he short answer to the question posed in the headline is no. No "Cabbage Ron and the City of Stormwind" is not a stinker. Nor a sinker. For the better part of half an hour the theatre group "Midnight Theatre" dazzled the citizens of Stormwind, high and low, with their play about the somewhat unlucky Cabbage Ron who goes to the big city to sell his cabbages so his family can eat and make it through the winter. Alas, despite his wife’s warnings then his trip turns out to be anything but simple.

The big city:

Cabbage Ron and the City of Stormwind takes Ron through various ordeals, like any good story his situation turns from bad to worse to outright deadly, and only through the actions of a beneficial supreme leader - does he end the play with a beating heart. Between corrupt guard, an outright mean and cruel ren'dorei woman named Voidenia Voidknickers, and a buxom and lustful draenei named Lustilia Highbreast, Ron finds his purpose of selling his cabbages to be anything but obtainable, and shortly before the end of the play, Ron even dies by the hands - well - rapier - of the husband of said buxom draenei. The Lieutenant admiral and Lord Commander. Best Gryphon Rider, artist, bard, Prodigy mage, the last Highlander. The Winner of "Most ripped lifeguard". The man who fought in all wars from first to fourth. The one who killed Legion, Horde, Undead and more. That guy. And with his last breath he thinks of his wife, then collapses on the ground. But as we all think the play is over, and Ron has taken his last breath, royal guards show up and clear the way for King Anduin himself who in a marvellous display of the good of the Light resurrects the poor farmer. With little time wasted Ron is resurrected, the King holds a speech and Ron is sent off to the war. It is not exactly explained what war, but off to the war Ron goes.


This is where the play ends, and I was not the only one who was sad with a feeling of despair and grief. What of the wife and the kids? What of poor Ron's family? Ron goes off to war, but never brings money home from the sale of the cabbages stolen by the guard and defiled by Voidenia Voidknickers. What is their fate? will they live? I asked the play writer Eugene Ross, who also played Cabbage Ron, what will become of the family: Eugene Ross: "Ah, about Ron's family. Well, I suppose we will have to wait for the continuation of the story to find out. A cheap hook, I know, but that's how it goes in entertainment business." Despite his charming smile then I was not satisfied with this answer. Enthralled with the performance and the play, I had to know. H.Lester: "At least promise they will be alright?" Eugene Ross: "Oh, that I can promise, good sir."


Relieved to hear that Cabbage Ron's family will be alright, and that the Midnight Theatre already have plans for a follow up to this huge success, then all which is left for me is to hand out some lionheads. Cabbage Ron and The City of Stormwind gets 4 lionheads out of 5.