onight Stormwind's Holy community was shocked when agents of the Kirin Tor and officers of The First Company - engaged in combat with a vile necromancer and his minions in the crypt beneath the Stormwind Cathedral! Tonight First Company, one of the more well-known guard units in Stormwind was contacted by agents from the Kirin Tor. Apparently they had sources and reports indicating a necromancer was operating beneath the Stormwind Cathedral - in the very crypts which holds holy people of the past. With efficiency and a firm resolution the two groups descended on the necromancer and his undead minions. The fight was nasty, reeked of Necromantic magic and Holy Light clashing beneath the Cathedral. Rumours has it the fighting could be heard in Old Town and the air in inside the Cathedral stood still for brief moments and is the entire planet held her breath - waiting to see the result of the battle.
Captain Thodim: Tonight at around twenty hundred hours we got reports of necromancy activity from the Kirin Tor. We conducted cleansing patrols and eventually tracked the source to a Necromancer in the Cathedral Catacombs. The Necromancer had a small army of undead. The threat was neutralized and we cleansed the area of all further threats. We urge the public to report anything unusual they see to the City Guard, not to travel alone in the city at night if possible and most importantly to not panic. The city is well protected.
As you may have guessed then the forces of good prevailed - the necromancer was slain and his minions returned to their eternal slumber. After the ordeal the remains where carried out of the crypt and burned in an alley near the City Hall. Holy Light was used to cleanse the area and besides a few samples taken by the Kirin Tor then little remain of the necromancer or his minions. Captain Thodim of First Company offered us the above statement and volunteered to answer a few questions: M. Thorpe: Oh well I am glad to hear it has been dealt with. I must admit I was a little concerned when I heard you were burning bodies. Captain Thodim: We wished to remove any potential biohazard risk to the populace. H. Lester: Was this necromancer working alone? besides his minions of course Captain Thodim: At this point we assume he was a lone wolf, however we do not know for certain and urge the public to be vigilant and report any unusual activity. H. Lester: If the situation is dealt with and neutralized then why is the citizens urged to not travel alone at night? Captain Thodim: Precautionary following advice from High Command. Protection of the citizens, until we can assure the public this was just a one off, we ask them to take precautions. H. Lester: You said cleansed, what is this biohazard you mentioned? Captain Thodim: Due to the necromancy and undeath, we allowed Light users to remove all traces. H. Lester: So its contagious? Captain Thodim: Further tests will be needed to determine that. However we eliminated all traces. H. Lester: Huh. I didn't realize that was a thing. I thought it was just.. morally grey magic. H. Lester: You said the necromancer had a lair of sort in the catacombs? Captain Thodim: Indeed. H. Lester: How did that happen? you think he .. or she? has accomplices within the Holy Light organisations which helped him slip past their guards? Captain Thodim: That we are unaware of. H. Lester: So to sum up, necromancer with minions hiding beneath the cathedral. Kirin Tor informed you, guy was dealt with, everything burned besides samples Kirin Tor took? Captain Thodim: Yes that is correct. H. Lester: And citizens are urged to be careful and not walk alone until further notice? Captain Thodim: Yes and the City guard are doing extra patrols. We are here to ensure the protection of the populace. H. Lester: Thank you for your time then Captain, and your faithful service to this city and her citizens. The details are still sparse as of yet, sources are being quiet for now, but if YOU saw something, then get in touch!