Morty clearly feeling a little inadequate in this match-up against Blofons released the beast, changing to his Worgen form to meet the much larger Draenei in size. And what a beast he was, putting up quite a fight in this very close match but unfortunately for Mort he ended up in a headlock through which he could not escape. So there he goes our last week’s champion out in the first fight and Blofons goes through to the next round. For the second fight of the night we saw Peter face Dranos. These two bare chested brutes proved pretty evenly matched, though Dranos ends the fight with a spin kick to the head which sends Peter to the ground with a heavy thud, ouch.. Perhaps it will knock some sense into him. And Dranos goes through to the next round. And next up we have the ferocious Veren against... A little gnome? It actually pained me a little to see the cute little gnome battered and dragged about by a woman more than three times her size and it was no surprise to see Veren as the victor... Though honestly this match-up made her look more like a school yard bully. And finally, we have Nero versus tour stylish villain, Lucian. Well this fight starts out well and seems pretty evenly matched though I’m beginning to think Lucy never plays fair. Seems to be a running theme for him, kicking his opponent in the balls then using magic to avoid any reprisal and tonight is no exception. Disqualifying himself Lucian sends Nero through to the Semi-finals.


Dranos vs. Blofons Moving on to the semi-finals we see Dranos up against Blofons. Quite the show of Braun as these two pummels each other, no doubt they will both have some bruises in the morning. Another very close match but ultimately Dranos did what Morty could not and took down the large Draenei with quite an impressive throw.. and hey he did not even need Worgen form to do it. Dranos goes through to the finals. Veren, this time up against someone her own size, Nero. Well... I thought this might be an exciting match-up but this fight was over as fast as it started, Nero charged in for a swing only to get hit by a wicked right hook that sends him reeling to the cobblestones in an instant KO Sending her through to the finals. Wamay to go Veren but dam girl... Give us a show next time.


In the finals we see Veren face off against Dranos. Quite an impressive sight to see these two fight it out, but clearly Veren is on a roll and her fast and ferocious attacks force Dranos to concede making her this week’s Champion!


I caught up with our champion after the fight and this is what she had to say. “Come on over if you fancy a shot! The people are lovely and if you cheer loud enough you get a free drink!” I also asked her what she thought about her first fight against the Green menace and she said “The gnome? She had the right spirit, that one. A little more practice and I think she could get somewhere” Personally I don't see it but we all know looks can be deceiving and I do look forward to being proved wrong.