Round one:

First up Blofons against gamble and it seems Gamble has been picking up tips from Lucian scoring a knee to the Draeni's crotch before this fight quickly digressed into a competition to see who had the hardest skull, which turned out to be Gamble! But dam I bet he has a headache after all those headbutts let’s hope it doesn't affect his next fight because Gamble goes through. Lucian was up next against Teadore in worgen form, and in true Lucian fashion he aimed to start the fight with a good hard kick to the worgen's balls but narrowly missed though after being slammed quite violently he manages to score a sharp kick to his intended target before... Yup you guessed it, Disqualifying himself with magic once again. Teadore goes through. Next, we see Everlin take on Morty and this pretty little lady (Evelin, not Morty) proved to be way too fast for poor Mort. Aiming a flurry of spins and kicks to his ass, groin and head finally forcing him to concede, sending Everlin through to the next round. And finally, for the last fight of the first round, we have Peter versus Foxy. And what a viscous little lady. She really looked like she was trying to break something with her sharp precise blows but Peter was too quick for her ending it with a swift punch to the face. Peter goes through.


And on to the semi-finals we see Teadore face Gamble and wow was this along fight, they almost seemed to be dancing rather than brawling, evading each other’s blows with such... grace? Okay maybe not and it certainly was not a graceful end as Gamble scores a rather nasty kick to Teadore’s groin. Dam fourth one tonight... I am beginning to think if you ever want to have children then you should NOT join these brawls. Gamble goes through to the finals. And to see who Gamble is up against we have Peter versus Everlin. This girl seems to love kicking guys asses, quite literally. Though this was quite a close fight by two equally skilled fighters in the end it was Peter who claimed the victory scoring a place in the finals for the first time.


And finally, we see Gamble versus Peter. And Peter starts off strong with a flurry of blows and he puts up quite an impressive fight but ends up on his back and Gamble slams his Elbow full force down on him dislocating the man's shoulder. Making Gamble this week’s champ!


I caught up with our new Champion after the brawls and asked him for some wise words for our dear readers: .
“Oho! Hmm... give me a moment... wise words don't come to me often.”
And after a few moments thought this is what he had to say:
“Come take my title from me, Tuesday the eighth. Bring your friends and get them to cheer you on for free drinks.”
Well at least he is a pretty face and such a poser. If you feel up to the challenge folks join us next week at the Shady lady... Though a little warning to our gentlemen out there, if you ever plan to have children then perhaps you should protect your junk and stay away.