onight, at midnight a theather group performs their original play - Cabbage Ron and the City of Stormwind. As a leadin to that we decided to track down one of the members of the group and ask him a few questions about the upcoming play on the shore of make-out-pond. H.Lester: This good? K.Lachlan: Yeah, this is grand. We actually practised here. K.Lachlan: Yeah, easy enough spot to all meet up without getting interrupted. Add in the refugee's boom. H.Lester: Before we get to far into it, could you introduce yourself? and the troupé? is that what it is called that you are part of? K.Lachlan: Kyndon Lachlan is my name. A part of The Midnight Theatre. H.Lester: Is this the first play you do in public? K.Lachlan: It is yes, first for all of us doing it. Though I've a slight edge with Barding as well so I'm use to a crowd. H.Lester: How many are involved in it? and it is an original script? K.Lachlan: The script is original yes, made by the very Eugene Ross. Currently there is me, Eugene, Kaorra and two or three more. H.Lester: I believe three om them performed at the poetry meeting last week? K.Lachlan: Indeed so, that would be Eugene, Kaorra and the last one escapes me. She's new to the play and group. H.Lester: What can you tell us about the play? what can we expect? K.Lachlan: Well I cannot give too much away sadly, else it will ruin the play. But you can expect some bits of it to poke fun at certain types of people, a good laugh as well, maybe some facts of what goes on within the kingdom itself. H.Lester: Political satire? K.Lachlan: Hmmm. There isn't very much of that within it, just maybe the 'King' showing up and giving a speech. Doing what he does best. H.Lester: Hah sounds interesting at least. And it is at Midnight tomorrow? behind the Cathedral? K.Lachlan: Indeed it is, we'll be using the bit with benchs and gazebo type thing. H.Lester: Tickets? or free admission? K.Lachlan: Free admission. H.Lester: And I assume if this is a success then it won't be the last we see of your group? K.Lachlan: Maybe so, there might be a tale for a other time. H.Lester: I look forward to seeing it, any beverages? hotdogs? K.Lachlan: Not as far as I'm aware sadly, might be something we'd look into for next time. H.Lester: I'll make sure to bring my own then, thank you for your time Kyndon.