eadore starts the fight with a flying kung fu style kick right to Blofon's face, ouch first blood of the fight... At least I assume that gloopy blue stuff is blood and not just a runny nose. It barely phases Blofons who grabs the man by the hair holding him in place for a nasty looking headbutt, Teadore manages to tear himself free barely dazed by the blow as he somersaults back landing a blow to Blofons Jaw. Though Teadore was not fast enough in his retreat as Blofons scores a massive blow as he brings his hoof down in Tea's face, ugh I could just hear the pain in his yell. That Had to hurt! Though good on him he kept going, trying to dis balance his opponent but this Draenie is an unmoveable force, he makes a grab for Teadore's neck but he is too fast, dodging under his arm before aiming a shot to his liver.. Oh perhaps that was a mistake, it puts Teadroe in a bad position as Blofons turns on him grabbing him from behind with a choking grip around his neck and its all over! Teadore cannot escape his grip and that makes Blofons this week’s champion! Well there you have it, Blofons did tell us he was going to win and he did not disappoint. I caught up with our champ for a few words after the fight. Mel: How about a quote from this week’s champ for our readers? Blofons: Of course, I have not lied since I have been born. My mother might not live anymore, but she would still hit me if I would lie now. Blofons: A quote? Let me think... What about... "The Blacksmith steals the show!" Mel: Oh, you’re a blacksmith? Blofons: Absolutely hated saying that and will do so for the rest of his life. Blofons: Yes, I am! Mel: How did you learn to fight like that if I may ask? Blofons: Hrm, it was never am easy life on Argus, I am sure you have heard the tales. But yes, I was lucky I was able to get away from the chaos in time... But even on all the other places we have been, it was hard... Oh! At this point our interview was interrupted by Teadore who apparently enjoyed the choke hold so much he came back for another hug. Strange man. A thing for the gents? Or just big strong Draenie males? Who knows? Anyway, I did manage to get a nice picture of our Champion before heading off. See you folks all next week!