RRGGG Ghouls!! Zombies!!! Skeletons!! Infections are spreading, entire cities and communities are brought to their knees from the return of cults and the scourge. But there is hope! Below is the top six ways to increase your odds of survival! Compiled by trustowrthy experts!.

#6 Keep distance to people you don't know!

You can't see if people are infected until they turn, so this one should be a nobrainer - keep your distance unless you know for sure they won't suddenly turn on you and try to gnaw their way to your delicious entrails! A stranger is not a friend you havn't met, its a potential ghoul!

#5 Water and foood!

Your average human can survive almost a month without food before starvation sets in, but it is far more problematic to not have a supply of clean water. Three to four days and you are a goner without water. Those of us used to living in Stormwind already know the difficulty of finding CLEAN water - and with rotting corpses in the streets and infected water supplies it is not any easier these days. Buddy up for a mage who can summon the stuff, or seek out someone skilled in purifying food and water by magic means. But remember to be generous and kind in these days - the person who share your water with - may be the one saving your guts tomorrow when a ghoul rips open your belly.

#4 Pick good and trustworthy company!

You can't be on the lookout for danger all the time, you need sleep, you need to visit the toilet, and you need to let your body rest. These are the times where friends prove priceless. Group up with friends you can trust, together we are stronger - but uhhh keep #6 in mind!

#3 Don't do like everyone else!

If everyone is going to the Blue Recluse to hang out for food and booze, then you can be sure the Ghouls know this and will be there shortly after you show up - just in time to ruin your dinner - and make you theirs. Be creative, hide places no one else is - think about what other people would do and then don't do it. What is the logic place to go? or the logic thing to do? Do the opposite. This is not the time to be a lemming or a sheep.

#2 Arm and armour yourself!

Well duh! Arm yourself - whether its firebolts, nature's wrath og a heavy claymore. Try not to rely on only one type of arms. If your sword breaks, or you drop it by accident you need a backup. If a large abomination proves impervious to fire then make sure you got an alternative ready. Adapt and overcome as a certain group of Alliance soldiers say.

#1 Pick a good location to hide!

This is somewhat connected to #3 but it demands further attention. A good location is not only defensible by a minimum of people, but also allows for multiple exits, don't let pesky ghouls or cultist lay siege to your pillow fort, make sure you have at least one - preferably two - alternative ways out. Be a fox, pick a good foxhole. If you don't have the manpower to properly defend the place, then make sure to minimize the attention you attract, only light fires in daylight where they are harder to see, unless you can shield the light, then do it at night so the smoke is harder to see against the evening air. Don't dance and sing and yell, keep the noise down. That includes couples yelling about who is doing the dishes and telling your mom's new husband that he is not your real father. Shut up and keep your head down.