he bouncer was in place, instantly delivering a fatal blow to two local thugs got who got uncomfortably close to Mel, once inside the room went quiet for a moment, only for the chatter to spring to life in the form of a low murmured gossip about us being humans, and me being a particular large one at that. The first thing we noticed, besides being vastly outnumbered by orcs, vulpera, trolls and blood elves was how busy it was in the fairly small place. But despite the busy nature then the staff quickly ran off to fetch someone from the management once they realized we were from The Lion's Roar. In hindsight, maybe something we should have kept quiet, but more on that later. Our first order of business was to head to the bar, manned by a vulpera we were handed a menu card, and luckily my arcane language training came in handy and I ordered a whiskey for Mel, and an Orgrimmar beer for myself. We had barely paid and gotten our beverages before a staff member politely escorted us to a table they picked out for us. In the corner of a landing between two floors. Amazing view of the place, not to busy, and a nice intimate atmosphere for Mel and I to enjoy our first course. Ratchet Shrimps.

A wait worth waiting for:

Despite them forgetting my order of shrimps, then the wait was not to bad, and when the plate arrived with the deliciously looking little nuggets of appetizing seafood I was not disappointed. Boiled just enough to have a bit of bite to them, the garlic strong enough to be tasted, but not so strong it overpowered the taste of seafood and the dryness of the spices you - as a person who likes food - quickly come to associate with The Barrens, could not be tasted. The Shrimps were served with what I understand was a turnip dip, a little strong in the taste, and I only had one dip. The Shrimps themselves far to delicious for the overpowering turnip dip. With the shrimps I enjoyed a cooled glass of white Arcwine.

Main course:

Despite the place being so busy, the waiting staff were warm, friendly and attentive. The staff walked around the place, asking if customers needed refills, or wanted to order new things, There were never many minutes between one of them passed our table to ask if we needed anything. This may, however, be due to them knowing we where from the newspaper. I cannot guarantee the treatment would have been the same for someone else. Our impression was that it was a caring and attentive staff however, even if we might have gotten a little special treatment. Anyway, onwards to the main course. Ashenvale Tartare, this simple dish was made to perfection. Good meat, amazing texture, perfectly seasoned. The egg yolk in a small depression formed in the meat, the chopped onion strong in flavour but against balanced perfectly against the other flavours and the capers sprinkled gently on top of this flavourful dish. A tad of Booty Bay sauce to finish it. With the Ashenvale Tartare I had an Orgrimmar ale. Not the best ale of my life, but the lack of flavour might actually have helped in this case, as it kept my palate clean for the food.

The meat:

While trying to decide on the dessert for the evening I managed to catch Head Maid, Chef and manager, Pikkane for a little chat about the work and the place. H.Lester: How long have you operated here? Head chef Pikkane: We reopened this tavern about... hmm... I think five or so weeks ago, so you could say we've been running it for a month now! It was heck of a catacomb when we first arrived here, having been inactive for YEARS! H.Lester: You open daily? Head chef Pikkane: Every saturday, but our bed renting services are open each week day. H.Lester: H.Lester: Is this drinking competition you have tonight, something which happens each Saturday as well? or is today special? Head chef Pikkane: Oh, we decided to host it tonight, we had plans for a fight club too, tee-hee. Have you ever wanted to give an orc a proper taste of knuckle-sandwich? H.Lester: Ah. no. Not me. Violence usually just means more violence. Not my style. I got my pen, and as they say... the pen is quite sharper than a mace. At least I think that is what they say H.Lester: The food here is amazing though, quite a surprise. I expected the place to more.. well.. dirty Head chef Pikkane: Well, I don't meant to flaunt but... It's all me. H.Lester: It is? you are the head-chef? Head chef Pikkane: Yeah! H.Lester: My compliments then. Very very nice. And everyone is welcome? Head chef Pikkane: Everyone, from your most evilest of villains to the most divine of beings! H.Lester: It sounds like a little slice of paradise. I cannot imagine I won't be back. BUT, I need one more thing.. a dessert recommendation from the chef Head chef Pikkane: I recommend our alpaca milk chocolate muffins with a fluffy cream top and sprinkled candy beads!


Of course, I ordered what the chef recommended. Alpaca milk chocolate muffins with a fluffy cream top and sprinkled candy beads, and I added a mug of hot chocolate to the order. Why not go mad with the chocolate while I was at it. As mentioned before, the wait was a little long, but it was busy - so maybe take this into consideration if you decide to visit, don't be impatient, quality takes time, and quality is what I got served. Not long after Head Chef, Head Maid, and Manager, Pikkane showed up back at our table. A mug of hot chocolate and a plate with the biggest muffin I ever seen in my life. And I have seen a few muffins. The hot chocolate, as expected by, now was to perfection. Milky, sweet, a hint of vanilla, and unlike it's cousin, the hot cocoa, far easier to drink due the milk and sugar, leaving you with less of a bitterness than you get from a mug of hot cocoa. The muffin. Light, the muffin. The fluffiness, the buttery creaminess mixed with the milk and chocolate, the way the flavours and sweetness spreads all over your palate makes you reminder your first kiss. Only, you can never have a second serving of your first kiss - that time is behind you - but this muffin? you can have more.

Oh right, the competition:

Ahem. I nearly forgot, blessed by amazing food and almost dazed. While I was eating my dessert and chatting with the Head Chef, Mel had left our table to spectate the drinking championship downstairs. She missed dessert. But she did get to see alliance and horde competing in a -somewhat- friendly drinking competition. Lined up was vulpera, trolls, orcs, a tauren and a human. After a series of various drinks only one person emerged victorious. Emiliƫnne, a blackhaired human woman. Congratulations to her!


For me, this was one of the highlights of a stressful week. I felt safe, I felt pampered, cared for, and I got my belly full of amazing food. Give the place a visit, it is located off the coast of Tol Barad, in a quaint little village. As head maid and head chef Pikkane, who is also a priest, said: May my cookings keep misfortuous days at bay, and keep illness away!