as the Void itself... Hair black like the feathers of a raven... His clothes: a robe sporting the mark of the Cult of the Damned. His presence? Well... Just like the rest one them: evil like the Undead they raise. So while in Redridge and Duskwood, there had been large clashes of dozens of soldiers breaching upon the endless hordes, this was a more focused strike. A single strategic target, hit by a well-coordinated strike force. And as the Commander said, they either perform or die trying. So, how did the fight go? Here is Clydesdale’s account of the battle, but be warned, it gets a little graphic toward the end. C. Clydesdale: Like always... His tricks engaged us before we managed to engage him. When fighting a person like that you can not conduct traditional warfare but instead you need to improvise. So we split up, attacked him from all sides. However he had an orb that seems to have been the source of his control of the undead. It was a long and brutal fight where many of my soldiers suffered burns by shadow. But... We managed to weaken him enough so we could destroy the orb. But with each passing minute the Undead drew closer and closer... Just before they made impact... One of my soldiers managed to blind the weakened Necromancer so that we could smash the orb to pieces. And as we did... The Undead seemed to go mad. He could not control them anymore. So instead of risking to fight the horde of Undead... We watched them tear his limbs off one by one... So in the end, they succeeded by turning the necromancer’s own forces against him. An effective strategy, that much is certain! And as it turned out, it even helped them make a safe getaway. But, why Eastvale exactly? Why the logging camp? It wasn’t that strategically important, right? C. Clydesdale: Simple: it is -OUR- homeland. And had that army marched on Stormwind... Someone could have died along the way or even inside the walls. There is also the fact that any effort against the Undead helps in the grand plan. True enough, no other reason was needed, really. So, with the undead being fought back slowly but steadily, between all those large-scale battles and precision strikes, it seems like soon, normalcy might return to all our lives. I asked Commander Clydesdale if she had anything she wished to let you know, dear readers. C. Clydesdale: That just the thought of them being safe, to know that my death possibly gives them one second, one minute, one hour or one day more in this world... That they can hug and cherish their loved ones. That's why we have been fighting. And when all of this is over... I encourage everyone to celebrate the victory and mourn the fallen. For where the Damned fall, we prevail. Cassie: That's a powerful closing statement. Is there anything else you'd like to add? C. Clydesdale: Well I simply wish to dedicate this victory to the families of the fallen. Their loved ones will never be forgotten. That concludes my tour through the Kingdom of Stormwind, but not this series! In fact, stay tuned, for the next article will be about those who bravely ventured out into the land of the Dead itself, Icecrown in Northrend. Those of us who brought the fight to the Damned, and came out victorious. Until then, Cassie, signing out.