Round 1:

First up we have Rollo verses Blofons, These two match up pretty well in size and boy was it a close fight but in the end it seems out new comer Rollo wasn't quite up to the challenge and the might Blofons moves on to the next round. Next up Peter goes up against Holly, Peter certainly has the height advantage made quioe obvious as the Dwarf tries to jump to land his first attack but only ends up with Peter's foot in his face. And although he gives it his best peter wins and secures his place in the second round. Another new face is up next, Richard is up against pretty boy Morty. And how bizarre Richard begins the fight with one arm tied behind his back.. But amazingly it worked! And the fight ended with Morty being tackled by the floor by the one handed man. Richard goes through. Next up we see Bal face off against Everlyn, Flips, jumps and rolls, what a fast and acrobatic pair though this fight ends rather abruptly with a rather vicous kick to Bal's manhood and Everlyn goes through to the next round. Next we see Nero versus Vaughn. Vaughn sure seems to enjoy throwing his oponent about, this poor Rendorei spends half the fight on the floor but good on him he keeps getting back and and scores a few good hits but eventually admits defeat. Vaugn goes through. Grethenn versus Barny battle of speed versus Strength as this agile elf takes on the lumbering giant of a man Barnyed versus Strength as this agile elf takes on the lumbering giant of a man Barny. Gethenn starts off strong, dodging and it was all over when Barny caught him, with some brutal hits and a harsh slam to the cobblestones Gethenn is out and Barny moves on to the next round. Gamble takes advantage of his opponents horns, using them like handle bars as he rams the man's face into his knee though maybe all he did was make him angry as Eskella comes back strong ramming his horns into Gambles chest before breaking the mans noes and with that Eskella goes through to the next round. Odd to watch these two fight, Kieran moves with military discipline, his style simple but efficient whereas Teadore is clearly a show off with his dance like spins and kicks. Quite the contrast, both styles prove effective though in the end it is Teadore's dance moves that see's him though to the next round.

Round 2:

And in the Semi we see Blofons face Peter, Another surprisingly fast fight as Blofons takes Pete out with a hoof right to the gut, ouch that looked nasty. Blofons goes through. Both hands now untied, Richard goes up against Everlin.. Surprising to see him struggle so much with two hands considering how he took down our multi time champ Morty with one behind his back but he does claim the victory over Everlyn but only just. Must of just got lucky before. Richard goes through. Next we see Teadore fight again against Vaughn, though this time with a lot less flair, Perhaps he was just showing off for Kieran? Though he does end this fight quit quickly managing to find a weak spot in Vaughn's leg which sends him to the floor. Teadore goes through. The big strong Barny once more up against a speedy opponent, Eskella. And Dam Eskella moves fast, proving almost impossible to catch and scoring some fast but powerful blows against his much larger opponent.. I did say -Almost- As soon as he does catch him, Eskellar doesn't stand a chance as Barny pounds the poor guy into the ground, ending with a body slam.. Ouch. Barny goes through to face Teadore.

Semi Finals:

Next up we get to see if Richard's luck holds up against Blofons... Well he put up a good fight but not only does Blofons win but he does so by knock out with a rather nasty kick to the head. Dam, he's gonna have a head ache in the morning. But with Richards skill seemingly declining through the night from his first cocky one handed fight was he using some kind of Preformance enhancing drug or did he just get really luck in the start? Who knows. Anyway Blofon's Goes through! Straight away Teadore transforms into worgen form to try and even the odds against this much larger and stronger opponent. And wow what a fight I was afraid this fight would never end as these two fierce competitors battled it out, neither seemed to want to go down! But in the end the formidable Barny just had to admit defeat. Teadore goes through. And that folks, was the last fight of the evening. I had a brief chat to our victors before they ran away for their beds, and what wise words did they have for us?: Blofons: "Come visit my shop, the iron horns... Burrowed deep within the Magic quarter... Or whatever it is called." Teadore: "Eat a lot of veggies, don't kill each other and just be cool." Interesting. I then asked which one of them is going to be our champion this week?: Blofons: "Me, ofcourse." Teadore: "Ain't it obvious?" Blofons: "Have you seen him? He is nowhere near the force of myself." Teadore: "No need the force. Before ya would move your hand I would be already dancin' around." Who do you think will win? Only one way to find out. Join us tomorrow night in the alley behind the Shady Lady with our beautiful hostess Danny to find out.