irst of all, an apology for this news arriving this late. We have had to change printing companies - the layout of the paper has changed, and as a result of that some articles got delayed, this was one of them, but hopefully this won't be an issue going forward. New printing press, new operators, and new technology, magic and portals to make us able to deliver the news to YOU, even faster than before. But all that is not what you wanted to read about, you wanted to read about the Stormwind Strangler. So here goes.

The Capture:

It is Sunday. Midnight is approaching. Mel and I are at city hall, reporting a crime to First Company, unrelated to this story, when a woman come rushing in, saying she have been attacked in Old Town. A bunch of guards, lead by Senior-Constable Ivana St-Claire quickly rush off, followed closely by Mel and I. The woman - who turns out to be a druid - fled from a man who tried to strangle her. She shapeshifted and rushed to the guards, despite her multiple injuries she made it to the City Hall, and also helped lead the guards back to catch the guy who was stupidly still there, possibly due to the large crowd which seemed to have cornered him. Initially, as we reach Old Town there is a bit of confusion about where the perpetrator is, but the guy is spotted in an alley near the sewers, and the guards quickly rush him. Senior-Constable Ivana St-Claire and the other guards quickly corner him, his back against the sewer overflow. Senior-Constable Ivana St-Claire: "You have nowhere to go. Just give up, and come, without making a fuss. " But despite the obvious of her statement, the young man, wearing priestly robes, looked like he might be considering jumping into the muddy sewer water and attempt to swim to freedom, a plan the Senior-Constable quickly shot down with the paintfully obvious stupidity of the scenario: Senior-Constable Ivana St-Claire: "You jump, I throw the spear. Do you think you'll survive, swimming in there, with a spear in you?" At this point everyone who is everything in Old Town, and a few others - had showed up, making the place buzzing with talk and mumbling, some encouraging the guy to make a run for it, others, like the local Old Town personality, "Slinky" assured the guards his men would only interfere if the guy tried to make a run for it. But despite the chaotic nature of the situation, the man was eventually cuffed and brought to the City Hall with the parting words from the Senior-Constable: Senior-Constable Ivana St-Claire: "You're under arrest, under suspicions of assault, as well as a double murder.

The victim's statement:

Once back at the City Hall, the victim was brought outside near a tree so she could easier access the spirits of nature for her healing, Lance-Constable Boyce handled this part. Lance-Constable Boyce: Let's crack on from t' beginnin'.. what were ye' up to, n' what happened? Victim: I went to the Inn in Old Town to get a drink. This young man came up to the bar, introducing himself as "Jorias", asking into my charms and amulets. I answered him, and he started calling my occupation witchcraft, saying that Gilneas got as it deserved believing in such things. I told him off, saying Light is just a different kind of magic and that he was deluding himself to think otherwise. Then I left, first heading down the stairs to see something, then went back up. There, he stopped me, and when I asked him to step aside, he pushed me down the stairs. Victim: I was in this form at the time, hence the rather nasty bruising. He leapt after me before I could stand, trying to choke me. Thankfully I still had the wits to change into my worgen form, getting him off me with the help of some witnesses. Lance-Constable Boyce: Right.. what 'bout the burns? Victim: I said I would go get the guards, turning to change form when he struck me with a bolt of Lightmagic. It singed me pretty good, but also made me stumble into the water which gave me enough of a respite to change into my flight form to get you guards to the scene. Lance-Constable Boyce: N' for the record the culprit was the Jorias we jus' picked up? Medium length black hair, white robes.. Man o' the cloth, so to speak. Victim: Yes. That would be the one. Jorias, as he introduced himself as. Tall, gangly, and pale as death, with greasy black hair reaching to about his shoulders. Lance-Constable Boyce: Alright.. that should do it.

The interrogation:

Meanwhile, in the City Hall Senior-Constable Ivana St-Claire was handling the interrogation. Senior Constable St-Claire: Hello, Jorias. Jorias: Oh.. it's you. Senior Constable St-Claire: You've been busy. Wanna tell me about the scars, again? Those on your cheeks. Jorias: I told you.. they're from a girl I was healing. Senior Constable St-Claire: You can tell the Myranda lie, if you want. Or the truth. Jorias: It's the truth! Senior Constable St-Claire: It's up to you, I've got all night. And you're here, for what's going to feel like... Forever. Really? Because I talked to Myranda. She doesn't remember you. And she had no trace, on her hands. Jorias: I don't believe you. Senior Constable St-Claire: A scar like yours, done by nails... Surely, it leaves a mark. Jorias: I practically saved the girls life. Senior Constable St-Claire: Maybe you did. Or you didn't. Wanna know what I think? I think those pretty little scars are done by someone else. Jorias: Who might that be? Senior Constable St-Claire: Jillian Winters. Name rings a bell? Jorias: No. Senior Constable St-Claire: Really. Because, see. We found prints, on her neck. Our team at the Bureau is trying to figure out who's it is. And I'm pretty sure, they'll find it to be you. It's a time thing. Also. The weapon used to beat the poor girl's head, was... A mallet. What is that, on your belt. I wanna hear you say it. Jorias: It's a ceremonial mallet wielded by priests and clerics of the faith.. Senior Constable St-Claire: A MALLET. Thank you, Jorias. Jorias: But there are thousands of mallets in this city. Senior Constable St-Claire: You're a brother of the church, right, Jorias. A faithfull defender, of the light's will. Jorias: I am.. Senior Constable St-Claire: Why did you attack the worgen girl, then. See, I have you for at least the next fourty eight hours. I could throw you into a cell, in the stockades, go have a good meal, and go ask my two witnesses who saw you attack her. Or you could tell me straight up right now, why you attacked her. Jorias: I didn't attack her.. she.. she is a Witch, she.. she threatened to put a spell on me. If It looked like I attacked her, it was self defence... And those other worgen are her accomplices. Senior Constable St-Claire: Is that your excuse? Jorias: That is what happened. Ask her yourself, she is a witch. Senior Constable St-Claire: It's a plot, and every worgen is out to get you. Jorias: They're corrupted creatures.. Senior Constable St-Claire: So. You're telling me the worgen that came limping at us, attacked you, first. Jorias: No doubt to tell her side of the story, and to make up foul lies about a man of the cloth. A witch would enjoy that, no doubt. Senior Constable St-Claire: Well. Guess I'll go and arrest her, and her two friends, then. UNLESS. Of course. That's the excuse you use, for everything. You don't like foul, creatures, do you. Worgen... Witches... Warlocks... Mages, interested in fel... Mmh? You don't like that, do you? It's alright. I don't like it either. This... Foul magic. That's why you killed them. They seemed so... Pure. Young, women... Children of the light, you thought. But then... You saw something terrible. Right? Roswynn bought a book. A FOUL book. Out of anger, you tried to talk. She wouldn't listen. So you hit her over the head, and when she tried to escape...You strangled her. With your bare hands. Am I right, Jorias? It was an accident. You didn't mean to kill her, but... She deserved it. Jorias: She.. She.. Senior Constable St-Claire: Go on. Tell me. Jorias: She wouldn't listen.. She called me a fool. She.. Laughed at me. I told her to seek out the Light. But she bought that book from that evil looking man... and was going to use it to get powerful... She was a traitor. I had to.. to.. Senior Constable St-Claire: To. What. Jorias: Stop her. Senior Constable St-Claire: Alright. So that's for Roswynn. What about the other one. Senior Constable St-Claire: What about Jillian. Tell me about her. Jorias: I don't know a Jillian. Senior Constable St-Claire: No. Of course not. Didn't even get her name. Let me refresh your memory, I've got a big one. "Choir boy". That's what she called you. She called you that, despite her being a Warlock. Now that couldn't stand. A foul person, like her... She seemed so nice, though. But that thing, inside her... That power, that fel. Jorias: It wasn't like that! Senior Constable St-Claire: Then TELL ME! What was it like, Jorias. Jorias: She was reading another book! Like the other one, by our late King's memorial! He who fought the demons and gave his life for us, and she summoned one! There right next to it, summoned a demon from the abyss! She was a heretic, a sinner and a dog! She needed to be punished! Purged, and the demon killed! Senior Constable St-Claire: So that's what you did. You purged her. And you killed the demon. Is that it? Jorias: I.. started it.. and I asked the Light to do the rest.. She was utterly destroyed. She suffered the Light's wrath, through my hands. I am it's instrument. Senior Constable St-Claire: Wanna know what you are, Jorias. You are a psychopathic little punk, who's going to spend the rest of his life, in a hole. With other criminals, just like you. Jorias: I'd sooner die. Senior Constable St-Claire: Perhaps you will. That will be the judge who'll decide. As he was hauled off to the stockades, the last words we caught was: Jorias: I am not a criminal, I am not a criminal! The city can relax again, especially the young women. The Stormwind Strangler is locked up, and awaits trial.