e all know Mondays are the worst, but for a local bard and reporter the night turned out to be worse than most. The duo were chatting outside The Shady Lady, having a talk about being a bard and entertaining people, bringing joy into their lives when a human thug walked up on them, rifle at the ready. "Alright lads, GOLD! COUGH IT UP!, make it choppy!", the thug was clearly in a hurry to rid the two people of their money, despite obviously having the wrong people if he expected them to carry gold coins around, but as events unfolded, the thug got something much different. The gnome reporter who was standing on the side of a planter when the would-be-mugger showed up luckily spotted a patrol from the Echo Company crossing the bridge from Old Town and heading towards the tunnel to Dwarven District. Without thinking of the potential consequences of his actions, he quickly yelled out for the guards, followed by a snarky remark to the robber. Turning on a dime and changing direction, the guard patrol quickly reached the two innocent victims, the sound of their heavy boots must finally have made the mugger realise that his game was up and he took off down the street towards the bridge to Cathedral District. But he did not get far, the guards soon caught up to him.

The aftermath

Kyndon and Mister Frostcog was escorted to the command center and their statements taken. Before leaving they identified the mugger which earned Mister Frostcog a death threat from the criminal, to which he replied: "Oh lovely, death threats, and it is not even midnight yet." The guards kept him in custody and unlike him then the bard and editor could leave, and spend rest of the night in freedom. This could have been the happy ending of the story, but alas, later that night with only a skeleton crew of guards on duty, a group of masked men forced their way into the command center and freed the would-be-mugger. Who he truely was, with that kind of bold and dangerous compatriots is anyones guess. But at least he didn't get to mug anyone that night.