he location is outside on the steps of the Pig and Whistle, the atmosphere is good and cheerful music fills the air. I was stood talking with Kazia (The woman behind an upcoming regular column here in the paper about fashion) and a few others I did not know started calling my name to get my attention. I was quite surprised at the sight when I turned, a large group of people had burst into dance right on the streets of Old town, an area of Stormwind best known for its violence and bloodshed, but tonight it was filled with love and joy as a variety of people came together, exchanging daggers for dance moves, in this bizarre and spontaneous dance party. I spoke to a few people who I took to be the instigators, encouraging people to join in the dancing. A joyous bard who proudly named himself “ Jackson the Bucket and a friendly gnome lady by the name of Efixey Sparkledisk and I asked the two what had sparked all of this. “LOVE, ma'am!” “Gnome joy and love!” Were the answers I got. “Yer ever seen this kinda' love on th'streets, ay?!” Well I must admit there was certainly an atmosphere of joy and love on this dirty street this evening, but I do wonder if alcohol and possibly drugs may have had more to do with it. That and the wonderful music from this talented bard no doubt had a part to play, which reminds me he did promise me a song in exchange for this article. But Don't worry Bucket I wont hold you too it, I very much doubt I would make an interesting topic to sing about. After a little more digging I found out a big factor behind the street party and the general high hopes on the streets of Old Town is due to a new group who has started making them selves known there. The Red Jackals. Now you may recognize that name from a recent article concerning a certain secret agency and the attack on one of our own reporters, but I would just like to clarify, in case there was any doubt, we do not believe the Red Jackals had anything to do with that attack. I was approached by one of their members a big burly looking man with bad manners and foul language, he didn't give his name and quite frankly I was too scared too ask as he didn't seem in the best of moods. He did however, introduce me and Hardhy to Slinky, the leader of the Red Jackals. Who was much more pleasant and easy to talk too. He expressed his concerns about being portrayed in our previous article as a group of brutes, which in honesty was a little unfair of us as at the time we knew little too nothing of this group. So I did ask him to clarify who his group is and what they mean to the streets of Old Town and here is what he had to say:
“We are the people's people. We take care of Ol'Town... We tend to the poor and the ones in need 'roun' ;ere. An' we make sure no funny business goes on in our streets...”
I must admit, Old Town does seem to have improved with their presence - but who can tell what goes on in the dark shadowy corners. Perhaps this is the start of a new brighter Old Town.