ust over a week ago the streets of old town were filled bright music and cheerful party goers and a general atmosphere of hope filled the air as the Red Jackals promised to protect the citizens and make Old Town a better place. And perhaps for a little while it did seem better, shady backstreet deals and meetings aside. But it seems not all in Old Town appreciate the Jackals presence. Local tavern owner Yaz and her cronies took an instant dislike to these new thugs encroaching on their territory, and of course it wasn't long before it came to blows. Saturday evening the streets were filled with blood as the rival gangs fought and by the sounds of it many civilians were caught in the crossfire. “A man took four bullets for us.” Said Slinky. And it seems he was only one among many severely injured that night... Luckily, as far as I am aware, there were not fatalities. But if this hostility keeps up its only a matter of time before the death toll racks up. So what was it that triggered this night of violence? I spoke to both Yaz and Slinky to try and find out.


“So 'ow it started... Slinky was offered to work t'gether but... Rookies like to measure dicks 'eh? 'E was told to leave and it was left. I walked out last nigh' to see 'im 'avin' a bucket put over 'is 'ead. 'E fell to the ground. I walked over to 'elp 'im up. Was greeted by a large worgen. 'Ad 'is dagger or blade drawn. Within seconds Slinky 'ad a knife to my throat. On top of that a man as small as 'im and lack of strength some 'ow wouldn't let me go.. 'E's goon Greenie 'en sent 'is claws t'wards my chest.


We wen' on a fishin trip two days ago... We caugh' a lo' o' pike. More than we coul' eat. So we salted them an' left them a' the Pig as a gif'... A token o' goo' will. Until las' nigh' 'er husban' started throwin' them a' me in the streets. Once. Twice. Three times. Four times. An' we still gave them the benefi' o' the doub'. Well i go' my head smashed with a bucket. Cause i's all 'er deed. An' we were purposefully targeted.
When asked who attacked him with the bucket he responded “'Er husban.” referring to Yaz. I returned the next evening and managed to have a quick chat with Graves who pretty much confirmed what Slinky had said though it seems to me how the fight actually started is Irrelevant the true reason behind, all involved seem to agree is Respect, or lack thereof. And it seemed with tensions and hatred between the two groups growing an all-out war was all but inevitable.. However last night something changed. I was quite surprised last night to fine the two groups mingling peacefully, even and comforting each other. So what exactly changed? Slinky was very reluctant to give me details, seemingly scared of repercussions and even warned me to stay away from Old town and drop the story.. But I could not deprive the good citizens of the truth, now could I? So here is what I learned. One of Slinky's crew was killed, stabbed to death by yet another gang, The Defias or “Red scarf's” who are apparently currently operating within the city. Slinky of course seeks retribution but would not comment on the matter and although Yaz insists she will not assist Slink in his Vendetta her and her crew will do all they can in conjunction with the Jackals to keep Old Town citizens safe. So it is nice to see them finally getting along, no doubt Old town will be safer for it.. It is just a shame someone had to die to achieve this.