ars are closing, common commodities as well as luxury items are starting to get scarce in the city and panic is growing as rumours tell of the outer edges of the Kingdom being overrun by scourge. But one thing is more scarce than any of this. Guards. With more and more businesses closing their shops in Stormwind due to the imminent danger and scourge running amok in the country side - a lot of wares was left behind. Looters now run unstopped in the streets and the before boarded up shops are starting to look less and less boarded up as looters leave a trail of destruction and plundering behind them. It is not only the cultists and ghouls making the city unsafe - criminals and opportunistic people are as well. With most guard units off fighting the Scourge in Redridge citizens have come to rely on themselves and their neighbours to help defend against criminals and ghouls, a horrible solution as we all know trusting your neighbour in Stormwind will at best land you an insult, at worst it will get you sliced up in 431 pieces as it turns out to be a serial killer. From looting boarded up shops to selling useless gear postulated to protect against the scourge - sometimes dear reader, we citizens are our own worst enemy, and it is only amplified by the fact yelling "Guards!" is even less likely to produce a uniform clad officer then it was only a week ago. Want to report a crime? Good luck finding one of the few guards still on duty in the capital. Despite the guards having left the city in large numbers, despite the plunderers and opportunistic souls taking advantage of others then there is moments of Light (yes a pun) in these dark days. I see people connecting over helping each other when I walk the streets of our loved city. I see strangers helping old ladies get cats down fr.. okay I can't lie to you. I don't see any of that, I see people arguing, insulting each other over whether or not a mask makes any sense when faced with an invasion of ghouls (Tip, it won't help you to wear a mask as a ghoul slices through your lower abdomen or rips your throat out - but they do come in purple!), this is not the time to diversion it is time for unity citizens of Stormwind. Stand firm, stand fast, together we can get through this.