nd here is this weeks breakdown of the fights. Enjoy.


Luna v Green Menace: Up first Luna, a young looking draenei lass. She doesn't seem to be built like a brawler, but we will see how she does in her first brawl against the Green Menace, I have seen this gnome once before and must say I was not impressed. She starts off well though, running through the draenei’s legs and dragging her to the floor with a swift pull of the tail, before being kicked and sent flying clear into the crates. The two actually seem pretty evenly matches despite the huge height distance, trading blows pretty evening but in the end the Green Menace manages to slam her opponent into the ground once more proving size isn't everything as she moves on to the next round. Morty vs Gennan: Another one I am seeing for the first time, a strong well-built man by the name of Gennan going up against our ladies’ man Morty. These two get right into it, Gennaan charges in but Morty sees his blow coming and ducks before landing the first blow of the fight a knee to the man’s chest. For a minute it looks like Morty might win this as he grabs his opponents kicking leg and yanks him off his feet, but the man comes back strong and his fist connects with Morty's jaw with a sickening crunch, almost certainly a broken jaw. Gennan goes through. Briggs vs Fiera: Two lovely ladies I have also never seen before, A well-muscled human lass by the name of Briggs against a Slender elven lady, Fiera. Did I say lovely these girls are fierce, seemingly fighting with so much anger, a personal grudge perhaps? After a flurry of angry blows between the two this fight is actually over quite quickly, Briggs managing to claim the victory as she lifts the elven girl with ease and slams her to the ground. Briggs goes through. Lucian vs Rev: It seems Lucian's opponent fled in fear! Cannot blame them I would not want to be kicked in the nuts either... If I had them. So, Danny called out for any brave enough to face him and oddly enough three men stepped forward. Brave indeed. After careful examination of each of them Danny selected Rev, the largest of the three to go up against Lucy. Rev starts it off with a punch to Lucian's stomach, which he does not even try to dodge! Instead he grabs the poor man by the hair and jumps up forcing all his weight down on the man as he slams his face into the cobbles. Savage. The man does not give up though as he strikes back catching Lucy's shoulder before blocking a knee to the bollocks, I’m sure he must have seen that one coming. It is Lucian after all. Oh my it seems Lucy didn't like being denied his signature move as he aims a rather viscous and possibly calculated blow to the man's kneecap, dislocating it, the pain is clear on the man's face but somehow he manages to keep his feet as he aims a wild blow towards Lucian who... I should not be surprised... it is Lucian after all, but I really though he had this one - but Lucian once more disqualified himself with magic. Rev goes through... but will he be able to fight in round two?


Green Menace vs Briggs: Briggs up next against the Green menace and she starts it off with a swift kick to the face sending the poor gnome flying. Menace jumps right back up though and charges Briggs ramming her head into the woman's stomach and gets repaid with another blow to the face, blood dripping from a broken nose the gnome hits the floor with a thud and gently carried off by her opponent, poor little gnome. Briggs goes through. Rev vs Gennan: I’m surprised to see someone recover so quickly from a dislocated knee but Rev is back and ready to fight against Gennan, he charges in for the first blow which seems to surprise his much larger opponent more than hurting him, the two trade a few blows, dodging and blocking then in quite a shocking move Rev manages to off balance the much larger man and flip him over his shoulder. Gennan hits the floor hard but does not let it daze him, he springs back up scoring an upper cut to Rev's chin who responds with two fast blows knocking his opponent to the floor. And with that Rev goes through!


And in the final we see Briggs face off against Rev. Briggs wastes no time, rushing straight in with a kick to the face, Rev stumbles but keeps smiling as tries to strike back. Briggs blocks with a fist and clearly deciding she needs to wipe that smile off his face she aims a knee to his manhood, cruel. She then dodges past his strike and leaps onto his back, a chocking arm around his throat and unable to get out of the hold Rev concedes the fight and gets a kiss on his check from our new champ. How sweet. I managed to get a few minutes with our new champ to get her picture for the paper and as I always do I asked her for a quote... There was an awkward silence, it wasn't until she took out a notepad and pencil that I realized she was mute. She did however write down a nice quote for me. “My hold-backs don't stop me; they shouldn't stop you either!”