erhaps one of the best kept secrets of the last few weeks, is the news of the "Decap Killer". A serial murderer who in the last three weeks have killed at least nine people and left the collective guard forces of Stormwind in a state of confusion and frustration. Especially Echo company seem to have been taken the brunt of it, with having the most of the cases, or put more bluntly, they found most of the decapitated bodies. Warning: the following can be quite upsetting, it deals with murder and gruesome details of such. Don't let your kids read it.

The Decap-Killer:

His - lets be honest, most serial killers are male - victims are decapitated. The heads taken, supposedly as a form of trophy. There is still a lot of questions regarding the killer and his methods but the puzzle is slowly coming together, pieces are sliding into place next to others. But can the guards capture the Decap-Killer before he strikes again? Last week we wrote about the Stormwind Strangler, he killed two and First Company was all over the case, actively increasing patrols, devoting manpower and resources to solve it. Now - exclusively in the Lion's Roar Newspaper - we can tell the public about the Decap-Killer. The killer left 8 of his 9 confirmed victims without a head. The guards have made little progress, and apparently the killer got impatient, wanted attention and fame - in this case, attention he shall get, fame? less of that. He is a foul monster no one would look up to. Attention is what he craves - as shown by the fact he had an elven woman approach a reporter of this paper with a letter from his own hands. The woman you ask? Well First Company has her and refuses to tell us anything. Let us hope she did not have vital information the public needs to know to stay safe or to help the guards capture him. The letter is the writings of a madman, we where threatened, the direct quote was, "Publish, or off with your head." - but despite this, then we are not going to publish the letter, we cannot be threatened, we do not dance to the music of a mad piper. We will however briefly list the murders - but only because we want the public to come forward with information they have.

The ugly list:

We are not going to go into the gory details of each killing. It is neither nessecary, nor will it add anything. As stated above then we are listing it here in hopes of someone knowing something will come forward. We promise full discretion. 1. First murder was a male worgen, he was found in the harbour area by a passer-by. It was reporter to Echo company who handles the case. In the letter to us the killer says it was a "kill order" - we assume this means he someone ordered his death. His head was proof the killer states. Someone out there must know of a hit ordered on a worgen man in the last month. You may have ordered the hit, and be guilty of that, but that does not mean you can't help catch a serial killer. Contact us if you know anything. The man was also found with a picture on him of a woman, who she is is unknown and the guards (Echo Company) have asked us to bring the picture - maybe a reader recognizes her. If you do, tell the guards, and then.. tell us. 2+3. Second and third where also worgens. From our information then they where found side by side in Dwarven District by First Company. Both show void contamination, internal hemorrhaging caused by a void infused dagger. The seperations of the heads were messy and must have taken some time and effort to do. 4. Fourth is where it diverts a bit, so far you might have thought it was about a hatred for worgens, but no, race does not seem to play into it - as this one was a ren'dorei, a priest according to sources. During the attack the woman managed to flee the killer, or as he puts it in his letter "But.. she was a nuisance. She ran away before we could be friends." Unfortunately, before she could reach help, she died from bloodloss and the foul void magic the killer used on her. Alone and in a dark alley in Old Town she expired, leaving this world. 5. Upset about the loss of the woman the killer quickly sought a new target, this time a Pandaren. On the same night he struck and added the head to his collection. A grandmaster of martial arts according to one of our sources, yet taken down by the killer, and head removed. According to the letter written by the murderer then the pandaren forgave him his foul deeds. Alas, the murdered did not understand why he was given forgiveness. What a surprise. 6. Six. "I still needed a girl, one that wouldn't run away." and with those words the killer goes on to describe his next victim, a human woman, apparentice mage. Apparently he promised her to pull a rabbit out of her head. Try not to let that mental image linger in your head dear reader. 7. When he gets to number seven he starts rambling about having lost number one. The worgen who was killed and found in the harbour. "You know that feeling, when you raise a pet and then someone takes it from you because they didn't like how you raised it? It's not fair. He was my favorite.". How he lost the head he does not mention, perhaps the ones who ordered the kill initially claimed it as proof? Number seven was a Kaldor'rei woman, apparently she confronted the killer about him talking "Shath'Yar". 8. This one is still bit vague, according to the killer then he killed a dwarf, wanted to use him as a mop? then states, "What a waste of energy. I don't even have anything to mop up." But neither First, nor Echo company has any decapitated dwarfs. Someone claims Third City Sentry Company may have found that one, we are hoping to get this confirmed soon. 9. The final one so far. A gnome, we don't know a whole lot about this one, "I don't like gnomes either, but I was.. itchy!" is what the killer writes about him. He was tortured and besides missing a head, also missing an arm. Four, Five, Six, Seven where all found by Echo company, as was number 9. Currently we are looking into number 8 but it is assumed Third City Sentry Company handles that particular case. "Nine friends.. isn't a lot. I want more! It's so fun!" I think it is clear this will not be the last article about the Decap-Killer, we will devote time and energy to keep you all updated on any developments in the case. Stay safe out there, try to not walk the streets at night alone. Be near other people, take care of each other Stormwind.