orgens and other shapeshifters are extremely allergic to Wolfsbane, a herb growing wild in especially the northern parts of the world. According to sources then a trend is spreading in Stormwind as of late - rubbing one’s body in Wolfsbane extract, or spaying it on like perfume. The trend seems to be started by street peddler Jack Grain, who claims a diluted solution of the oil does not affect shapeshifters but it is simply just not true, and that is only the beginning of the problems. The extract - or perfume as he calls it, is in fact still strong enough to strongly overpower the worgen sense of smell and while it mostly just makes them shy away from whoever wears the perfume, then it can in some circumstances result in a frenzied panic if the person feels threatened with nowhere to go to escape the powerful scent. A worgen in such a state may become violent and that usually leads to things we would all (including the worgen) prefer does not happen. But the worgen population in Stormwind is not the only ones at risk here. Wolfsbane is also a neuro toxin, and amongst side-effects like paralysis, debilitating headaches, muscle-cramps- and spasms, then it can also lead to erectile dysfunction. One of the early movers on this trend is the relatively well-known bard and actor, Kyndon. I caught him a late night in Lion’s Rest for a comment. H. Lester: I hear you rub yourself in an oil extract from the herb Wolfsbane? Kyndon: Oh that, it was a test for a new fragrance mixed with some others. Thought it might stop the effect it has on worgen, seems not. Simply mistake, trial and error. H. Lester: It can lead to erectile dysfunction. Did you know that? Kyndon: It is? Well shoot, I'm gonna have to go complain then. H. Lester: Yeah? complain to who? where did you get it? Kyndon: Some herbalist called Jack Grain. Told me of the affect it had on Worgen but said if I mixed it with oil from other herbs it would be fine. Hence the trial and error. H. Lester: Apparently you are not the only one who has been wearing it as a perfume Kyndon: So I wasn't the first. Strange that, it is a large city so of course it makes sense if I don't bump into them. H. Lester: I think your supplier might be a more likely culprit than you Kyndon: Mhm maybe so. Haven't seen him in two days, turned down his last batch as I was told not to wear it by the guards. H. Lester: Did he have a shop? or was it a street peddler? Kyndon: Street peddler. H. Lester: Figured. Got a description? Kyndon: Human male, about... five foot, eight. Shoulder length black hair, didn't seem like he washed it often. Slim build, wore a green vest with a dark green shirt under it. Brown trousers with a dark blue patch on his left knee. Then a pair of old leather shoes. Oh yeah hazel eyes. H. Lester: You have quite the memory. Kyndon: As a bard, we gotta know who our fans are. Since some are crazy. The question is what the motive is of this Jack Grain, the price is not high enough for it to be about an easy earning, Wolfsbane, and especially turned into an oil is not cheap or easy to produce, rose scented water would be a better product to get people to buy - so what others reasons and motives could our mysterious street peddler have? One possible motive could be a hope to cause a worgen to run amok and hurt innocents and cause problems for the worgen community in Stormwind, another motive could be to simply hurt people and poison them with the toxin, but since the extract being sold as body oil IS diluted, that seems less likely. If anyone sees the street peddler, or knows more about the case, then please contact The Lion's Roar.