t is Wednesday night and as per usual chaos descended upon Old town, I was just taking a walk when I strolled upon the scene. Guards from Echo company, along with a couple of mages who appeared to be channelling some kind of shield where all surrounding a man. It took me awhile to realize what was going on but after I noticed the six grenades strapped to the man's chest, I was all too happy to back away to a safer distance at one of the guard’s suggestion. The man with the grenades tried to negotiate his way out, insisting he would set off the grenades if they did not let him walk away as well as threatening to kill more hostages he claimed was being held by an accomplice which he appeared to be communicating with through a communications device. The guards however were not intimidated by his threats and stood their ground. As I watched more mages turned up to add their power to the shield and I realized they were preparing to shield the public from the explosion in case the grenades were to go off. A second shield was the formed around a Guardsman, I later found out to be Commander Preston, and he tackled the man to the floor. The grenades were released, dropping, and rolling on the floor, I braced expecting an explosion. But nothing happened. It turns out the grenades were duds, or fakes. The man was promptly cuffed, arrested and brought back to Echo company, I did try to get a statement from Echo though was not exactly surprised when they turned me away as it seems all guards are now under orders not to speak with people from the press. I did however manage to speak to a witness who was there from the start and she told me the whole story:
“Tonight's affair was a Mister Butch Muller, he shot a Mister O'Brian in the head and chest, then when the guards came, he grasped his grenades and threatened to blow up Old town. Thankfully, the guards were fast thinking and put a ward round him. When he fell to the floor the grenades failed to explode and he was taken away. Only in the cells to then attack the Captain of the echo company.
I asked the witness if they knew anything about the hostages as well:
“He claimed to have hostages that one of his companions was killing. Yet it seemed a bluff if you ask me.”
I have not been able to confirm whether the hostages were just a ruse, though it does seem likely nor can I tell you how Mister Muller is to be punished but I like to think he will be tried fairly and punished as befitting his crimes.