his article was supposed to come out later. We have been gathering information for awhile, and as some of you may remember then we brought a sketch a few days ago, asking for information about a woman. Lieutenant of the Seventeenth Company, and Director of a secret organisation within the government - Juleen Lysandre is that woman. It was going to be an article aimed at unravelling the existence of a secret powerful organisation within the Kingdom. An organisation which consistently uses brutal violence and blatantly disregards any rights citizens have. An organisation which has tortured, beaten and killed citizens just - and I apologize for the crude language - to get their jizz on. Sure, they might claim they work for the crown, they even have the official letters to support such claim (I know, I was sent one in an attempt to shut us up) but they work outside of the law, they work without clear regulation and oversight, and they do as they want.

Misconduct, torture and beatings:

There is existing evidence proving their misconducts, but tonight something happened with means this article can no longer wait. Lives are at stake, people I care about, and one of those people almost died tonight. Not by the hands of Director Juleen Lysandre, but by someone hired by her, or employed by her. It has been reported to the guards, but in case their hands are tied then we are going public about this. We have a just and fair King. I am sure him, the Office of Justice, The Royal Court and the citizens of the Kingdom will see justice is done and this power mad woman is stopped, and her brutal abuse of our citizens put to an end. Secret organisations, intelligence agencies, all have their place. They spy on the enemies, they help keep us all safe. But when they get out of control and stop acting FOR the citizens, but instead act AGAINST the citizens, then we, as members of the press, can no longer support secret organisations being secret. And no, this paper is NOT printed in Stormwind, and as such, while we generally abide by the King's Law then in this case, we claim full immunity in case of any claims of treason. I - Spazzlefrock Frostcog, is not a citizen of Stormwind, and the newspaper is not an entity under the King's Law either. We play nice with the government and law enforcement of the Kingdom - but the moment our reporters are attacked and almost killed - the gloves comes off.

The story so far:

Last week, Hardhy Lester, one of our reporters had his camera destroyed by a woman some members of Echo Company referred to as "Lieutenant" - this was all reported in our article last week. After the incident we received a letter from "Agent Riddler" claiming to work for the crown. In said letter (which the Royal Court has received a copy of, and the original is deposited somewhere safe) Agent Riddler admits her actions towards Hardhy, and offers to pay reparations for her actions. She also claims it was a case of utmost important to the crown. Alas, this is simply not true. The situation Hardhy was watching was a personal matter involving an officer of Echo company and a family member. The Crown was never involved, and neither did The Crown have any interest in said matter. Agent Riddler lied. And why? Because she could. Because she enjoys wielding power for no other reason than to wield it - and with no regards for laws or citizen's rights. Exactly because the woman - Agent Riddler - lied and assaulted our reporter, destroyed private property and hindered him in doing his job, we were not about to let the matter drop. So we pretended having no idea who she was - and printed our article with the sketch - asking for information. And boy did we get information. So much we had to hire a secretary to shift through it all.

We are not alone:

Skip a few days - The Royal Court calls a meeting in the Keep to discuss matters concerning the Law enforcement of the city. Of course we attend. At said meeting, witnesses and concerned citizen's report incidents involving "unmarked guards" - we may bring these stories later - but at some point, our sketch is mentioned and suddenly things start falling into place. The woman on the sketch, the woman who assaulted Hardhy Lester, and the woman who is behind an insurmountable amount of violence, beatings, corruption and murder attempts, is none other than Lieutenant of the Seventeenth Company, and Director of a secret organisation within the government - Juleen Lysandre. Agent Riddler.

The attempted murder:

Last night, a man, a worgen, came to our office in Stormwind. Claiming he had information about the woman in the sketch. Hardhy Lester asked if he meant Agent Riddler - and the man confirmed that. Now this is important and we will get back to it in a moment. The man offered us a meeting in privacy because he claimed to have information about Agent Riddler, and while it was a bit odd that "Privacy" to him meant meeting in The Golden Keg, then we agreed to such a meeting. Shortly after, Hardhy Lester and Mel Thorpe, two of our reporters left for the meeting with the man. On the way from our office to The Golden Keg, they realize they are being followed by a woman who bears a remarkable resemblance with the woman on the sketch, the woman who destroyed Hardhy's camera last weekend. Hardhy and Mel divert their route, walk a bit randomly around the city and keep seeing the woman, both now certain they are being followed. At one point neither of them can see her, and they head to the Golden Keg for their meeting with the worgen. Inside the Golden Keg, Hardhy and Mel approach the counter to buy a drink from the bartender. We have left their name out of this, but the guards know who they are and they can corroporate what happens next. As Hardhy has his back turned to the worgen who is sitting at a nearby table, he - the worgen - gets up and approaches. He stumbles and "accidentally" attacks Hardhy with his claws. Mel having watched the man realizes what is about to happen and managed to shove Hardhy enough for the otherwise brutal attack to only slice Hardhy's shirt and skin. Hardhy turns to face his attacker, and both him and Mel have now spotted the woman from earlier standing near the entrance. Watching. The very woman the worgen claimed he wanted to sell out. Putting two and two together Hardhy and Mel now realized this was an assassination attempt and told the Worgen that it was pointless and to leave, this made Agent Riddler snicker, and as Hardhy was trying to judge how deep his wounds were, the worgen lunged at him clawing at his face.

Two and two makes four:

Remember I said it was important the man confirmed it was information about Agent Riddler he had? Next the worgen ran for the door while saying that "The Red Jackals sends their regard". This could have been a believable story if he had not already admitted knowing Director Lysandre - the woman in the sketch - and Agent Riddle was all the same person. We knew that, but would a brute belonging to "The Red Jackals" know? and why would they even attack Hardhy to begin with? No, the man worked for Director Lysandre, and it was an attempt on Hardhy's life and an attempt to throw blame at someone else and shutting up the press. Only Hardhy Lester was hurt - luckily he managed to get to the Cathedral and received healing in time, but he is still weak from the blood-loss and he may end up with a couple of scars. Time will tell.

But wait, there is more:

You might think dear reader that that was the end, but no, not quiet, because tonight we got one little extra gem, a tail for the story so to say. Shortly after Hardhy Lester had been to the guards to report the assault and attempted murder on him, Agent Riddler showed up at Echo Company's headquarter. According to a reliable source, she was attempting to get them to "cover for her". Now why would she need Echo to "cover for her" if she had no part in the attack on Hardhy?..


And after all this - you may wonder - why? why was he attacked by this power abusing secret organisation? It should be clear now that it was an attempt to shut us up. But we are not going to keep the truth from the public. The Lion's Roar cannot be silenced. When the system is corrupt and innocent civilians and citizens of the Kingdom are being abused, hurt, killed then this has to be exposed and stopped. And to you Agent Riddler. Your game is up, there was never any Riddles, it was all far to easy to put two and two together. You crossed a line, again. Trying to kill our reporters only makes us bite harder, and we do not stand alone. Justice is headed your way.