he last two days a certain atmosphere and anxiety has held Stormwind in a vice grip. Gossip, rumours, uncertainty and more questions than answers. From the kitchen staff saying the King's breakfast returned untouched, to witnesses seeing a golden armoured man being lifted into the sky from Lion's Rest by what seemed to be banshees. The Royal Court has twice announced emergency meetings, only to postpone them, tonight that meeting finally happened, and our worst fears were confirmed. King Anduin Wrynn is missing. Abducted. At the meeting Count Essington, High Consul of the Royal Court had the following statement:
Some days ago our beloved King Anduin Wrynn, High King of the Alliance was taken from this very city and abducted by as of yet unknown forces. In the absence of the High King, High Exarch Turalyon has been appointed Regent of Stormwind.
The High Consul went on to talk about what this means for the city and alliance short term.
One: All leave is rescinded with immediate effect. All Guards and Military units are called to battle-readiness with immediate effect. Two: All military installations of the Kingdom and all troops are placed on high alert. Three: Before the end of the weekend, a full inventarisation will be made of the troops to be recalled to the Capital to arrange for adequate security. Four: With immediate effect the City Guards are sanctioned to start full armed patrols of the City Streets. Further measures are not excluded at this time.
After listing the measures the High Consul went on to elaborate on why these measures are needed:
With the absence of the King, the situational assessment is that the forces behind the abduction are likely and interested to exploit the Chaos in the Kingdom. In order to avoid this situation from being exploited, an immediate effort is to be made to secure the City and the Kingdom in quick and immediate response. Meanwhile the intelligence agencies are asked to further investigate the recent happenings.
After the statements by the High Consul the floor was opened to questions by the court members and public. Magus Cloudwhisper raised her concern for the public in regards to additional measures concerning guards and fully armed guards. Magus Cloudwhisper: No doubt, these are indeed troubling times. Such times do cause for measures to protect us all. However, I do have a concern. You mentioned fully armed patrols of the Guard. Whilst I agree, I do believe it is best that we reassure the public about this particular measure..given our recent investigations from the Guard Misconduct Committee. In reply to her concerns, both the High Consul and later, Lieutenant Silva reassured her that these new measures are not an excuse for guards to run rampant or ignore established civil-rights. Count Essington, High Consul of the Royal Court: The Guard Patrol warrant is without further measures and no martial law is enacted at this time. So, these armed patrols are in addition to the current duties of the guard. And Magus Cloudwhisper elaborated on her question: Magus Cloudwhisper: Of course. I just want the public to be reassured given the cases we were investigating, fully armed patrols might raised alarm in some people's minds. The last thing we need is more unrest. Especially now. After that Lieutenant Silva, First Company gave his reassurances as well. Lieutenant Silva, First Company: I would like to reassure the members of the court and the people of the Stormwind that in light of recent events and despite the new measures being adopted henceforth that the First Company and the other Guard Companies, I am sure, will continue to diligently adhere to our respective situational control protocols and other procedures. Others asked about whether this in any way impacts the armistice with the horde, to which the High Consul replied that the armistice remains in effect and nothing indicates the Horde is behind the abduction of the King. Others expressed that now is the time for the Alliance to stand together to face this unknown enemy, and others again wanted to know from where in the city the King was abducted. The High Consul refused to answer that due to the ongoing investigation, but here at The Lion's Roar we would be surprised if it was not connected to the witnesses seeing a golden armoured man lifted into the sky from Lion's Rest. There was also questions concerning the safety of other high ranking members of the Alliance, as well as members of the Royal Court itself. The measures listed above as well as a throughout investigation and further protective measures undertaken by the High Command are the answer to those questions. The danger and risk is tangible, and it is being handled. Dame Bridget Halliday also had this to say: Dame Bridget Halliday: If I can briefly touch upon some of Magus Cloudwhispers statements from earlier regarding public unrest. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, what has happened recently with the abduction of his Majesty is unprecedented. Whilst calm must be maintained, the citizenry would do well to have their wits about them - these are dire times indeed... At the end of the meeting the court voted upon the four above mentioned measures and every member of the Royal Court in attendance voted for them. They will be in effect Saturday morning. The meeting finished with High Consul of the Royal Court, Count Essington addressing the court members and the audience:
We as a Grand Alliance, from Gnome to Draenei and from Pandaren to Kul Tiran, we stand as one. Though the hardships we as Stormwind are facing today, our commitment to the Alliance shall not waver, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. We face a challenge but, like all challenges we have faced, we will overcome and we shall endure. Our King shall return and shall rule once more, for this we shall work tirelessly, today, tomorrow and the days to come. Rest assured, the Royal Court will not yield, untill our whole Alliance will shine once more as the beacon of safety, protection and a fair future for Azeroth.