fter I got my answers in Redridge, I followed the trail of the Scourge’s minions, and it ended up leading me to everyone’s favorite gloomy corner of the Kingdom: Duskwood. I met with a few soldiers and druids at the grove, and found one who had particularly interesting stories to tell. Telathas Moonrage, a member of the Cenarion Circle and disciple of Ursoc, was the first in the charge against the masses of undead horrors that were threatening to overrun the entire province. His description of the site of the battle painted a bleak picture. T. Moonrage: Mh. Raven Hill. An accursed place. Even by Duskwood's standards. I know little of the land's history. However, it is a prime ground for the Necrotic. Necromancers, cultists. Undead of all kinds. And... therefore it was quite the hotspot for Scourge, when the Alliance forces moved with us to retake the ground after the invasion. The land backs up onto a Graveyard, which leads down into a deep crypt. We did not enter, but that is clearly why the land is such a harbour for the Necrotic. Cassie: That'd be... easily available reinforcements for the Scourge. T. Moonrage: Upon our arrival, we were met with a number of Scourge by the border of Westfall. Few, comparatively, and our forces dealt with them swiftly. We pushed up into Raven Hill - and the land was just absolutely writhing in agony. I could feel it. As though the very earth had been torn asunder and blighted. Certainly not a pleasant environment, but then again, nothing about these battles is pleasant. I needed to know how Moonrage dealt with these conditions, and, more importantly, how he dealt with the undead hordes. Druids, after all, can be very versatile. T. Moonrage: As a staunch Disciple of Urosc, and protector of the Wilds. I am blessed with the ability, beyond many of my kin, to assume our Patron's shape. Cassie: The undead do have that kind of effect... so you engaged them in the shape of a bear? T. Moonrage: In the shape of Ursoc the mighty. He is more than a Bear. But, yes. In layman's terms. One could say so. Backed by warriors of the Light. Stormwind Infantry. Rangers. Mages. Alongside me were many brave heroes of the Alliance, as well as a number of Druids from this very grove. Cassie: I can imagine. It's powerful imagery, thinking of a disciple of Ursoc leading the troops. How many, approximately, would you say, were fighting with you? How many druids, how many troops of the Alliance? T. Moonrage: Hm. Fourty, roughly, came from Stormwind. And we were met with a handful of Druids from this Grove - alongside a number of other infantry who had made their own way there. Allied forces, charging into the fray, with a massive ursine guardian in front. Not even the endless tide of undead could withstand such a force, surely? As it turns out, however, just sheer numbers certainly can prove effective in bringing down even the most powerful fighters, as it almost happened to our druid… Until he found an unlikely ally in the midst of battle. Cassie: Is there any one moment in particular that stood out? T. Moonrage, laughing: I had a Gnome riding my back for a time. He was most helpful. Cassie: Oh! Do you know the gnome's name? T. Moonrage: I do not. Although, he resides within the ranks of Unit Decima. He was a mecha-gnome. Cassie: Tell me, how did you two fight together as a tag-team, the most unlikely of allies? A protector of nature, and a mechagnome? T. Moonrage: Indeed. As I said, Ghouls and Geists are weak. They break with ease. Their strength is in numbers. As I was at the head of the pack, I faced the brunt of the Scourge. And, at one point, I had-... perhaps five Geists clambering all over me? They could not pierce my hide, but I could not shake them free. My Mecha-Gnome friend came to aid me. Cassie: What did he do? T. Moonrage: He wielded a pair of weapons. Maces, I believe? He leapt on top of me, and-... cleared them from my back. He remained on my back, protecting me whilst I held the front. It was difficult for me to imagine this type of warfare at first, but eventually, the thought of the mechanized gnome cavalry, riding sentient bears, beating back the hordes of Geists… That filled me with joy. Things soon looked grim, however, as a frost wyrm ended up entering the fray, and threatened to turn the tide of the battle. Our druid couldn’t let that happen, however. I needed to know how they managed to bring down the wyrm. T. Moonrage: Mh, it breathed it's lichfrost down upon us. Cassie: What does that feel like? T. Moonrage: A few of our accomplices were frozen solid. Though, as I mentioned before. My hide is blessed, when I take Ursoc's Wild Shape. I was aware that my Mechagnome friend was still upon my back, however. And knew that my Hide would not protect him. Cassie: You had to make a snap decision, then. What did you do? T. Moonrage: So as the fiend breathed it's breath, I repaid him in his endeavours to keep the Geists and Ghouls from my back, by standing onto my hind legs. As he was clung to my back, I prevented the Frost from reaching him with my body. Cassie: And you took the whole brunt of it, to keep your comrade safe. What happened then? T. Moonrage: As he flew over, the Mages and Warlocks tore it from the sky somehow. I do not know what they did. Once it crashed to the ground, I engaged it. Though, when I say I, I speak for everyone there, really. Everyone engaged it. Not just me and my mecha-friend. And together, in the name of life, they managed to fight back the fearsome tide of darkness that had swept over Raven Hill. This was not the final victory, though, as even today, the forces of life and death keep clashing within the province of Duskwood. But, with such staunch protectors putting their lives on the line for us, and banding together for the greater cause, we surely will prevail. I’ll end this report with a message from Moonrage, to all of you, whether you are at home, at the front, or anywhere else. T. Moonrage: Everything in this world is done through hope. Do not lose hope. We have beaten this foe before, and we shall do so again. You need not cease being fearful, as fear is only natural. These are fearful times. But do not let fear control you. This is how we shall defeat this enemy once more. Stand together, support your neighbour - and look out for each other. Now, more than ever, the common folk need one another. Hope. Hope drives us all, and I certainly feel more hopeful after having spoken to Moonrage, and gotten his account of the battle. And rest assured, as long as the fighting goes on, I will keep reporting from the front, to show you how things are really going. So keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of the Lion’s Roar, you never know if I might interview your friends, family, or loved ones. But as long as we all do our part, there is always hope. Cassie, signing out.