edgwyn Hearthland was born 28 years ago in Kul Tiras. She grew up alone with her father, navy captain Barr Heartland, after her mother died in childbirth. Her favourite experience was so spend time in the woods, creating natural remedies or sailing the sea with her father. Half a year ago she travelled with her father to Stormwind who invested a large sum in the tavern “Pig and Whistle” . Redgwyn started to work as a barmaid and manager together with her crew staff and the original manager Yazmin. With her charming ways and warm hospitality, she managed to create a flourishing tavern with both the old locals and new costumers flooding the bar in a short period of time. While working in the tavern she also offered her own life experience and wisdom to the Lion’s Roar Newspaper and had her own column, "Apple Red", in which she gave relationship advices. These letters and answers were clear and friendly, yet with a sense of right and wrong and written in a way that any commoner could visualize and understand. As the business bloomed so did Redgwyn’s ambitions and soon she invested in a new tavern in our beloved mage quarters. "The blue Recluse". Together with the charity foundation - Ambers Foundation she established a cooperation between staff and organisations were a part of the profit was given to charity in the name of the foundation. She also intended to create a tavern and bar union to stand up against "local guard barrel inspections" and uniting all the taverns in a cooperation Stormwind never had seen before. Miss Redgwyn had no children and any items of gold or worth she leaves behind to The Amber Foundation charity for former criminals and sailors who struggle to find a lawful job and recover from past life experiences. She will be deeply missed in the Blue Reclusive and the streets of Old Town and by all of us at the Lion's Roar.