he annual Magic Faire held in the floating city of Dalaran is a highly anticipated event among mages and magic enthusiasts from all corners of the world. The event lasts a week and offers a variety of magical contests, performances, and lectures. The Lion's Roar was fortunate enough to attend the event in its entirety and witness some of the most spectacular displays of magical talent. One of the highlights of the Faire was "The Future of Magic Talent Contest" held on Sunday evening, one of the last days of the Faire. The contest had eight participants, each showcasing their unique magical talents to an audience of judges and spectators. The event was hosted by Archmages Kelly Jendrock, Zyretha Snowdawn, and Acheleus Moonblaze, who were also among the judges of the competition.

Adrienne Autumnsky

Adrienne Autumnsky demonstrated her skills in illusion magic. She wowed the crowd with her display of practical uses of illusion magic, a field that many mages look down upon as only entertainment. With a spell that mimicked evocation spells but did not actually cause harm, Adrienne showed how the spell could intimidate without causing damage. She weaved an illusory arcane blast, which looked impressive and cost less mana. Adrienne highlighted that such illusions could be used to create overconfidence and cause a stir, leading opponents to let their guard down. The display was not only impressive, but it also showcased the practicality and versatility of illusion magic, which is often underestimated.

Magus Silandos Lera

Magus Silandos Lera wowed the audience with his conjuration spell. He explained that the spell can be used to detect hidden enemies and trap them on the ground. Silandos demonstrates the spell, and the ethereal mist that spreads throughout the platform wraps itself around Silyse, a death knight, like a magical straitjacket, seeking to immobilize her. Silandos explains that the spell reacts to physical objects, whether visible or not. The spell's presence would reveal the position of any stealthy individual by creating swollen areas. Silandos's spell receives applause from the audience, impressed with his demonstration.

Verenne Sunthistle

In a stunning display of magical prowess, Verenne Sunthistle wowed the judges and audience at the competition. The Quel'dorei Spellbreaker summoned a prismatic barrier around herself, before shaping it into a shield and replicating it three times to create a front line with the help of two volunteers. Verenne's calm and controlled display of nebulous energy was a sight to behold, and she used the shields to thrust waves of arcane energy to protect those in front of her. The judges and audience applauded her outstanding display of magical talent.

Ilummia Manashriek

Ilummia Manashriek's spellbinding display of magic mesmerized the audience, with many casting protective wards around themselves. Her hydromancy spell created a stunning, window-like view of the ocean, with dark and light shades evoking the depths of the sea. Ilummia proclaimed herself as an arcanist with a proper calling in hydromancy, stating that simplicity was not her forte, and dismissed pyromancy and cryomancy. As the humidity in the circle intensified, Ilummia's blue glow summoned a staff, which she planted into the ground. The judges, including Fyre'radell Featherbrush, Adrienne Autumnsky, and Acheleus, were spellbound by her magic.

Masarù (and Jenny Smith translating)

The crowd erupted in cheers as Masarù took the stage and performed a stunning illusion. With a wave of his hands, smoke twisted and twirled into the shape of a dragon, complete with a smiling boy atop its back. The audience was mesmerized as Masarù brought the dragon to life, causing it to fly and roar. But the performance took a poignant turn as Masarù conjured a new child from the dragon's scales, leaving the audience moved to tears. The show's host, Kelly Jendrock, was visibly moved by the performance, calling it "very moving." The magic of Masarù's illusions proved to be unforgettable.

Fyre'radell Featherbrush

In a dazzling display of magic, Fyre'radell Featherbrush, a student of arcane arts and apprentice in art conservation, showcased his unique talents at a competition. Despite a small mishap where his wand flew from his hand, Fyre'radell conjured up a magnificent piece of art using chronomancy and metalwork. The piece transformed before the audience's eyes, aging and changing in color as water flowed over it. Fyre'radell's creativity and limited knowledge of magic proved that even novices can create beautiful works of art. The audience was left in awe, applauding and admiring Fyre'radell's skill.

Lintían Wintermist

The tension was palpable as Lintían Wintermist stepped onto the stage for her performance of the evening. With her freshly inked facial markings, the crowd was curious as to what she had in store. With a wave of her hands, a transmutation rune appeared and particles of ink began to separate from her face, forming a spinning globe of ink. The audience gasped in amazement as Lintían completed her spell, leaving everyone in awe of her magical prowess. Despite some snickering from the judges, the crowd gave her a thunderous round of applause, leaving no doubt that Lintían had left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Auxelie Meyer

The final contestant of the night, Auxelie Meyer, received an enthusiastic welcome from the audience and judges. Auxelie Meyer stood out with her impressive display of Cryomancy and Illusion spells. With her eyes turning from amethyst to blue and the air getting colder, she conjured thin, elegant lines of ice that extended towards her target. Suddenly, she transformed into a horrific human-spider hybrid and let out a high-pitched screech as the tendrils coiled tightly around the target. The tendrils were covered with little icy spikes that pierced through the target's flesh like a barbed wire, as her deadly frost web kept on being woven and ensured its lethal grasp around its 'victim.' The audience was stunned as they watched her performance, and many were left wondering how she managed to create such a vivid display of her skills.


After a tense round of performances, the show's hosts and judges announced the winners. They noted that the scoring was incredibly close, with many contestants separated by just a single point. The judges panel applauded all the contestants for their exceptional performances and creativity. In third place, with an in-depth and detailed spellcasting performance, was Ilummia Manashriek's tour of the deep seas. For second place, there was a tie between Miss Auxélie Meyer, who combined two underestimated disciplines into a deadly and aesthetically striking bout of spellwork, and Mister Featherbrush, who artfully guided the treacherous sands of time. But it was the unorthodox application of magic by Mister Masarù that left the judges unanimously in agreement for first place. Their innovative and creative approach to magic left a lasting impression on the judges and the audience, who were reminded of what magic could and should be for. The evening was thoroughly enjoyable and fabulous, and the contestants should be proud of their exceptional performances. The hosts thanked everyone for their participation and congratulated the first, second, and third place winners. It was a night to remember, filled with magic and wonder.