nother murder within the streets of Stormwind, all too common unfortunately but I figured I would check it out and see if there was more to this story. The guards of Echo company were, as always, very friendly and accommodating. Constable Peter Jan Langedijk was leading the case and he and his superior agreed to let me interview the accused. The accused, Darius Watson was at first reluctant to speak to a reporter but soon warmed up to be when I assured him it was his chance to tell the story from his point of view and this is what he had to say.
"While I was approaching the tavern I heard shouts from inside so I've asked what's going on when I got there. I saw a woman that was probably injured and crowd yelling. When I've asked if they need any help... Barmaid asked me to throw the gnome out because he blinded a woman So I asked him politely to leave and he did so Then first patrol would arrive and I handed them the man but he tried to struggle and resist the arrest So one of the guards asked me to help and I agreed. I grabbed the gnome by his head and took him to her, than that told me that she doesn't want him any more and it is now my problem. I think she was part of constabulary from cathedral square."
Unfortunately we were unable to find out the identity of this woman to interview her.
"So anyway I've asked miss Belle if she would know what we should do do... She was thinking for a while and suddenly one of my hydraulic motor located outside broke and the hand collapsed on gnomes head... probably because he struggled and broke something."
Up until this point I had assumed he was wearing some kind of elaborate armour though on closer inspection it was clear that his arms were in fact mechanical. Seemed dubious to me and likely just an excuse. Try to blame the mechanics to get away with murder. After a brief discussion, Constable Langedijk decided it might be prudent to find an engineer to determined whether or not his mechanical arms were faulty and asked if I could help track one down. This turned out to be harder then I thought it would be, but eventually I found one. A very friendly gnome by the name of Bertel Wobblespring. And after a very thorough inspection of the mechanics, Bertel told us that the arms were indeed faulty and there was a very high probability that Darius was telling the truth. So it turned out that thanks to this engineer and the diligence of the Echo company's finest the Worgen's charges were reduced from Murder to Involuntary manslaughter. Which is a damn sight better I think. Though honestly I think innocent would have been better as he clearly had no control at the time but as it was pointed out to be a crime was still committed, even if unintentional.