his is a test of a new concept, sometimes things happens which in and of themselves is too minor to warrant a full article, but also at the same time somewhat important - so as a test we will try to gather up a few of these short news stories and publish them as one article.

Job Faire Sunday evening

Sunday evening (at 8) House Dayton with Lady Dayton in the lead will be hosting a Job-faire. And what is a job-faire you may ask yourself? well we asked Lady Dayton herself about it and here is what she had to say: Lady Dayton: Its where various Employees can set up stalls with little freebees, they can stand on stage and give a talk about their work, or they can give a demonstration on what they do. Meanwhile, people in search of a Job can walk around. They can watch, look, talk, maybe walk away with a freebee or two. H. Lester: Where, when and what time? Lady Dayton: Tian Monastery, Starting at Eight P-M, This Sunday. So, The Fifteenth. H. Lester: And does people just show up? do they need to book a stall in advance? is there any scheduled events planned? Lady Dayton: Stall holders just show up and set up. People looking to browse just show up as well. If an Employee wants to do a Talk or demonstration they can contact me at any point to sign up for it. We have a demonstration by A.S.S (Alliance Safety Services), a talk from House Dayton….and I believe we also have a Kul Tiran lot going up on stage as well. So, if you are looking for a job, or looking to hire then this might be a great opportunity for you. I know a certain newspaper will be present looking for a few new employees. Maybe you?

Ren'dorei steals book from Cathedral

A Ren'dorei man was seen arguing with representatives of the Holy Church on the steps of the Cathedral. After what seemed like half an hour of insults and a complete lack of understanding for each other’s points of view the man entered the Cathedral along with an armoured up human who looked like a holy warrior and who had been present and talking the Ren'dorei's case. Shortly after the man was seen taking a book from a bookshelf in one of the chambers in the Cathedral and exited the building, talking about "copying the article later" to his companion. When we asked around no one was able to tell us which book the elf took, or even guess at why, but it seems clear the whole argument was an attempt to gain entry to steal said book.

Strange procession

For the fourth day in a row the memorial of King Varian Wrynn has been the target of odd processions and gatherings of people. It looked a bit like a cult, so we decided it was unsafe to approach and ask about the purpose of the whole thing. They all seem to quietly mourn the former king, or perhaps wanting to see the very spot our King was abducted from. Whatever the reason, few stay for long. They show up, spend 5-10 minutes in silence, then speed off and replaced by others who arrive. The constant stream seems to be never ending, although the size does vary depending on time of day. For now, it seems peaceful enough though.

Dockworkers vs. ghouls!

Early this morning, shortly after daybreak hard-working dockworkers where set upon by a group of ghouls which clawed their way out of 3 large crates the workers were unloading from a ship from Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra in Northrend. The crates were marked as containing rare resources on the shipping manifest - but clearly ghouls are not rare these days. With only minor injured and a few scratches the group of dock-workers hacked the ghouls to pieces and opened bottles of Jasper's Last Porter, the malt porter named after Jasper Hemn, a famous union foreman who died in a tragic work-related accident 8 years ago. After their drink, they resumed work. "Crates don't unload 'emselves, do they?" a dockworker was heard saying as he wiped his hands in his shirt and resumed work.