few weeks ago, when I saw a girl climbing a ladder and lighting one of the streetlamps herself, she agreed to come in for an interview with me and our assistant Wyra so we could find out more. Mel: Let us start with your name. Nightbird: I uh.. Well, I go by Nightbird. I find that more creative. Mel: Ah then Nightbird it shall be. Wyra: It is definitely mysterious! And intriguing. Mel: May I ask, how long have you been lighting the streetlamps in the city? Nightbird: How long? Hmm, I moved into Stormwind half a year ago, where I took upon the task of being a lamplighter. It sounded simple enough. Wyra: You know -- I have lived here my whole life and I have never thought about who lights the lamps and why and when! Nightbird: Oh yeah, I have noticed that many thought they were magically powered or engineered by gnomes! Mel: I must admit, I thought that until I saw you lighting them. Do others work alongside you or do you light all of the lamps yourself? Nightbird: Oh goodness no- I do not light all the lamps myself. I have many colleagues who do their part in different parts of the City. Harbour included. I myself follow a long route of at least... dare I say; hundred lamps? Or at least close to that number. Mel: Oh my, that is quite a number. How long does it take you to get through them all? Nightbird: At least- four hours. Wyra: Who do you work for? Is there an organization, or just... the government? Nightbird: Me and my colleagues are sent off on these routes by our employer, or well; boss. So.. I'd say an organization serving the government? Mel: Does it pay well? Nightbird: I would not recommend it if you got a family to take care of. I only get enough to get a roof over my head. A little apartment. Mel: Ah. Do you find the job rewarding though? Or just a lot of work? Nightbird: I would not say too rewarding when it comes to coin, but the job itself? Yes, it's a -lot- of work. But the people I meet along my route is what makes it entertaining. I get to meet so many new people and sometimes, some will even offer to walk along with me to keep me company. Which I absolutely don't decline! I always love to have a little company during my repetitive job. Mel: I imagine being a lamp lighter wasn't what you dreamed of as a kid, were there any other careers you wanted to pursue? Nightbird: Other careers? Hmmm. I've had many dreams I wanted to pursue. Such as enlisting myself to the Night Watch in Duskwood, becoming a sorcerer, maybe a scout, hunter, explorer... Many thoughts and wishes. - Hmm. Mel: Any your still hoping to pursue or are you content keeping the streets lit? Nightbird: I suppose I really wish to be an explorer? Get out and see things. But that'd require that I know how to fight, to defend myself. Mel: Oh, there was one other thing I was meaning to ask, When we met you last night a man came to inform you one of them lamps had gone out.. Does that happen often? Nightbird: Oh, actually, not at all. It was a first. Later in the night, when I had just gone through the Lion's Rest, a man walked up to me and went; "Chop chop! The lamps don't light themselves!". At first I just chuckled at him, but I later realized that he might’ve been intending to sound rude. But luckily, he was quick to walk away again. Wyra: Next time, thank him for being your personal cheerleader. Mel: Well. I for one really appreciate the work you do even if it is not your preferred job. Wyra: Me too! I would be wandering around Stormwind aimlessly for hours if I couldn't see my way! I think Wyra is right, many of us would be, if we went out at all. The streets are dangerous enough at night without being left in complete darkness, so I am for one incredibly grateful for those underpaid and underappreciated souls who light up our dark streets.